Best Room Design and Decorating Ideas of September 2020

Architecture and Design: The Best Events to Attend in 2020 – Part I

Best Room Design and Decorating Ideas of September 2020

The year 2020 is bound to be a great one for the architecture and design industries. A comprehensive and versatile range of events will promote creativity and innovation to a whole new level.

The LUXXU Blog has come up with the idea of a two-part article to showcase 28 of the best events you ought to attend in order to fully understand how both of these industries are evolving taking into consideration the challenges that today’s world exposes. Welcome to part one!

Notice: Event dates may change due to the outbreak of the covid-19 strain of coronavirus.

Stockholm Design Week

3-9 February 2020

Image credit to Gustav Karlsson Frost

This, the city of Stockholm will be one of the best locations to be for design enthusiasts and professionals. It will also start with the Stockholm Design Week that will host a series of design events and exhibitions, gathering buyers, architects, designers, press and influencers from all over the world. In the summer, there will also be a design week that celebrates Nordic interior design.

Surface Design Show (London)

11-13 February 2020

Image source: Hospitality Interiors

Surface Design Show is set to return to the prestigious London’s Business Design Centre with the best solutions in surface material innovation.

Decadent blush, contemporary Terrazo, between glass, Art Deco curves, and ripple effect are among some of the trendy surfaces, but there will be many more showcased.

 The trade show is the sole event in the UK to focus exclusively on the interior and exterior surfaces.

Design Indaba (Cape Town)

26-28 February 2020

Image credit to Design Indaba

This year, Design Indaba celebrates its 25th anniversary and for the special occasion, the event will offer a multi-sensory, thought-provoking and expansive experience through a series of displays, from a series of captivating talks to masterclasses and even music and theatre.

MIFF – Malaysian International Furniture Fair (Kuala Lumpur)

30 June – 3 July 2020

Image source: Furnishing International

From top-quality modern and contemporary furniture to tried-and-true classics, the Malaysian trade show invites more than 600 international exhibitors from 140 countries to present their latest collections and designs, including for living areas, commercial foyers, hotel lounges, offices, outdoors, among others.

Light + Building (Frankfurt)

September 2020

Image credit to Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH/Pietro Sutera

Regarded as the world’s largest trade fairs concerning lighting and building services technology, Light + Building invites more than 2500 exhibitors in the industry to present their latest solutions.

All in all, the event demonstrates solutions to reduce the energy consumption of buildings while improving their comfort level.

The exhibition covers everything from LED and photoelectric technologies to electric vehicles.

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Design Shanghai

26 – 29 May 2020

Image Source: 1st Dibs

Asia’s leading international design event is taking place at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Design Shanghai is best known for taking design to new heights, setting quite a precedent in China’s ever-growing design scene. Mario Tsai, &Tradition, Zanotta, and Carl Hansen & Søn are some of the biggest names you can expect to see at the prestigious event.

PAD Paris

1-5 April 2020

Image credit to PAD Fairs

The Pioneering event for Art and Design, PAD Paris returns to Tuileries to exhibit the work of some of the world’s best art galleries, including the s of Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Leblon Delienne, Mouvements Modernes, Negropontes, Galerie Flak, among many others. The main focus of this year’s edition will be putting the spotlight on Primitive art. For the past 24 years, the event has reinvented the notion of eclecticism and offers an intimate cocoon for those who elevate decorative arts and design.

Milan Design Week

21-26 April 2020

Image source: Dezeen

In a wonderful and dynamic celebration of art and design, Milan design week boasts a series of events, exhibitions and highly curated installations that take place around the city’s best design districts, including Brera, Ventura, Isola, Tortona, among others, allowing for creatives the opportunity to express and challenge themselves.

Salone del Mobile (Milan)

16 – 21 June 2020

Image credit to Baxter

The prestigious trade show is seen as a place for interface and new opportunities especially when it comes to the world of design.

The event gathers more than 370,000 exhibitors and it is divided into three major style categories: Classic – craftsmanship, and tradition at its finest; Design – a matter of functionality and innovation; xLux – timeless luxury shines through.

Championing innovation and internationality, iSaloni provides endless sources of home decoration ideas courtesy of skilled brands and designers.


April 30 – May 5 2020

Image credit to Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

When it comes to watchmaking and jewelry, Baselworld is the must-attend event as it sets the highest standards of quality.

Under the new management of Michel Loris-Melikoff, Baselworld attracts discerning buyers, influential media and savvy connoisseurs to discover and experience the latest trends and innovations of the industry.

Some of the leading names participating in this year’s edition will be TAG Hauer, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Chopard, Hublot, Bulgari, Chanel Horlogerie, Zenith, among many other luxury brands.


12-20 May 2020

Image source: Vitra

NYCxDesign attracts hundreds of thousands of international visitors and designers to revere the best achievements in the industry. The event explores over a dozen design disciplines through exhibitions, installations, trade shows, panels, product launches, open studios, and more.

ICFF – International Contemporary Furniture Fair

17-20 May 2020

Image credit to ICFF

Taking place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, ICFF is the premier design platform in North America delivers the finest news and trends in global contemporary design by showcasing individual and avant-garde products. Worldwide designers, retailers, developers, and architects come together to exchange inspiration, especially when it comes to residential and commercial interiors.

Biennale Architettura

23 May – 29 November 2020

President of La Biennale di Venezia with Hashim Sarkis. Image source: Archinect

The 17th international edition of the architecture exhibition has been curated by architect and scholar Hashim Sarkis.

His main goal is to work with fellow architects from all over the globe and come with solutions to rise up to new challenges of today’s world.

 La Biennale di Venezia is at the forefront of researching and promoting new contemporary art trends and exhibitions in the fields of art, architecture, cinema, dance, music, and theatre.

Design Miami/ Basel

16-21 June 2020

Image source: Design Miami

Known as the global forum for design, Design Miami/ Basel celebrates design culture and commerce by gathering influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators, and critics. The main speciality of the show is showcasing 20th- and 21st-century furniture, lighting and objets d’art in an exclusive setting.

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Featured image credit to Matrika – Tell Me More installation by Rapt Studio at Ventura Centrale, 2019


Best Room Design and Decorating Ideas of September 2020

 Is it that time of year already? With 2019 flying past, let’s pause and look at the colours and trends we will be lusting over in 2020. Here’s the story so far… 

Image via Pinterest

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Mindfulness is emerging as a clear trend for 2020 where it nestles in perfectly alongside mainstays ‘sustainability’ and ‘wellness’.

As with sustainability and wellness, mindfulness in our interiors makes the case for creating our homes as a refuge from the stresses of the outside world. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, this is very much a look that says “Come in, and I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.

Think low furniture, floor cushions, plenty of indoor plants, natural materials and a calming palette of natural tones and whites. Bliss.

2. Soothing tones inspired by nature

Image via Pinterest

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Colours are such a personal thing, but some just ooze calm. Pantone have already called the key colours to trend next year and it’s safe to say we will be swooning over restorative colours taken straight from nature.

Earth tones will remain big news for the foreseeable future, as will orange, pink, and various shades of blue and green in both warm and cool hues. Ripe olive green is also being touted as a super-chic option for any space in your home. Keep the look modern and fresh by introducing an unexpected accent colour.

We are talking about pairings such as taupe with periwinkle blue, rust and pink or lilac, and mustard with dusty pink.

3. Organic beauty

Image via Pinterest

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It’s going to be all about keeping a strong connection with the natural world via our interiors in 2020, and to this we say: Yes! Natural materials and organic forms are already well and truly entrenched in our interior loving hearts and we can look forward to more of this next year and beyond. Rattan, linen, jute, timber and artisanal décor items that are perfectly imperfect go a long way to giving your space a personal touch. This is a look you can embrace wholeheartedly or via a few strategically placed handmade treasures on a bookshelf.

Image via Pinterest

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Another trend we will be seeing more of in 2020 is large scale art and wall murals. This is going to make its way into our homes via wallpaper, decals or large scale artworks. Essentially the take-home message is’ go big or go home’.

Consider placing your large scale art as a backdrop to your bed or couch and then, voila! This is such a dynamic look that your space will need very little else to make it sing.

If you want the look without the commitment, try a hanging wall chart or tapestry.

5. Bring the outside inside with plants

Image via Pinterest

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Are you ready to flex your green thumb? As the design world and, by extension, the rest of us, focus on an ever-stronger connection to nature, too many plants are never enough.

While the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Monstera are still a welcome, glossy leafed addition to any indoor plant collection, new ‘it’ plants to look at include cacti, olive trees, long leaf figs and the cast iron plant which, despite its intimidating name, actually looks more a peace lily.

If you are worried your gardening chops are not up to the job of maintaining all those plants, artificial varieties have come a long way and are virtually indistinguishable from their real counterparts.

6. But also, take the inside outside with an outdoor room

Image via Pinterest

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Have you noticed something of a common thread woven through all the predicted trends for 2020? Yep, keeping it close to nature is the theme that informs nearly every key trend we will be coveting next year.

The great news about an outdoor room is that it basically extends your home and gives you even more room to move and groove.

If you don’t have the room or budget for a full-scale transformation, some outdoor cushions on the back porch or a small bistro table and chairs on the balcony can be enough to make the most of what you have. Add some gorgeous fairy lights for an on-trend boho-eclectic touch and you are well on your way to outdoor room glory.

7. Keep it playful

Image via Pinterest

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Play isn’t just for kids! Expect to see playful design elements popping up all over your Pinterest board in the coming year. A few fun design surprises add joy and warmth to your home, especially if you have a young family.

What does this look ? Pops of colour, artwork referencing pop culture and playful design decor are all ways to embrace the spirit of play in your home. In the immortal words of Doctor Seuss, “These things are fun and fun is good”.

8. Keep it cool and comfortable

Image via Pinterest

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A movement towards cool but comfortable spaces is underway in New York. And you know if it’s happening in the coolest city in the world, you can be sure it is a look we will be picking up in 2020. We are thinking living rooms that may not be camera-ready, but are most definitely Netflix-and-lounge-ready.

But never fear, we are not going to abandon all our style for comfort – this is definitely a case of “can do both”. This is about keeping it cool – but not so cool that we can’t relax. Bring on oversized sofas, cushions, throws, ottomans and anything else that you need to get cosy.

You know if it’s already big in New York…..

9. Minimal, but personal

Image via Pinterest

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Could the rise of “Personal Minimalism” be the influence of Marie Kondo at work? Quite possibly. Design experts and trend-spotters have been talking about the intersection of these two seemingly counter-intuitive ideas for a little while now, but it seems that this is a design idea whose time has come.

This is a look that hits the sweet spot of not-enough and not-too-much. In other words, right smack bang in the middle of minimalism and maximalism. In real life, this looks the pared-back minimalist room we have come to know and love, accessorised with décor items that are meaningful for us.

It’s all about curating with intention – knowing what to add in, and what to leave out.

10. Boho-chic with an eclectic feel

Images via Pinterest

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Last but by no means least, allow us to present boho-chic. This is a style that has well and truly surpassed its status as ‘trend’ and is now verging on the iconic. And yet, this is a look that is being cited by people who know about these things as a key trend to watch in 2020.

It all ties into the idea of your home as a place that is personal and comfortable, without sacrificing style. There are so many manifestations of this look, it is really up to you if you decide to pursue it with a minimalist or maximalist bent.

So as with any other trend we’ve explored, you do you.

The Ultimate Trend of 2020

Some trends are set to be so major that they surpass all others.

These are trends that work harmoniously with all other trend predictions for the year ahead whilst also being the predominant and without doubt the ultimate trend of the year!  For 2020 the hottest trend is all things glass lighting! From retro shaped mid-century statement lights with stunning glass features to boho-chic chandeliers, it is all about glass. Glass lighting is fabulous due to its ability to be incorporated into so many different interior aesthetics due to its multi-faceted design flexibility. Whether it is sleek frosted glass scandi style lamps that emit a gentle hygge glow or the perfect trio of Hamptons look glass pendants for above a kitchen island, there’s isn’t an interior trend that glass lighting can’t transcend…you heard it here first!!   

All images sourced via Pinterest


Best Room Design and Decorating Ideas of September 2020


If there's one perfect moment to update your home, it's at the start of a new decade.

After 10 years of the same old, same old, now is the time to roll on one of the top paint colors, refresh the heart of your home with one of our favorite kitchen ideas, or simply add a new piece of art to your gallery wall.

And if you want to make a serious statement this year, then try incorporating one of the hottest home decor trends of 2020.

To find the home ideas that are about to be everywhere, we went straight to our favorite interior design pros.

From navy paint and floral wallpaper to colored cabinets and free-standing tubs, these are the 2020 home decor trends that experts can't wait to see.

Whether you love trends or will typically go to great lengths to avoid them, there are bound to be a few ideas on our list that you'll adore (and will continue to adore into the next decade).

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1 Vintage Accents

What goes around comes around — especially when it comes to home decor trends. “One thing we're starting to see is more of a nod to vintage and traditional detailing — things spooled legs, spindles, and other things we saw in furnishings from the 1800s and early 1900s,” says interior designer Bria Hammel, CEO of Bria Hammel Interiors.

But don't expect to see all vintage everywhere. This time around, designers are incorporating just one or two statement pieces.

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2 Navy Blue

The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue (a navy shade), which means you can expect to see a lot of the color in the new year. Fortunately, it's totally versatile and sophisticated.

“Navy blue provides the perfect amount of contrast for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and modern home styles,” says interior designer Kerrie Kelly, founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

“Whether a kitchen island gets a quick upgrade or a room gets a dramatic new look with contrasting white trim and woodwork, the shade provides a stately look without going completely black,” she says.

3 Floral Wallpaper

If the thought of flower-power wallpaper makes you flinch, then 2020 might just be the year you change your tune. “Floral wallpaper has been around for years and you will continue to see the pretty pattern but with a much more modern update,” says interior designer Abbe Fenimore, founder of Studio Ten 25. “Large scale, bold color, and even metallic versions are here to stay.”

Fenimore says they're a particularly good choice in powder bathrooms and foyers. Plus, there are tons of stick-on options if you're not ready to fully commit.

4 High-Contrast Decor

High-contrast designs are currently having a moment — which means if you've always wanted to paint your home black, now is the time to give it a whirl (in moderation, of course).

“For a long time, it was white, white, white,” Hammel says. “But now, for example, maybe we'd see a chair with black fabric and a white frame. Or a console table in a dark stained wood with light-colored hardware.”

5 Non-White Kitchens

If there was one defining design trend of the 2010s, it was the all-white kitchen. But in 2020, designers predict there'll be a shift toward spaces that go beyond just white. For example, Hammel expects to see more natural wood cabinets, islands, and shelves — all of which allow homeowners to keep a bright and airy vibe without restricting themselves to all-white-everything.

6 Color-Pop Cabinets

If you really want to leave the all-white kitchen trend behind, opt for another 2020 home decor trend: colored cabinets. According to the experts at Modiani Kitchens, “the trend in 2020 is to choose one or several elements, the kitchen island, kitchen wall cabinets, or base cabinets in daring colors, dark red, bright yellow, green or navy blue.”

7 Canopy Beds

Now is the time to make all of your regal canopy bed dreams come true. “Canopy beds no longer need to be draped in heavy fabrics and chunky headboards,” says Fenimore. “Modern versions made with acrylic, metal, and sleek upholstered frames are making a comeback.”

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8 Patina Accents

“One of the emerging design trends is an appreciation of patina and age,” says interior designer Breeze Giannasio. In addition to more vintage furniture, expect to see this played out in color trends such as clay and terracotta, as well as decorative items such as earthenware and ceramics.

9 Olive Trees

West Elm

If 2019 was the year of the dramatic fiddle leaf fig, then Hammel expects 2020 will be the year of the much subtler olive tree. Instead of blooming bright green, these trees are a more sophisticated sage. 

10 Antique Art

Make 2020 the year you start — or continue to grow — your art collection. “If any type of antique is making a comeback, it's art,” says Hammel. “People love that it looks aged and that it has a story to it.”

11 Kitchen Art

While you're collecting those pieces of art, be sure to scout some for the kitchen. “There's always a focus on making the kitchen a room in the house and not a machine for cooking,” says Giannasio. That can be accomplished by hanging art in the kitchen, or using open shelves to display items that show off your personality, she says.

12 Curved Sofas

Interlude Home

This 2020 home decor trend will transport you back to another decade. “We'll see some '60s and '70s throwbacks with a modern twist and a focus on line and curve,” says Giannasio. 

13 Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Nope, these materials don't need to be relegated to the back deck. “Rattan/wicker is having a resurgence,” interior designer Nicole Fuller told Elle Decor. “It warmly reminds me of my childhood and has evolved in fresh and exciting ways whether in chairs, tables, or lighting. It is the perfect layer to balance modern and traditional style.”

14 Free-Standing Tubs

Need a fresh master bathroom idea? Try a luxurious soaking tub. According to the 2019 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, 38% of homeowners added or replaced a bathtub as part of their master bathroom project, and 50% of those folks chose a freestanding flat-bottom tub shape; another 9% chose a free-standing claw-foot tub.

15 Cozy Fabrics

Fortunately for everyone who loves to cozy up with a good book, Giannasio says comfy fabrics will be everywhere in the new year. “Instead of luxe grand velvet, we'll see shearling, imperfect leathers, and soft textured mohairs.” Count us in.

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Best Room Design and Decorating Ideas of September 2020

Looking forward to 2020, many restaurant owners are wondering what kinds of restaurant designs will be showing up in the new year.

Much the various fashion trends that develop throughout the year to appeal to consumers, restaurant design trends also change to entice hungry customers.

Stay ahead of the trends by planning a complete remodel of your business for the year to come or simply dip your toes in the trendy water by updating your restaurant’s decor.

The top design trends of 2020 can be split into two main categories: conceptual trends that restaurants design their entire establishment and menu around, and design elements, which are small changes that restaurants can make to give their space a more modern feeling.

Many new restaurants are building their businesses around a central theme or concept, and those concepts revolve around the design and organization of the dining room. Learn more about the major restaurant design trends coming in 2020:

We have seen the rise of communal eating over the past year, but it is going to continue to grow with the increase of food halls and more open concept dining.

Offering open tables and shared spaces creates a unique social and dining atmosphere perfect for those looking to engage with both the food and each other. A communal eating restaurant design also maximizes the amount of dining space available.

With more people eating at one time, you can increase profits overall!

Many customers enjoy dining outside, but with multiple story high rises and limited outdoor space in big cities, rooftop dining experiences are becoming very popular.

Whether the temperature is warm or cold, rooftop bars and restaurants are making the accommodations for customers to dine year round.

Plants and umbrellas liven up rooftop spaces in the summer, while blankets, fire places, and outdoor patio heaters make a rooftop the coziest space during the winter. Rooftop dining offers beautiful views and elevates experiences that can draw more people to your restaurant.

With an increasing demand for delivery and take-out orders, many restaurants are creating a specific food-holding area where customers and third-party delivery drivers can pick up their orders.

This keeps customers who are dining in separated from those who are coming in only to pick up food. Cut down congestion in your ordering area by creating a designated pick up area for your delivery and take-out food.

Shipping containers provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start a restaurant, cafe, ice cream shop, or bar without forking out a ton of money for rent, renovations, equipment, and decor.

The semi-portable shipping container can be placed near beaches or parks to attract customers, while also providing more of a natural industrial feel that can be influenced by other styles.

These low-cost and unique food serving spaces often second as a small coworking space for patrons as well.

While design concepts are the theme and foundation of your restaurant, design elements are individual aspects of your restaurant's interior design that you can easily change, such as the color of your walls, the type of lighting, or the decorations in your dining space. Here are some design elements that are going to stand out in 2020:

Artisan goods have made their way into homes, offices, and now restaurants. More and more businesses are taking the step to support other local small businesses and shops by buying handmade tableware to use when serving guests. Handmade plates, glassware, and utensils have been making more of a presence in chain restaurants that value in handcrafted goods.

To carry out an even more natural feel, restaurants are gravitating towards bringing elements of the outdoors, indoors. By adding a wood accent wall, chairs, bud vases, or even wooden textured lamp bases, you can make your restaurant much cozier. Adding wood elements could be as simple as a new hostess station, benches in your waiting area, or new tables in your dining room.

The intentional or unintentional look of mix-and-match furniture has been a trend in residential style, so there’s no surprise that this trend made its way into commercial spaces and restaurants.

The contrasting furniture offers a “welcome home” feel that patrons will love when walking in to your business. Incorporate this trend by choosing chairs from the same color scheme, but with different styles.

Pillows are also a great mix-and-match accent as well, and can be used in booth seating.

The concept of home grown has taken on a new meaning in the foodservice industry. Customers are becoming more concerned about where their greens are coming from.

Display veggies in an outdoor seating area, inside on a living wall, or next to the window to show customers that the greens offered on the menu come from within your business.

This can help brighten up the space and reinforce the feeling of rejuvenation and health within customers as well.

In all of these emerging design trends, there are a few general takeaways that you should keep in mind when updating your restaurant's decor.

Customers Want to Have Easier Food Pick-Up

One of the most important aspects for diners is to be able to access their online orders at pick-up much more easily.

With the increase of mobile ordering, many customers are customizing an order on their phone and either picking it up, or having a third party delivery service get it for them.

Once they arrive it’s as simple as walking in and finding the order on the designated counter for pick-up, and walking out with their food. This takes less time because the food is already paid for and the customer does not have to wait that long to get an order.

People Want a More Relaxed and Natural Dining Environment

From the communal seating design concept to the incorporation of wooden accents and handmade tableware, restaurants should strive to create an inviting aesthetic that allows customers to feel at home. Create warm and inviting dining areas that encourage interaction between customers but also keeps them coming back for more.

Trends in the foodservice industry are constantly changing and adjusting society and what's popular with consumers. Restaurant interior design trends change often to stay up-to-date and appealing to customers. Whether you choose to completely remodel or do a few updates to stay trendy, your diners will notice your efforts come 2020!


Top Interior Design Inspirations in 2020

Best Room Design and Decorating Ideas of September 2020

It is essential to update your home throughout the years, especially your bedroom since it’s one of the principal rooms in a home; where you can have a good night’s sleep as well as a place for relaxation. Repainting and changing the lay your bedroom can affect the mood of the space too.

According to research published by Perspectives on Psychological Science in 2015, people can boost their mental well-being by applying some simple interior design techniques to their homes.

This trick is called the psychology of design and it aims to examine the actual characteristics and qualities that differentiate a “home” from a mere “place of residence,” to capture a healthier and more mindful ambience.

I have spoken to an experienced architect and interior designer from Solid and Liquid Studio Surabaya, Vincentia Lionny Herline Sutanto, S.T., IAI – more commonly known as Vivi – to discuss the upcoming trends of property and interior design for this year.

“I think that modern living would be a fresh interior design idea for 2020 as it displays minimal decoration and clean lines,” Vivi asserted.

Although other trends, such as tropical decor and futurism persist, people’s preferences still turn to modern living because it is everlasting yet simple.

Vincentia Lionny Herline Sutanto, an experienced architect and interior design

Vivi also indicated that the American classic aesthetic has been a big star throughout the years. “It is quite surprising that there is actually a generation gap in different interior design styles,” Vivi added.

For instance, Generation X, those between the ages of 35-50, would rather choose the American classic style as it displays a great comfort and evokes ideas of extravagant living.

However, newlyweds or millennials, aged between 18-35, prefer the modern living style for their future homes, for its simplicity and modernity.

In terms of furniture choice, Vivi emphasised that it should be in accordance with the interior design style. She exemplified that usually, American classic goes with Scandinavian furnishings, where wood plays a significant role and it is easy to overhaul. However, some also break away from the ordinary by playing with customised furnishings to create a more homey feeling.

2020 Colour Trend: A Dark Mode

Dark colours play important roles in 2020 with Vivi suggesting that grey, black, dark brown, and wooden hues are the most favoured shades for this year. Although dark colours seem to look gloomy and rather frightening, they actually generate a feel of cosiness and warmth.

“The dark colours can be used as a vibrant accent for home decoration to make it look more different and daring,” Vivi added. Again, age groups define the choice of colours.

The younger generation tends to choose dark colours while the older generation often opts for the classic ones, such as white, light blue, or even wood colours.

Home modern

As people have become more eco-conscious over the years, they have also become more aware of using more eco-friendly homewares. Vivi revealed that the use of wood is now being replaced by plastics for more sustainable living.

“Although it may look artificial, plastics have a solid, almost unyielding surface which is more durable than wood because it is waterproof, has less mould, and most importantly, is termite-proof,” Vivi explains.

There is also a popular trend this year where the use of high-pressure laminate (HPL), a direct descendant of lamination for the finishing of tables, cabinets, and kitchen sets becomes the new favourite. HPL is an environmentally-friendly technology that can be adhered to marble, granite, or even ceramics to make it sturdier.

In addition, the use of big windows with skylights will enhance energy efficiency as the air circulates through the house and the sunlight shines through the windows. Vivi explained that not only it will reduce the need for artificial lighting and cooling systems, but it will also provide a safe, comfortable, and lasting home as efficiently as possible.

Interior Design Advice: The Do’s and Don’ts Every Beginner Should Know

In order to make a small room look more spacious, Vivi recommends a few smart ideas. The first is to start decluttering your home. It is better to utilise hidden storage or multi-functional furniture.

Subsequently, avoid using partitions to your home and opt for white or lighter colours as it will visually expand your space.

Lastly, include mirrors in your space because the light bouncing around will make a room look bigger.

Living Room American

Vivi also suggests for people who want to build a home, it is primarily better to consult with an architect in order to match their desired design with the structure of the land and the climate of the place, as well as the position of the sun.

The selection of materials is also important. For example, the use of a tiled roof in a tropical climate can lower the temperature of the home instead of concrete.

By minding these aspects, a home can be expected to be more comfortable, healthy, and efficient.

The construction of the home can be done by a contractor with the supervision of an architect in order to avoid any false steps.

When the construction process is halfway done, it is time for furniture shopping to fit in the design and the furniture, as well as for deciding the position of electricity plugs and pipes.

Some people tend to purchase the furniture once the construction is done and it is actually a wrong move because somehow, the furniture and the interior design may not fit together well.

On top of that, interior design is about art and it represents the personality of the people living in the house. Therefore, it is fine to customise your own creations to influence your subconsciousness, and there are no rules on how

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Best Room Design and Decorating Ideas of September 2020

A month has passed since the Milan Design Week 2019 and I finally found the time to organize all the catalogues, press release and pictures.

From art déco inspirations to 70s vibes, from pastel colors to 80s hues, from black tubular steel to ethnic inspirations, the number of suggestions has been endless. I tried to select what I think were the strongest and most interesting trends that emerged from this Milan Design Week 2019. Key words? Back to the past, soft textures and fabrics, color.

Here the interior design trends for 2020 that I spotted.

1. CARPET FLOORING: we started to see it in the past design week but MDW19 definitely marked the return of the carper flooring and, in fact, it was used in many settings. From the Planetarium project by Cristina Celestino in the Brera Apartment (in collaboration with Besana Moquette), to the Land space of Masquespacio up to the installation Les Arcanistes by Studio Pepe.

Cristina Celestino – Studio Pepe – Masquespacio – Moooi

2. COLOR: color was the biggest trend of Milan Design Week 2019 and I will talk about it in the next post. Stay tuned! In the meantime, I leave you some inspirations.

Normann Copenhagen – Arper – Saba -Hermann Miller – Saba – Studio Pepe – Swedese – Muuto

3. TEXTURE AND 3D SURFACES: I spotted a lot of 3d surfaces with a material effect, such as for example the Mooi 3D wallpapers, Salvatori’s marble cladding, frosted or 3D-effect glass or wavy surfaces. These last ones in particular have been used a lot and personally I really them (the blu corrugated metal walls used by Masquespacio were beautiful)

Moooi – Ioc – Ex-t – Cristina Celestino – Salvatori – Masquespacio

4. CURTAINS: large curtains, together with the wavy effect surfaces, were used in many installations, such as in the Interstellar project by Dimore Studio or in the apartment set up by The Socialite Family in via Palermo 1 (but used a lot in many others settings with an almost theatrical effect)

Normann Copenhagen – Dimore Studio – The socialite family – Hem – Fritz Hansen

5.VIENNA STRAW: I’ve already talked about it HERE, the Vienna straw is back in fashion and revisited in a contemporary way

Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH

6. COLORED GLASS AND MIRRORS: colorful glass and mirrors were widely used, for small accessories such as in the new collections by Paola C or in Gupica’s Balustrades collection, for tables and small furnishings but I also spotted colored glass walls used as dividers.

Petite friture – Normann Copenhagen – Studio Pepe – Masquespacio – Lasvit -Saba

7. ROUNDED and ORGANIC SHAPES: shapes, in particular for seating and upholstery, become softer and rounded and with a retro look

Studio Pepe – Living Now Apartment – Maisons du Monde  – Normann Copenhagen

8. CLASSIC AND ART DÉCO DETAILS: : definitely another big trend, in this Milan Design Week 2019 there were many references to the 20s and 30s fringes, gold accents, velvet etc.

Cristina Celestino – The socialite Family – Saba

9. MARBLE: marble continues to be a very used material but this year, especially for accessories and small furnishings, I saw mainly dark marble

Salvatori – Saba – Herman Miller

10. MINI or MAXI TILES: there are two opposite trends regarding tiles. Very large tiles (for example the collections proposed by Cristina Celestino or Federico Pepe for Cedit Ceramiche) or very small and colored tiles to create original patterns ( the beautiful collection by Cristina Celestino for Fornace Brioni or the one by Elena Salmistraro for Lithea).

Lithea – Cedit Ceramiche

11. VELVET: velvet continue to be trendy also in Milan Design Week 2019

CASAfacile Design Lab 19

12. CARPETS: I saw a lot of carpets in this Milan Design Week 2019, mainly with geometric shapes and patterns, with original color combinations (such as the proposals by Patricia Urquiola or Elena Salmistraro for CC Tapis or the collection designed by Matteo Cibic for Jaipur rugs) or with a combination of different materials.

Studio Pepe – CC Tapis – CC Tapis

13. MODULAR FURNITURE: comfortable and flexible

Petite Friture – Saba – Moooi

14. BLACK STEEL TUBULAR: used in many furnishing and for many lamps

Muuto – Saba – Normann Copenhagen – Tip Toe Design Zanotta

15. BATHROOM – FREE STANDING SINKS: free standing sinks and bathtubs are a new trend for the bathrooms, as we have seen for example at Ex.t or Antonio Lupi

Ex-t – Ex-t – Antonio Lupi

16. LAMPS WITH GEOMETRICAL AND LINEAR SHAPE: 2019 was also the year of Euroluce and many of the lights had simple and linear shapes with a wide use of black or gold tubular

Areti – Flos – Nemo Lighting

17. NEON: speaking of lights, another trend is that of neon, the many lamps by Areti exhibited in the Studio Pepe space or the beautiful installation by Aria Lighting in the spaces of Ventura Centrale

Areti – Lasvit – Aria Lighting – Arper – Areti

18. CRAFTSMANSHIP and HANDMADE: rediscovery of traditions and craftsmanship with a contemporary reinterpretation. The reinterpretation presented by the Spanish studio Masquespacio of the Ugo Poggi products (on the occasion of the centenary of its foundation) was beautiful

Masquespacio – Ugo Poggi

19. ECOLOGY, REUSE AND CIRCULAR DESIGN: in the design sector, the sensitivity about the environmental emergency is increasing and leads designers to rethink the life cycle of products by proposing solutions that aim to reuse objects or with ecological materials. The Rossana Orlandi Gallery presented an entire exhibition dedicated to plastic reuse projects.

Eileen Fisher Waste No More, photo-by-Ruy-Teixeira

20.AFRICA: patterns and color combinations inspired by the African continent, as we could for example admire in the Moroso’s shomroom


Photo credits: Mariana Bettinelli

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