Men’s Skin Care vs. Women’s Skin Care

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A Difference that is Skin Deep

Set yourself a little quiz. Give yourself a minute, and identify all the differences you can think of between men and women.

Try it with other people, men and women, and after the laugh and the obvious comments, see how high up their list of difference skin appears. Or, indeed, if it appears at all.

Yet it is through our dermatological layers that some of our major differences are found. Skin is one of the biggest organs in the human body, and like the heart, liver, lungs, etc…, it is an understatement to say your skin needs to be looked after, whilst mens skin care (or male grooming routine if you want to call it that instead) differs tremendously to that of women.

His Suit is Hirsute

Whilst men and women both have body hair, men’s is generally thicker (which, apart from shaving or waxing, is why it stands out more), and this is especially true, of course, on the face. One of the most exposed parts of your skin.  As well as making it harder to apply any kind of men’s face creams, it also leads to the even more important second point below.

Grease is the Word

Sebum, or oil, production in the skin is far more prevalent for men than women.  This is especially true after puberty, and partly explains why men suffer more from acne, and it takes longer to clear up.  It is all to do with good old testosterone, which is far more evident in men, and leads to the oily secretions that characterise men’s skin.

Men are Thicker, but Tougher

Well, at least, their skin is. Up to 25% thicker than that of a typical woman.  This has all kinds of implications for the absorption of skin care treatments, and also for the exfoliation of skin when applying men’s exfoliator (men’s facial scrub) or other men’s skin care products.

In fact, whilst most men can give a little swagger about being considered tougher (although, we only mean in terms of skin) they might raise an eyebrow to the ‘thicker’ notion. Research (not the most reliable, perhaps) by MENSA, the organisation for clever people, found that its members were typically hairier than the average person.

They are also Denser

Umm, Denser from Mensa? Collagen content is directly linked to the age one’s skin looks. Because men have denser supplies of collagen, their skin has much greater natural elasticity. However, because they tend to look after it less well, for example in using men’s moisturisers or applying sun screen, that extra youthfulness is often lost.

Your skin is a vital organ of your body. It protects organs, blood vessels and nerves underneath it. It both repels water and retains hydration. The skin protects against bacteria.

Therefore, it is extremely important that it is kept in good condition. Women have known the importance of organic skin care for years, and not simply just for cosmetic reasons. Only in recent times have men begun to take looking after this essential part of their body with seriousness.

We can all recall the jokes that surrounded Aussie cricketers who began to apply thick white sun block to their faces in the 1990s.  We don’t laugh at them today.

But as much as it is important that both men and women look after their skin, the characteristics of skin are dependent on gender.

It is therefore important that men take advantage of men’s skin care products specifically designed with them in mind.

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