What do Organic Lipstick Lines Have in Common and Why Have They Become so Trendy?

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Organic Make-up brands

The organic make-up trend has been on the rise and it looks like it’s here to stay. With lipstick being so easily ingestible, it’s no wonder that natural, organic lipstick brands are popping up left right and centre. The more we pay attention to what goes into our makeup, as well as how it looks, the more options we have on our shelves. After all, as demand rises, the market will respond and oh boy is it responding! Let’s have a look at some of the most popular organic lipstick brands out there and what they can offer us all.

1. Karen Murrell lipsticks

Karen Murrell is top seller in organic lipsticks at The Lab Organics

Karen Murrell is one of the most popular natural makeup brands out there and the dedication the team set for making top quality lipsticks that can compete with the biggest brands drives them forward. With lipsticks that use organic ingredients that have been blended to perfection, Murrell’s creations are an elegant and special treat for your lips.

2. Vapour Beauty

VAPOUR-SIREN-LIPSTICK_ the-lab-organics

Of course, while Karen Murrell’s brand concentrates solely on natural, organic lipsticks, Vapour Beauty is a brand that hosts a whole range of organic beauty products. Vapour Beauty have one simple ethos and that is using the most pure and natural ingredients possible to take advantage of what wonderful things the plants of the world can do for our skin – lips included.

3. Kjaer Weis


kjaer-weis-lipstick-the-lab-organicsYou can’t talk about organic makeup without mentioning Kjaer Weis. One of the original organic brands to hit the shelves, Kjaer Weis have been instrumental in not only the production of organic, natural makeup products but improving the very way they have been made over the years. One of the biggest problems that have faced organic beauty brands over the years is the variation in colour that comes with using natural products, however Kjaer Weis have helped improve this and has helped put organic makeup onto the map.

So that explains why they have become so much more trendy over recent years – not only are organic lipsticks a lot more in demand but the more interest they produce the more people are able to push their production. It is now much easier to produce batch after batch of natural, organic lipstick than ever and we, as a nation, are taking more notice of what we are putting onto as well as into our bodies.

All of these organic make-up brands share one thing in common, and that is the use of the most pure, high quality ingredients possible. By spending more time looking at what is going into their products and less on their profit margins, they’re offering new and beautiful makeup to us all. The further we explore the natural, organic beauty trend, the more we are pushing the boundaries and this is making a major impact on what we see on our shelves. So try out an organic lipstick and know that your lips will be thanking you for not only looking great, but feeling it too!

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