24 Creative And Eye-Catchy Bedside Table Alternatives

Modern Bedside Tables – Chic Alternatives To Generic Nightstands

24 Creative And Eye-Catchy Bedside Table Alternatives

We’re so used to those simple and basic nightstand designs that are pretty much just four legs and a top that we don’t even think of any other options.

Let’s distance ourselves a little bit from the generic design to explore some modern bedside table ideas that stand out in various interesting ways. The role of the bedside table is not usually a very aesthetic one.

We usually think of it as just a surface where we can keep put belongings the phone, jewelry, a glass of water and other things.

But what if a bedside table could be more than that? What if it could make a statement in an interesting and eye-catching way? In order for that to happen, a nightstand or bedside table would have to be special in some way. It would have to either contrast with the rest of the decor or to fit in so well that it simply looks perfect.

View in gallerySide tables are actually very versatile and they make great nightstand alternativesView in galleryA modern bedside table is usually very simple, with a linear and minimalist design and a geometric formView in galleryThe marble top on this bedside table adds a little bit of elegance and has a rather unexpected effect on the decor

There are numerous ways in which a modern bedside table can impress. For instance, if you want something special, consider repurposing something and giving it the new role of nightstand.

The options are quite diverse. For example, a desk or a table could take on the role of nightstand if you think they’d be a goof fit for the space and the decor.

Similarly a chair could be placed by the bed.

View in galleryInstead of an actual bedside table, this bedroom has shelves that are attached to a headboard panelView in galleryThat’s quite the unusual look for a bedside table. It actually looks as if two tables were stacked one on top of the otherView in galleryA beanbag chair or a pouf can make a casual and cozy nightstand. Just top it with a tray to get an even surfaceView in galleryThe beauty of this modern bedside table lies in its circular form and smooth and delicate lines

You could also repurpose a wooden crate, a stool or even some vintage luggage in a similar way.

The whole point of doing that is to come up with a look different than the stereotypes, one that impresses, one that’s memorable and enjoyable in a very personal way.

And if you really want to try something unusual and original, consider repurposing some less common objects such as a bike wheel, a wing from a toy plane, a barrel or other items not meant to serve as furniture in the first place.

View in galleryA design doesn’t have to be futuristic in order to look modern. In fact, some are actually closer to traditional in that senseView in galleryA small chest of drawers would make a perfect bedside table, looking nice and being storage-efficient at the same timeView in galleryIn this case the whole bedroom has this sculptural theme going on, with carved out details on the furnitureView in galleryThe two bedside tables don’t necessarily have to be identical. They can each be special in their own way View in galleryThe surface of the bedside table reflects the light given by the lamp and its shape complements the shadeView in galleryA bedside table doesn’t have to be very big. In fact, a small one prevents things from piling up on top

Obviously, there are also simple ways of creating a beautiful bedroom decor with modern bedside tables that aren’t necessarily repurposed. They can actually be designed specifically for that purpose. They can be special through the materials that were used to make them, the color, the finish, the size, shape or texture.

View in galleryIf the bedside table is small, consider having pendant lamps instead of table lampsView in galleryThis is a pretty interesting design for a bedside table. It’s similar to the C-shaped tables used in living roomsView in galleryIn this case it’s the symmetry and the matching details of the table and lamps that make this decor stand outView in galleryA modern trend is to have wall-mounted nightstands or shelves built into an oversized headboardView in galleryIf you don’t necessarily want the nightstand to be a focal point of attention, consider a simple and compact designView in galleryOn the other hand, if you want to make a statement with your nightstands, designs this one should make that very easyView in galleryWall-mounted nightstands are great because they create an airy and spacious look and they make cleaning easierView in galleryA nightstand or bedside table can be both attractive and practical if it offers some sort of storage spaceView in galleryMatching the nightstands to the dresser is not exactly a modern trend but in some cases it works out greatView in galleryConsider a low bedside table, preferably with the same height as your bed surfaceView in galleryIf you have a large bedroom, it could be nice to have an actual table by the bed and maybe even a loud or a stool to sit onView in galleryThese modern bedside tables have an aristocratic look with a lot of vintage flair SEE MORE POSTS IN THIS CATEGORY

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