23 Funny Santa-Themed Décor Ideas For Christmas

  1. 20+ Festive Christmas Mantel Ideas – How to Style a Holiday Mantel
  2. 23 Christmas Party Decorations That Are Never Naughty, Always Nice
  3. Red and White Colored Décor
  4. Ornamented Chandelier
  5. DIY Yarn Tree Centerpieces
  6. Christmas Ice Wreath
  7. Glitter Paper Garland
  8. Christmas-Themed Photo Booth Props
  9. White Elephant Gift Exchange
  10. Deck Your Everyday Halls
  11. DIY Twinkle Lights Garland
  12. Hot Cocoa Bar
  13. Santa’s Belt on Plastic Cups
  14. Rice Krispie Ornaments
  15. Melted Snowman Water Bottles
  16. Christmas Dinner Party Setting
  17. Edible Candy Cane Centerpieces
  18. Decorated Chair Backs
  19. Snowman-Kabobs
  20. Stocking Utensil Holders
  21. Gingerbread Party Theme
  22. Tiered Finger Foods
  23. North Pole Cupcakes
  24. Christmas, er, Cactus Tree
  25. Christmas Candy Party Favors
  26. 45 Festive Christmas Party Themes For the Holidays
  27. 1. A Royal Christmas
  28. 2. Grinch-y Brunch
  29. 3. Our Favorite Things
  30. 4. Modern Brights
  31. 5. Good Tidings Of Comfort
  32. 6. Peppermint Swirl
  33. 7. Mixology Soiree
  34. 8. Frosty The Snowman
  35. 9. Movie Night
  36. 10. Letters To Santa
  37. 11. Cookie Exchange
  38. 12. Ugly Sweater Christmas Party
  39. 13. Wreath Making Competition
  40. 14. Be-leaf In Christmas
  41. 15. Donut Decorating Party
  42. 16. Scrooge’s Black And White Party
  43. 17. Santa’s Workshop
  44. 18. Santa’s Ho-Ho-Hoedown
  45. 19. Winter Nutcracker
  46. 20. Cookies For Santa
  47. 21. Santa’s Mustache Bash
  48. 22. Desserts First
  49. 23. Mama Bear Tea Party
  50. 24. Trim The Tree
  51. 25. Piñata Christmas Party
  52. 26. Boozy Christmas Brunch
  53. 27. Holidays At The Beach
  54. 28. Make It Rein
  55. 29. Christmas Classics
  56. 30. Down To The Wrapper
  57. 31. Vintage North Pole
  58. 32. Candyland Christmas
  59. 33. Frozen Christmas
  60. 34. Classic Plaid
  61. 35. Parisian Christmas
  62. 36. 12 Tastes Of Christmas
  63. 37. Santa’s Elves
  64. 38. I Only Have Ice For You
  65. 39. Ornament Exchange
  66. 40. Taste & ‘Tinis
  67. 41. Gingerbread House
  68. 42. Nightmare Before Christmas
  69. 43. Christmas Carol-oke
  70. 44. Rudolph’s Forest
  71. 45. White Elephant
  72. Final Thoughts on Christmas Party Themes
  73. 23 Best Christmas Window Decorating Ideas 2019 – Holiday Window Decorations

20+ Festive Christmas Mantel Ideas – How to Style a Holiday Mantel

23 Funny Santa-Themed Décor Ideas For Christmas

Crisp Collective/PMQ for Two

It’s beginning to look a lot Christmas — and nowhere is that more apparent than in your home's impressive display of holiday décor. From gorgeously trimmed trees to meticulously put-together Christmas villages to a whole slew of nutcrackers, reindeer, and wreaths, the holidays are a time to go all-out.

While you might not be up for tackling big projects, swapping out all the ornaments on the Christmas tree or changing the way you set up your outdoor lights, there’s one holiday-centric spot in the house that’s easy enough to change up year after year: the mantel. Plus, doing so can be an exercise in creativity.

You can try to be merry and bright, with pops of pink and yellow. You can keep your Christmas timeless, with green trees and red stockings and the garland you come to expect. You can make it streamlined, with just a few quick touches to add that festive spirit.

Or you can find something totally unique that truly showcases your family and your home.

Whichever you choose, decorating the mantel can be the first step is getting your home ready for the holidays. Not sure where to start? Here, we’ve rounded up some great Christmas mantel ideas, decorated in a variety of different ways — from traditional to modern — with lots of different ideas for creating a display that’s as joyful as it is fun.

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Bountiful Boughs

No Christmas color scheme is simpler than green and white. Pair a boxwood wreath with a luscious garland and white flowers and you're all set for a holiday mantel that brings the outdoors in.

Get the tutorial at Dear Lillie »

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Painted Christmas Village

For a different take, make a DIY, hand-painted Christmas village in a variety of fun colors. If that doesn't feel Christmas, pair it with multi-colored ornament garlands and classic nutcrackers.

Get the tutorial at PMQ for Two »

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Christmas Village

This “home for the holidays”-themed mantel totally delivers with its silver Christmas village — and then takes it up a notch with the glittery garland and pops of red.

See more at Bower Power »

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Winter White (and Gold)

The houses, tree, and stockings give this mantel a holiday feel without going overboard on the red and green — the use of gold and white ties it all together.

See more at Ugly Duckling House »

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Christmas by Candlelight

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Colorful Trees, White Stockings

Forget the garland and take a cue from this mantel, which features pink, blue, and green trees and a simple green wreath.

See more at Fifth Home Bliss »

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Asymmetrical Garland

Fresh garland — found at Trader Joe’s! — gives this sweet and simple mantel its style. With just a few candlesticks and white stockings, the garland really takes center stage.

See more at Halfway Wholeistic »

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Blue Christmas

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Classic Christmas

Red, white, and green come together beautifully on this mantel, which includes just a few touches of contrasting black, the black-and-white wallpaper that’s used as a background for the wreath.

See more at Crisp Collective »

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/christmas-ideas/g1465/christmas-mantel-ideas/

23 Christmas Party Decorations That Are Never Naughty, Always Nice

23 Funny Santa-Themed Décor Ideas For Christmas

Hosting a Christmas party this year? Lucky you! The holidays are a lovely time to gather and bond…and party. If you’re in the market for some fresh new festive ideas for Christmas party decorations or refreshments, we’ve compiled a list of quite a few winning party ideas.

View in gallery

Whether you’ve got an open week or two to prepare or you’re down to the wire, we think you’ll find inspiration and DIY ideas here for making your Christmas party one to remember for years to come.

Red and White Colored Décor

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A bonus of having a color palette or theme at your Christmas party is that it’s easier to decorate for…while looking fantastic. Red and white is a good choice because (a) you can find seasonal décor in those colors, (b) one is neutral, one is bold, and (c) the combination is classic Christmas!

Ornamented Chandelier

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One easy way to add height to your Christmas party decorations is to use your existing light fixtures! Takes half the work your decorating time when the hang-ability is taken care of. Ornaments, garland, or greenery hung on or from the light fixtures throughout your house are a fun, simple, and festive way to decorate for your party.

DIY Yarn Tree Centerpieces

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Grab some cardboard cones from your local craft store, along with some yarn in your Christmas party’s colors, and wrap around and around. This is a simple and inexpensive DIY project that will make your party’s decor exception.

Christmas Ice Wreath

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If I’m being honest with you all, I’m not sure how an ice wreath this could be incorporated into your Christmas party decorations, but it sure is pretty! Maybe hang it on a chair or the door outside, if your party falls on a day that’s frozen outside, to help welcome your guests during the chilly season.

Glitter Paper Garland

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I’m sure we can all agree that sparkly, glittery things are appropriate at this time of year especially – the sparkles mimic the glitter of fresh snowfall and all that jazz.

Put this rule of thumb to good use in decorating for your Christmas party this year – a circle punch, some baker’s twine, and a few sheets of glitter paper are the perfect ingredients for a lovely, simple mantel garland that sets the stage for your festivities.{found on usefulbeautifulhome}.

Christmas-Themed Photo Booth Props

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Photo booths are one of the best activities to have at any party, and a Christmas party is no exception. They’re great for everyone – the introvert, the extrovert, the shy cousin, the loudmouth (uninvited but still shows up) neighbor. Have plenty of Christmas-themed props at the ready to make the photo booth an ongoing source of entertainment for the evening.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

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One of my favorite things about Christmas parties is the potential for a white elephant gift exchange. If you’re not familiar, google it. There are all sorts of variations out there, and it’s great fun for everyone.{found on theunlyhomeschool}.

Deck Your Everyday Halls

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Sure, very few of us have a perfectly enormous white moose head hanging above the mantel…but you might have another animal head hanging on your walls, or a piece of art, or a shelf that can be party-ready in minutes just by throwing a bit of Christmas decorating cheer their way. Details this are witty and fun for the guests to discover through the course of the Christmas party.

DIY Twinkle Lights Garland

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I really don’t think party décor gets any easier than stringing up some Christmas lights. Add a teensy bit of effort by “decorating” some of the lights (with mini cupcake papers?), and you’ll give yourself plenty of time to vacuum AND dust before your guests arrive. That’s a win-win.{found on dosfamily}.

Hot Cocoa Bar

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Everyone s to warm up with a cup of cocoa on a cold night, and what better way to pamper your Christmas party guests than by offering them a scrumptious cocoa bar? Include a variety of mix-ins, and you’ll have guests coming back for more…and more…and more as they try out all the flavors.{found on catchmyparty}.

Santa’s Belt on Plastic Cups

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These might be the cutest disposable cups I’ve ever seen – and so easy to DIY! Simply take some red plastic cups, black ribbon, and beads, sequins, or actual buckles ( these, found at Walmart in the sewing section) and spend a few minutes with your hot glue gun. A very jolly beverage indeed.

Rice Krispie Ornaments

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Add food coloring to your melting marshmallows, then form the rice krispies into balls. Top with a gold foil-covered rolo, and you’re going to make your guests ooooh and aaaaah over your cleverness. Edible cleverness? Win-win.{found on mommysavers}.

Melted Snowman Water Bottles

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If your friends are kind of, well, health nuts, you might feel the need to cater the refreshments toward their organic tastes. Consider transforming a boring old water bottle into a “melted snowman” with a quick label cover. Festive and fun, and you won’t hear any complaints! (Except, maybe, from the snowman…

Christmas Dinner Party Setting

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Red gingham napkins, white tablecloth, and a couple of industrial or vintage red lanterns make a sweet setting for your Christmas dinner party. I love the simplicity of the red berry sprigs as centerpiece, too.{found on kaylovesvintage}.

Edible Candy Cane Centerpieces

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Whether you’re on the hunt for a colorful, unique centerpiece or you’re just looking for a decorative corner-filler, this candy cane candle idea is fantastic. Loosely attach some upside-down candy canes to a candle, jar, or vase (or whatever cylindrical object you’ve got around) with a ribbon, and let your guests munch as the night goes on.

Decorated Chair Backs

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It’s a small detail in this particular party-ready room, but throwing a Christmasy décor piece on the backs of your dining chairs is a fantastic way to make them (the chairs) feel included in the overall decorated scheme of things. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy – a thick ribbon or a small wreath, for example, will go a long way in adding to the party’s décor.


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Don’t feel bad for these adorable snowmen when they get gobbled up immediately. Rather, relish the fact that your sweet treat was a big hit. It really can’t get easier to serve refreshments at a kid-centered party than skewering some powdered donuts, can it? (Answer: Nope.){found on dukesandduchesses}.

Stocking Utensil Holders

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If your Christmas party involves dinner, you’ll love these little stocking utensil holders. These little cable knitted numbers are to die for, of course, but in a pinch you could achieve the same festive effect with a DIY felt stocking-making party. Grab some felt from your local fabric or craft store, cut out the stockings, and hot glue away.

Gingerbread Party Theme

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A gingerbread (or any candy) decorating theme for the party lends an air of sweet festivity, even if very little sweetness actually gets decorated during the party hours. The theme (this one or similar) provides a fun jumping off point for the refreshment table’s backdrop and setup.{found on amyspartyideas}.

Tiered Finger Foods

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On varying tiers of trays, display beautiful yet easily accessible finger foods. Prime candidates are: cheese and crackers, small or diced fruits, kabobs, or bite-sized desserts. This is a beautiful way to feed your guests.{found on craftfoxes}.

North Pole Cupcakes

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Really, you can’t go wrong with anything candy cane striped, and these North Pole cupcakes prove that. The details are what make these cupcakes so festive – the white glittery sprinkles, the frosted-glued red chocolate candy, the North Pole sign. Your Christmas guests will love them.{found on everything}.

Christmas, er, Cactus Tree

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Let’s face it: not everyone lives in a place where evergreens and snow are the Christmas norm. A fun twist to your Christmas party might be to go nontraditional in your décor – have a desert theme where pom pom garland adorns a cactus plant for your “tree,” for example. This is a great way to get creative and to thrill your guests.{found on sugarandcloth}.

Christmas Candy Party Favors

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The charm of these party favors is definitely in their candy- wrapping, but the overall effect is perfectly festive. Simply fill toilet paper rolls with peppermints or other small seasonal candies, then wrap. These can double as decorations during the Christmas party as well, then guests can easily grab one on their way out the door.

Source: https://www.homedit.com/christmas-party-decorations/

45 Festive Christmas Party Themes For the Holidays

23 Funny Santa-Themed Décor Ideas For Christmas

There’s no better way to kick off the holiday season than with a festive gathering. Christmas is more than a time for gift giving. It’s a chance to reconnect with those you love most and create memories that will last throughout the new year.

Before you start compiling your guest list for this year’s holiday party, brainstorm a few unique party theme ideas that will excite and entertain your loved ones.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve made a list of our favorite Christmas party themes. From sophisticated soirees to laid-back Christmas activities for the kids, you’re sure to find the perfect party theme for your seasonal celebration.

Once you have a theme in mind, don’t forget to select a Christmas invitation to match.

1. A Royal Christmas

Source: Camille Styles

An elegant red and gold themed party is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to your holiday season. Make a delicious red punch and add red flowers and fruits to your centerpieces and decor.

2. Grinch-y Brunch

Although Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry, be a bit of a grinch and host a detox brunch. This is a great way to balance the inevitable overindulging around the holidays.

3. Our Favorite Things

Looking for a party idea that friends will love? Organize a “Favorite Things” themed celebration where guests gift each other some of their most cherished items. A good idea is to set a budget before your guests choose the items.

4. Modern Brights

Keep it simple this season with a modern holiday party. Decorate with white and pops of bright colors outside of the traditional Christmas color scheme.

5. Good Tidings Of Comfort

Spread good tidings of comfort and joy with a cozy and classic Christmas potluck. Have each of your guests bring their favorite comfort food to share and enjoy together. To make things easier, give everyone a general category sweet, savory, appetizer or dessert.

6. Peppermint Swirl

Source: Kim Byers

It’s hard to beat a red and white theme for a Christmas party. Fill the table with red and white treats and sweets. Top off your setup with decorations and utensils in the same color scheme.

7. Mixology Soiree

If you need unique themes for parties this season, consider a mixology party at your home or favorite local bar. Serve some fun, frothy drinks or a few different Christmas cocktail recipes from around the world.

8. Frosty The Snowman

Source: Shutterfly

You can’t go wrong with good old-fashioned Christmas theme. A simple snowman holiday party, complete with frosty cake toppers and strings of snowmen hanging from the ceiling, is the perfect way to gather your loved ones this season.

9. Movie Night

Christmas party ideas with a fun activity everyone can enjoy are always a hit. Host a holiday movie night. Write some of your favorite Christmas films on strips of paper and have one of your guests choose what you’ll be watching for an extra element of excitement.

10. Letters To Santa

For a holiday party with kids, host a letters to Santa themed party. Set up a station with paper, envelopes, and supplies where they can decorate their cards and write their Christmas wishes.

Source: Handle the Heat

If you’re looking for holiday party ideas with a festive activity, host a Christmas cookie exchange. Have each of your guests bring their favorite cookies and make it exciting by having everyone vote on their favorite recipe!

12. Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

There’s nothing a little laughter during the holidays. Get silly with an ugly sweater making party this season. In the end, have your guests strut in their creations for an impromptu Christmas fashion show.

13. Wreath Making Competition

Christmas party themes that involve crafts are always fun. Gather your friends for a wreath making get together and turn it into a competition where you vote for the best design. Crown your winner the king or queen of wreaths!

14. Be-leaf In Christmas

Great party theme ideas start with simplicity. Use your home’s decor and add some rich greenery and touches of red to host a mistletoe-themed party.

15. Donut Decorating Party

As you’re brainstorming Christmas themes this year, think outside the box. Instead of cookie decorating, host a donut decorating party for guests who can’t resist sweet treats. Set up frosting, sprinkles and candy to decorate.

16. Scrooge’s Black And White Party

Switch up your holiday color palette this season with a Scrooge Christmas party in black and white. Incorporate fun black and white patterns into your decorations and order non-holiday themed food and drinks pizza, sliders or wings.

17. Santa’s Workshop

Source: The Cottage Mama

Throw a fun and festive Santa’s workshop themed Christmas party for the kids. Have elf hats and aprons ready for each of your little ones so they can play the part. Don’t forget to have plenty of hot cocoa and sweet treats for them to nibble on.

18. Santa’s Ho-Ho-Hoedown

Throw a country-themed party with a Santa’s Hoedown. Encourage your guests to wear their favorite country gear for some added fun. If you’re looking to add a unique spin, plan to have a beer tasting to start off the evening.

19. Winter Nutcracker

Christmas themes can be both simple and sophisticated. A Nutcracker theme is a fun idea for your kids or closest girlfriends. To tie in the theme, make some classic holiday recipes but label them with the theme in mind––Mouse King Cake, Sugar Plum Punch, Danish Croissants, etc.

20. Cookies For Santa

Source: Shutterfly

Get the kids together to decorate cookies for Santa. Make sure you have an array of cookies in seasonal shapes, Christmas trees, stockings and candy canes. Then, set up a decoration station with festive and colorful sprinkles, candies, and of course, frosting!

21. Santa’s Mustache Bash

Get silly with a Santa’s mustache bash themed get together. Have everyone come in wearing their funniest version of Santa’s mustache. Encourage them to use different colors, textures and materials to make their ‘stache stand out.

22. Desserts First

Sweets are the star of the holiday season-–why not start with dessert first at your Christmas party? Invite your guests to a dessert tasting party and have your dinner after!

23. Mama Bear Tea Party

Source: The Kitchen Prep

Gather your best friends and their little ones for a mama bear tea party playdate this holiday season. Set up a table with delicious finger food and tea for both mommas and kids to enjoy.

24. Trim The Tree

Christmas party ideas are best when they bring all your loved ones to do something together. Gather around for a tree trimming celebration and have everyone decorate the tree together.

25. Piñata Christmas Party

A colorful and glitzy holiday fiesta is the perfect way to spice up the Christmas season. Fill a piñata with Christmas candies, and don’t forget some festive margaritas with gold-sugared rims.

26. Boozy Christmas Brunch

Source: Shutterfly

Themed party ideas can be as simple as a holiday brunch. This fun and festive idea is great for an adult holiday party. Offer berry mimosas, spiked punch and eggnog to set the right atmosphere.

27. Holidays At The Beach

Go bold this holiday season with a holiday beach themed party for your closest friends and family. Have everyone wear their favorite nautical or beach outfit and pass out flower leis as party favors.

28. Make It Rein

Host a Vegas-themed or game night Christmas party. Set up a few stations to play different games poker, dominoes, darts and bingo. For some healthy fun, use candy and baked goods as currency or prizes.

29. Christmas Classics

Source: Pizzazzerie

A classic red and green Christmas gathering is always a hit. Create an elegant ambiance with a sleek red tablecloth, and then add fresh greenery and sprigs of spruce to top it off.

30. Down To The Wrapper

Looking for a fun and functional Christmas party theme? A last minute gift wrapping party is perfect for friends who shop down to the wire. Have everyone bring different materials to share and get your Christmas party wrapping done in no time.

31. Vintage North Pole

Throwback to Christmases long, long ago with a blast from the past themed holiday party. Keep it simple by printing black and white silhouettes of old buildings and vintage cars. Add some color with vintage glass soda bottles and utensils.

32. Candyland Christmas

Transport your kids into a magical world this holiday season with a Candyland themed party. Draw inspiration for your decorations from the classic board game, the gingerbread-shaped playing pieces and larger than life lollipops and candy canes.

33. Frozen Christmas

A Frozen themed party is perfect for the holiday season. Your kids will devour sweet treats inspired by one of their favorite animated films, snow cones and marshmallow snowballs. Construct a blue and white cardboard castle for playtime, and your Frozen themed party is sure to be a hit.

34. Classic Plaid

Source: Lolly Jane

When decorating for your Christmas party, you don’t have to sacrifice style. A classic plaid and burlap theme is both festive and chic. Elevate your holiday table with a plaid runner and take your desserts up a notch with a berry trifle cake.

35. Parisian Christmas

Gather your nearest and dearest and channel your inner Parisian with a French-themed Christmas party. Set up a table with delicious french parties and desserts and go for gold and glittered decorations.

36. 12 Tastes Of Christmas

Have your guests each bring an appetizer, entree, dessert or drink to put together a list of 12 different tastes. Create a sheet for everyone to sign up and avoid any repeat food or drinks.

37. Santa’s Elves

Source: Shutterfly

You don’t have to be a DIY expert to host an ornament making themed party. Encourage your guests or their kids to come in their best elf getup and put together an ornament decorating station for a fun activity.

38. I Only Have Ice For You

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping for a holiday happy hour with your nearest and dearest. Serve some cold, frothy cocktail drinks and cover your home in white Christmas decor for an icy look.

39. Ornament Exchange

Source: Shutterfly

Christmas games for adults can be as simple as a classic Christmas ornament exchange. Have friends bring beautiful ornaments to swap. Make sure your guests go home with a special gift by setting up a gift wrap station so they can take their new decoration home in style.

40. Taste & ‘Tinis

Tis the season to host a holly jolly holiday party for your closest friends and family. Make it lighthearted, festive and silly with fun martini recipes and hors d’oeuvres. Add decorations in classic Christmas colors, red, green and white.

41. Gingerbread House

Source: Shutterfly

Take a break this holiday season and invite friends over for an afternoon of decorating gingerbread houses. This is a great theme for a holiday party with kids as it keeps them entertained and they get to take their beautiful gingerbread houses home.

42. Nightmare Before Christmas

A cult classic holiday film the Nightmare Before Christmas makes the perfect theme for your next party. Have your guests play the part by dressing as different characters from the movie.

43. Christmas Carol-oke

If you can’t wait to sing some Christmas classics, host a karaoke night for an entertaining get-together. Have your guests write down their favorite holiday songs and carols to pick out from a bowl.

44. Rudolph’s Forest

Create an ultra-cozy vibe with a simple, rustic holiday gathering this season. Decorate with woodland accents and plaid patterns to set the mood. Serve simple yet delicious snacks and desserts for your guests to enjoy the outdoors by the fire.

45. White Elephant

A classic theme that’s always a hit with friends, family and co-workers is a white elephant Christmas party. Simply ask your guests to bring a wrapped anonymous Christmas gift if they wish to play.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Party Themes

Whichever theme you choose, your guests will have a blast celebrating the holidays with you.

Once you’ve sent out your invites, put together a quick party planning checklist to keep track of all the details including food, drinks, entertainment, Christmas party games, utensils, and any other supplies. Finally, make sure you order your Holiday cards while you’re already in the Christmas planning spirit.

Source: https://www.shutterfly.com/ideas/christmas-party-themes/

23 Best Christmas Window Decorating Ideas 2019 – Holiday Window Decorations

23 Funny Santa-Themed Décor Ideas For Christmas


When it comes to Christmas decorations, there are a few essential areas to cover.

Of course, you want your living room and porch completely decked out in Christmas lights, holiday garlands, and other knickknacks, but there's something you might be overlooking when dreaming up ideas: Christmas window decorations.

You may be wondering, “Why are windows so important?” But we encourage you to think about how gorgeous your home will look, both inside and out, after adding one or more of these ideas.

If you can't bear the thought of buying another Christmas decoration, you're in luck. These Christmas window decorations can be completely DIY and make the perfect craft project when it's too cold to go outside.

There are decorations for windows of all shapes and sizes ahead, wreaths, garlands, Christmas trees, and hanging fixtures with handmade ornaments. And because most of these are DIY, we also suggest getting your kids involved with the process.

That's why we've included kid-friendly crafts, hot glue snowflake window clings and an easy twine Christmas card display. To see just how creative you can get, we've rounded up some of our favorite Christmas window decorations right here.

1 of 24

DIY Ribbon Wreath

It couldn't be easier to create this ribbon wreath—or give your kitchen a burst of bright, Christmas-inspired color. Just thread some red ribbon through a miniature store-bought wreath.


2 of 24

DIY Citrus Wreath

The Christmas-ready pairing of dried oranges, greenery, and burlap ribbon will be a welcome addition to any window (or door!). After all, when it comes to DIY window decorations, you want to be sure you can still see out the window—which is why the slim profile of this wreath works well.


3 of 24

DIY Garland

A fresh pine-and-cedar garland is all this homeowner needs to give her kitchen a boost of Christmas cheer. It's as aromatic as it is easy on the eyes!


4 of 24

DIY Citrus Garland

It couldn't be easier to throw together this DIY garland. Simply string together some dried orange slices on a length of nylon thread or baker's twine, then hang and call it a day!


5 of 24

Bathroom Window Wreath

Make sure your windows in every room are covered—yes, we mean every room! A wreath in your bathroom will add a seasonal touch to the space.


6 of 24

Hanging Candle Wreath

Candles are a fixture in windows around the holidays, but we think you should put a new spin on the look. This metal hoop wreath will do just that.

Get the tutorial at François et Moi.


7 of 24

Magnolia Leaf Garland

Whether you decide to use this magnolia leaf garland on your inside or outside windows, it definitely adds a farmhouse feel.

Get the tutorial at Chatfield Court.


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Long Window Hangings

9 of 24

Hot Glue Snowflake Window Clings

Decorations feel much more homey when you make them yourself. That's why we love these DIY hot glue window clings that definitely beat the store-bought versions.

Get the tutorial at We Lived Happily Ever After.


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Outdoor Christmas Window Decorations Ideas

11 of 24

Christmas Window Ornaments

With some garland, a few ornaments, and a rosemary plant on either side, this window becomes the focal point of this cheery kitchen.


12 of 24

Christmas Wreath Window Decor

13 of 24

Christmas Card Window Display

14 of 24

Christmas Tree Window Decor

Placing your Christmas tree in front of a window, as designer Eddie Ross does at his New England home, gives neighbors a full view of the twinkling tannenbaum at night.


15 of 24

Simple Christmas Window Decorating Idea

Christmas window decor doesn't have to be complicated. Simple stars make a statement along the bottom of this one.


18 of 24

Oversized Ornaments Window Decor

19 of 24

Lighted Christmas Window Decorations

These elegant acrylic flakes even light up!

20 of 24

Christmas Window Box Decor

Can you believe all the greenery used in this beautiful Christmas window box only added up to $5? Yeah, neither can we.

Get the tutorial at Nest of Posies.

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Hanging Wreath Trio for Christmas Windows

Not a crafter? Settle instead for this trendy trio.

22 of 24

Fa la la la Christmas Window Banner

23 of 24

Christmas Snowflake Window Clings

Decals guarantee a snowy scene, whether it's cold enough where you live or not!

24 of 24

Tree Silhouette Holiday Window Decal

Whether on the house, barn, or garage, this window decal will impart a whimsical woodland scene.

Source: https://www.countryliving.com/home-design/decorating-ideas/g23343056/christmas-window-decorating-ideas/