Ways to Fix that Bad Hair Day

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Bad hair days are the bane of an otherwise perfect day. You get up, you get ready to take on the world, and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Your hair is crazy. You can’t go out like that! What do you do? Rest assured, there is always a solution!

Your hair is greasy: invest in quality hair products Melbourne

Lucky for you, there has been a beautifully crafted solution: Dry shampoo! Dry shampoo can get you out of a spot when it’s day two and you just don’t have time to shower. Give a quick spritz near your roots and run it through. Use a comb, use a brush. Run a quick blow dry over and you’ve bought yourself another day. Any dry shampoo will work, but something that includes Oat may help soak up that grease you need to hide. Fudge Dry Shampoo might be the answer for you.

Your bangs are all over the place:

Anyone who has ever endeavoured into the world of bangs knows that it’s a dangerous place to be. If your bangs have ended up all over the place and created a mess you can’t save with product, do a braid. A hairline braid, which takes your out of control bangs and instead makes your forehead the focus of attention. Pin the end of the braid back, and, for good measure, make sure your forehead looks perfect. A quick face moisturiser will make sure that the skin everyone is looking at is perfect.


Your curls have disappeared:

If your curls have gone the way of a lake (read as: they are flat) a quick solution is available. Take your flat hair and spray it with a few bursts of water. Make two thick, tight braids. Leave them up for about fifteen minutes. When you take them out the hair will fall back into a nice, wavy shape you’ll be proud to take on that job interview or date.


Your hair is bent from sleeping on it wrong:

Now, trust me when I say, I know this sounds crazy. But, if you want to quick cure bent, crinkled bedhead, a curling iron is the way to go. Curl the middle of your hair, but let it fall down to straight edges. An accidentally messy hairdo does not have to ruin the day: Make it purposely messy! Gentle curls falling into straight edges will give your hair the perfect look. Straightening your hair takes time and upkeep, but if you’re trying to get out the door, this is your best option. The heat will smooth your hair, lock it into place, and save you embarrassment and time. Finish off with hair product from Hunter Lab or The Lab Organics


Finally, your curls are frizzy:

Save them! My girls of colour, my women of frizzy struggle, do not worry! Flip your hair upside down, use a pick to fluff your hair, and pin up anything that is too out of control. Your frizz will be hidden, your volume will be preserved, and your day is saved.

Go out there, save your hair, and look beautiful. You’ve got great hair, own it.

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