May Lindstrom – Guide to Inner and Outer Health and Beauty

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May Lindstrom, or the skin chef, is an all-rounder.

A model, makeup artist, skin guru and beauty alchemist, May believes in eco-friendly approaches to beauty and skin care. She has a hand on approach to beauty which not only makes you look great, but makes you feel great too.

May started making beauty products in her own kitchen, by using botanical extracts – now loved by makeup artists and beauty gurus alike. With firm belief in simplicity, May wants to embrace the idea that beauty comes from within, so without a healthy body and spirit, how can we be truly beautiful?

May believes that leading a happy and settled life is the first step to shining and looking your best. You should treat yourself well inside and the outside will reflect that. Get enough sleep, destress your life, eat well and you will look and feel amazing. May recommends eating well as the first, best and easiest way to start looking better. A diet which is rich in colour is always nutritional, and the more colour on your plate, the better your diet. Leafy greens, reds, oranges, blues and purples – the list goes on. A rainbow diet is much more likely to be healthy, and when we are healthy on the inside, the outside will follow.

While this may sound like May eats nothing but fruit and veg, she also believes in indulging herself every now and then. Food doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to avoid fat to look and feel amazing. Good fat is a key contributor to healthy, glowing skin and gives you the vital energy needed to go about your day. May believes in feeding the soul as well as the body, and when your soul is well fed it will show.


She also wants people to understand the importance of being an individual. Every person’s skin is different and everyone’s insides are different. May wants people to pay attention to the things which make you as an individual feel or look bad and cut them out. Some people struggle to digest bread well and it leaves them feeling bloated, whereas others don’t have this problem. Some people can use every skin product under the sun and others can’t use anything or they suffer massive breakouts. So pay attention to what your body is telling you and give it what it wants. More importantly, don’t give it what it doesn’t like.
If in doubt, use natural, organic ingredients.

Before science developed as far as it has, women used natural ingredients. Since the beginning of time, nature has been at the root of our skincare and May wants people to go back to that. May wants to limit our exposure to harsh chemicals and open ourselves up to natural, gentler methods. Never underestimate the power of natural ingredients, billions of women before us can’t have been wrong!

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