The Best Decorating Ideas For Your Home of April 2020

The Best Decorating Ideas For Your Home of April 2020

DECORATING IDEASDecember 30, 2019

With 2019 coming to an end, already, here are some of the significant home decor trends for 2020. Numerous and great ideas for top home decor choices that you will love! This year covers a combination of return of elements that have already made history and the arrival of new items. With full of possibilities to work in decoration, this is most certainly a special year for decoholics.

1. Detailed Kitchens

The white kitchens have their days numbered. The trend in 2020 will be brighter colors such as red and a more monochrome kitchen. That’s why you can bet on the colors of your kitchen. Invest in green, blue, or even deep red.

The thing here is to get the “more of the same.” The key is to innovate in color, bringing a more cheerful, lively, and organized environment, without neglecting modernity and sophistication.

Image:  Café

2. Smaller Spaces

There are those who large spaces to fit the whole family with comfort and refinement. However, in 2020, the trend is due to smaller spaces, with the less available area to build.

The idea is for houses and apartments to be more compact, with the need to think about the furniture and smart rooms. Thus, the idea is to reuse furniture in the house to take advantage of the space.

For example, bookshelves are not only serving as bookshelves but also as partitions. In this case, light colors will predominate to give room to the room.

Image: nesting with grace

3. Tone Overtone

Reinforcing the trend of monochrome environments once again, tone upon tone will appear boldly. The idea is to match the furniture with the same color as the wall.

This means that only one shade will reign absolutely. It can be one of those home decor trends for 2020 that are easily underestimated.

Don’t fall in that trap! Simplicity and tones and shades are definitely a good way to go!

It may sound crazy, but if you do a little search, you’ll find that the idea gives the environment an air of refinement and sophistication.

Image: studio MCGEE

4. Intelligent Equipment

The technology keeps everyone surprised each day. And in the year 2020, it will be no different. In homes, a solution that is increasingly gaining ground is intelligent equipment, which brings comfort and optimization of environments.

Some of these products that can already be found on the market are LED lighting, one-touch doors, and invisible slides. With this, the practicality of everyday life will come combined with comfort and distinctive design.

Image: studio 57

5. Multi-functional Furniture

With increasingly compact homes, furniture needs to offer more than just basic functions. This is why multi-functional furniture is gaining more and more space in the market.

The idea in 2020 is to produce versatile models, without neglecting a pleasant aesthetic.

6. Custom Items

Gone are the days when a person only wants to go to a store to buy some items, put it in their house, and he or she is done. Now the idea is to bring sophistication to the environment through custom items.

This way, it will be possible to meet the customer’s taste in a personalized way. Searches include exclusive furniture with unique features produced for a particular customer.

Image: rue mag

7. Personal Touch Accessories

In the face of so many trends, there would be no lack of accessories with a personal touch, right? The trend is that accessories and belongings will become the protagonists of decoration in 2020.

And that goes for everything: family paintings, book collection and old photo panels. The idea is to bring these objects to life to ensure more personality for those who live in the environment.

8. Glass

Bright shades and furniture that include glass help set the tone for the room. For this reason, glass coffee tables, glass jars for decorating shelves, and other items will be common for small room decoration by 2020.

9. Earth Tones

Earthy tones have already been a success for the year 2019 and should return with everything by 2020.

This kind of tone helps to break the seriousness of the surroundings and gives a feeling of warmth in a room.

Image: style me pretty

10. Pillows of Various Types

Despite the small ambiance, the modern rooms abuse the pillows and, preferably, they are quite relaxed and receptive.

To help you not to abuse use the complementary colors that help you compose the environment in 2020, if you prefer the colorful pillows, have a neutral colored sofa and colorful decor to help you form a relaxed atmosphere.

In 2019, the decorating ideas and trends were due to a modernist palette and earthy tones. 2020 trends promise to come fresh and fresh to your home. This will make your home look more colorful and attractive.

earth tones in home decor


Indoor decoration ideas for Easter

The Best Decorating Ideas For Your Home of April 2020
Outdoor Easter egg hunts are canceled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the holiday at home. A house for marshmallow Peeps is one idea for an easy Easter decoration to make at home.

Courtesy Becca Spiro

Don’t know what to do this weekend? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Pull up a seat to the counter, and I’ll tell you about everything that’s hot and happening.

Summit County’s famous egg hunts that draw hundreds of participants unfortunately aren’t happening this year due to the novel coronavirus. However, you don’t have to let that stop you from enjoying Easter. Here are some ideas on how to spruce up your home and celebrate the holiday indoors. Best of all, they utilize common household items, thereby limiting trips to the store.

One decoration Becca Spiro, owner of The Frosted Flamingo mobile art studio, suggested is a chick puppet. Made from a handprint, similar to the kid-friendly turkey crafts for Thanksgiving, you can glue on feathers, eyes, accordion legs and straw to hold it up.

Borrowing from another holiday, a Spiro suggested making houses for marshmallow Peeps graham crackers and icing. They can then be decorated with chocolate eggs, Easter grass and other candy, you would decorate a gingerbread house.

“There’s always substitutes,” Spiro said. “If you don’t have watercolor paint, that’s OK. Use tempera paint or whatever you have. That’s the fun part about art; sometimes the best things come improvising.”

Ashlie Weisel of The Sunny Side Up Studio enjoys honoring and adapting different traditions, as well. Because she lived in Germany, she recommends making an Osterbaum for something unique. Take a houseplant or an artificial tree — maybe one from Christmas — and don it with painted plastic eggs filled with treats to be opened on Easter.

You can also cut out bunnies to string on the branches garland or use Easter-themed stencils to repurpose cardboard takeout boxes to either hang on the tree or become its own canvas.

“Paint over something that’s from Christmas,” Weisel said. “You don’t even have to worry about going to the store. Just use what you have and upcycle it.”

While there’s nothing wrong with dyeing hard-boiled eggs or painting hollowed-out shells with acrylics, Weisel and Spiro have a few alternatives in mind if you don’t have eggs on hand.

For one, you can paint wooden eggs found at craft or big-box stores.

But if that isn’t an option, they suggest making some  Play-Doh or salt dough — a homemade clay- mixture of flour, salt and water — that can be shaped, dried and decorated.

Spiro also recommends cutting an egg a thick piece of paper, cardstock, and using a combination of shaving cream and paint to give it a marbleized appearance.

Then it’s time to hunt for the eggs. Spiro and Weisel suggested making a scavenger hunt with clues, which can be a good way to involve older siblings by having them pitch in on coming up with hints. For younger children, Weisel’s 3-year-old, she s to print out bunny paw prints that lead to egg locations.

If you need more ideas or guidance, The Frosted Flamingo and The Sunny Side Up Studio are also selling Easter craft kits and posting tutorials online.

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The Best Decorating Ideas For Your Home of April 2020

Every year I love to find out what people are searching for when it comes to interior decorating. And this year’s 2020 home decor trends are no different. You just never know when you might run across some new ideas that will fit right in with your design aesthetic.

It’s almost the start of a new year (and a new decade!) and that means a lot of people are setting New Year’s resolutions and planning for the future.

It also means it’s time for Pinterest to release it’s annual trends report. This is where they look at all of the searches being performed on their platform and publish a list of the top 100 trending topics.

Of those 100 ideas, I pick out the home decor trends and give them to you here.

So these trends are not my opinion, or the opinions of other bloggers or interior designers, or even the research done by decorating magazines.

These are what all of the users on Pinterest are actually looking for…the collective interests of over 320 milliion people per month! So hopefully, there are at least a few ideas that you


The Best Decorating Ideas For Your Home of April 2020

(5 min read) The spring is upon us y’all and to me, that usually means two things: it is spring cleaning and renovating time. Needless to say, the extent of your renovations will always be determined by your budget.

The loyal blog-fans among you know that I’m not the one to yank your chain with $7,000 Gucci beddings and $25,000 Artemest chandeliers. Nope Siree Bob. Here at Mosaics Lab, we respect everyone’s budgets and we try not to insult anyone’s intelligence. On that note, in this article, you will find some budget-friendly ideas that are easy to achieve and tackle.

Some of these might seem a bit (just a bit) on the pricey side, but if you opt for them the payoff will be immense.

Lavender spring décor.

1. Kitchen backsplash

If you are want to treat your kitchen with something nice this spring, but you’re not sure what type of embellishment to go for then we have the perfect idea for you — mosaic backsplash! And I don’t want you to consider it just for the beauty of it, but because it is SO easy to clean and maintain.

Any other type of tile arrangement or material you choose will demand more attention than kitchen mosaic backsplash. Mosaic art is simply the best choice when it comes to kitchen walls. Un with tiles or marble, you won’t have to scrub mosaic as soon as some water drops on it and you can choose from a variety of different designs.

If there is a kitchen renovation, there should be a mosaic backsplash — it’s a no-brainer really…

Gorgeous mosaic backsplash. Photo by Smith Craft.Gorgeous floral mosaic backsplash.

2. Mixed metals

Some say that the past year was the year of mixing a variety of different metal without limits, but it seems that the trend is here to stay. The best thing is, this can be quite cheap if you do it properly.

Silver, bronze, chrome, nickel, and no “or” in-between, just go wild! And on the same note go wild in EVERY room.

Take your grandmas old brass candle holders from the attic and clean them with some baking soda, visit the local yard sale and buy some old iron flower pot stands, switch your old wooden club table for a glass-metal one. The possibilities are endless and most importantly — affordable.

Mixed metals in the living room. Photo by Z Gallery.Mixed metal dining-room décor. Photo by Casey And Fox.

3. Rattan everywhere

Every spring for the last couple of years rattan has been taking interior world by storm. Rattan has that particularly open and outdoorsy vibe to it, so it will do miracles with making your interior appear more inviting and fresh.

Furthermore, it is quite easy to maintain and the cushions are great to fit into any kind of color pattern.

Even if you decide to change the color patterns in your home next year, you will also be able to easily and cheaply change the color and the material of your cushions and not buy completely new furniture.

Rattan furnishings with floral patterns.Wonderful woven rattan furniture. Design by Amanda Lindroth/Island Hopping.

4. Pop of millennial pink…

…said the millennial. No seriously, hear me out! This is probably the cheapest option on the list and when it comes to the effectiveness it is right next to the mosaic backsplash.

Imagine one lovely, perfectly designed home without any visible flaws. Now add one bright pink swing chair in the corner of the living room. Uh huh. Just that. Or just one pink pot for your biggest plant.

And voila! Spring is here!

Pop of pink here and there.A single pink statement-making sofa.

5. Update your paint

This one doesn’t have to be anything of the charts and you can do it yourself. If your home is more about the subtlety, then don’t go for strong colors just for the trend of it. Just change the shade instead.

If your living room was muted blue, now paint it a muted yellow, if your bedroom was neutral beige, now make it light green, etc. And don’t worry about your rug or curtains not fitting in.

It’s spring, everything is colorful and fresh, who cares?

Freshen up your walls.

So here you go. These are some of our picks that will help you ease into spring without severely damaging your budget. And don’t feel bad if you are not able to do any of these this year, sometimes just buying a magazine with a colorful cover and placing it on your side-table is enough. Spring is coming, love is in the air. Follow our blog and be happy.

Blue walls with spring vibe. Photo via Decor Pad.


April is National Decorating Month

The Best Decorating Ideas For Your Home of April 2020

April is National Decorating Month and an ideal time to brighten up your home. Celebrate this month by freshening up the décor in your Signature home and springing into the season with a mini makeover. We’ve listed 30 easy ways to revive your living space each day in April:

  1. Make your front porch inviting with potted plants, a new mat and new decoration around the front door.
  2. Place a small bench with colorful pillows and a coat rack at your entrance to invite your guests to stay a while.
  3. Guide your guests through your home with new stylish runners.
  4. Shop for a new rug in person to insure the color and texture are exactly what you are looking for.
  5. Re-arrange your furniture in u-shape groupings to invite conversation.
  6. Pick one drawer or cupboard and give it a big clean-out.
  7. Add in a few new photos or artwork to your gallery wall.
  8. Want to make your closet more organized? Buy all new hangers, all the same style.
  9. Give an old piece of furniture new life with a new paint job.
  10. Change out throw pillows and give your living area a completely new feel.
  11. Get a bar cart and stock it with all the best ingredients for summer cocktails.
  12. Lighten up any room by trading heavy fabrics for light and airy ones.
  13. Reshelf books, mixing horizontal stacks in with normal vertical volumes or organizing by color.
  14. Buy new bedding! Even a new duvet cover or shams will invigorate your bedroom.
  15. Change with the season and add pops of color using accessories in every room.
  16. Your rug should define the seating area with the legs of your furniture grouping fitting on it.
  17. Sprinkle a new color in a room, such as a pillow, a throw blanket, artwork, a tray, vases, etc.
  18. Change the knobs and drawer pulls on your kitchen or bath cabinets.
  19. Hang a mirror opposite a window or fantastic piece of art to double view or style in the room.
  20. Repaint, refresh and rejuvenate the walls with a new vibrant summer hue.
  21. Buy a tree, put it in a basket and place it in a bare corner.
  22. Add in a new shower curtain and bathroom rug for a fresh new look.
  23. Brighten up your office space with colorful desk accessories.
  24. Washing your windows will allow bright, clean sunshine inside.
  25. Give an old fan a new look by installing new blades or repainting them.
  26. Put your ceiling fixtures on dimmers for a comfortable and sophisticated feel.
  27. Repaint or wash the baseboards, door frames, outlet covers and light switches.
  28. Strategic placement of a mirror can add an enormous amount of natural light in your home.
  29. Inject pattern into a room with wallpaper for a fresh and easy update.
  30. Use plants to add color, texture, and life to every room.

For more design and decor ideas that inspire the way we live, visit our Signature Homes Design Inspiration Pinterest Board.

Be sure to follow Signature Homes on , , Pinterest, and Instagram as we share news and updates about our exciting new home communities as well as helpful homeowner tips.


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The Best Decorating Ideas For Your Home of April 2020

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