27 Cool Front Door Designs With Sidelights

Exterior Doors at Ridgefield & Danbury CT

27 Cool Front Door Designs With Sidelights

Entry doors are the focal point of your home’s exterior. Because of their size and their importance, they’re usually the most expensive doors in a home. Ridgefield Supply can help you make a wise purchase that reflects your taste and welcomes guests in style. We’ll also help you with the other types of exterior doors you might need, such as storm doors, screen doors, and cellar doors.

Andersen entrance doors, handcrafted from fine woods, are distinguished by their attention to elegant architectural detail, including stylish transoms and sidelights. The company is also known for its energy-efficient patio doors, available in both hinged and sliding designs, as well as for its coastal storm doors.

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Timbergate exterior doors from Bertch use the finest woods and richest finishes to create exterior doors that introduce your home’s distinctive character. Available in styles ranging from rustic to traditional to contemporary, Timbergate doors display the meticulous craftsmanship and construction for which Bertch is justly famous.

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Bilco makes durable, weather-resistant basement doors and code-compliant emergency-egress window wells. The company also manufactures the PermEntry® Basement Entrance system, which consists of a precast concrete stairwell and a Bilco basement door. PermEntry® is the fastest and most economical way to add convenient, direct basement access to any home.

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Captiva believes there is no substitute for the organic beauty of solid wood exterior doors. To that end, the company starts with hand-selected wood (choices include cherry, sapele mahogany, and Spanish cedar), uses mortise and tenon joinery, adds decorative glass as requested, and finishes the door with coordinating jambs, casings, and sills.

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CECO Door is the world’s leading manufacturer of steel doors and frames for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. CECO Door offers a multitude of exterior doorway solutions, including fire-rated, windstorm-certified, and electrified doors and frames. Ceco Door energy efficient solutions help prevent drafts and eliminate frost build up, thus saving on energy costs.

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CDC wood screen doors are built to take heavy-duty traffic in stride. Designed for attractive, durable service, and constructed of enduring western woods, they come in seven attractive styles to complement the decor of any home. Custom sizes and designs are also available, as are decorative accents scrolls and brackets.

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Longer lasting yet more economical than wooden doors, Gordon all-steel basement doors are available in a wide range of sizes for flat and sloped walled foundations. These doors enhance security from the inside with the tamper-proof locking mechanism. Externally, Gordon basement doors have the capability of padlocking the handles together; exterior keyed locks are also available.

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A Kolbe entrance door will be the focal point of your home.

Inswing and outswing entrance doors in are available in a variety of styles — single doors, double doors, double-wide French-style doors, or a configuration of door, sidelight, and transom.

Doors may incorporate raised or panels flat panels, and/or glass lites, and are constructed of wood or an extruded aluminum/wood panel combination.

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Jeld-Wen offers a full range of customizable exterior and patio doors suitable for every taste and budget. Whether you are looking for a durable fiberglass door, a classic wood door, or a strong and economical steel door, Jeld-Wen has products that will suit your needs.

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Larson has manufactured high-quality, weather-resistant aluminum storm doors for over half a century. Choices include full-view glass, retractable screens, ventilating doors, and security doors with maintenance-free finishes; among other options are various glass designs, handle-and-lock systems, and designer frame colors.

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Lemieux Exterior Doors are available in 17 wood species, over 94 varieties of glass, and a variety of molding and panel styles, Lemieux uses the latest technology to add stability, strength, and energy efficiency to its fully customizable exterior doors. Lemieux also offers customizable French Doors, sidelights, and transoms as well as completely custom doors.

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Madawaska Doors is a family-owned, Canadian manufacturer of custom solid wood doors. It crafts stunning entry systems to your exact specifications. Its craftspeople will custom build your door from one of the company’s popular styles, a variation thereof, a photograph, an artist's rendering, an architectural drawing, or a napkin sketch.

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Homeowners, remodelers, architects, and builders rely on Masonite for a comprehensive line of beautiful and durable entry door systems that add value to any home.

The company’s extensive line of front door products includes glass doors, steel doors, and fiberglass doors.

These entry door products come in a range of panel designs and glass configurations that are sure to enhance any architectural style or design need.

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Using computer-aided design technology, modern manufacturing equipment, and old-world Craftsmanship, Parrett provides exceptional entry door systems. Built from premium all-solid materials, Parrett entry doors have a huge variety of design, panel, and glass options. Pre-finishing is available, as are completely custom creations.

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Rogue Valley Doors, America’s largest builder of wood doors, considers its craftsmen to be true artists. Their artistry is evident in every exterior door they produce. As Rogue Valley Door has hundreds of door patterns for you to choose from as well as 40 wood species and 27 glass treatments, you have the ability to design a fully custom door for your home.

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Signature Door has three distinct exterior wood door lines that cater to all styles and needs. The Collection Wood Door meets custom specifications for both new and older construction. The Presidential Wood Door offers standard door, sidelite, and/or transom sizes in Oak, Sapele, Knotty Alder and Pine. The SignaPine Wood Door comprises standard sizes and designs in Radiata Pine.

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Simpson doors are famous for beautiful wood detailing and superior craftsmanship. The company manufactures a wide range of stock interior and exterior doors with a huge variety of available options; Simpson can also make completely custom doors to your exact specifications.

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Therma-Tru fiberglass entry and patio doors outperform wood and steel doors: they don’t’ chip, scratch, warp, peel, or absorb moisture, yet they have the beauty of wood and the strength of steel. Extremely energy-efficient and secure, Therma-Tru doors are available in a wide range of styles and decorative glass options.

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TruStile is a leader in premium stile-and-rail wood and MDF (medium density fiberboard) doors. The company’s made-to-order manufacturing process makes it possible to build doors in any style and size – with the shortest lead time in the industry. TruStile offers over 400 standard door styles and can custom build virtually any residential or commercial door design.

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Upstate Door specializes in fine custom-made hardwood doors. Its well-deserved reputation for superior craftsmanship, materials, and service makes it a top choice for discerning builders and architects. Upstate makes custom exterior, interior, or storm/screen doors to customers’ exact design specifications.

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MAKING AN ENTRANCE; High, Wide And Transomed

27 Cool Front Door Designs With Sidelights
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AVERAGE American house size: down four square feet. Average American front door size: up seven square feet.

The new American home, which has billowed by 50 percent since 1970 to 2,320 square feet, deflated gently in 2002, for the first time in seven years, according to a Department of Commerce report released last week.

Contributing to the cool-down in big houses, builders say, was a wave of first-time owners, spurred by low interest rates, buying small starter homes, and high-end homeowners staying put and not trading up because of economic and homeland security issues .

But one feature of new houses stands tall, and taller — wider, too.

It's the front door. That's ''entryway'' to you. A kind of one-trick pony that even the family forgets to use (the bell rings, you open it) the front door is currently the ambitious focus of dimension, design and dollars in the construction industry.

Once the point of heartfelt and humble, hand-grasping welcome, where the doormat greeted you, too, the new ''decorative entry system'' says ''Welcome'' from about 500 yards, with what looks a portal into another dimension, not the foyer.

In strong evidence at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas last month, the package includes doors at least 8 feet tall and 3 1/2 feet wide, in pairs, with sidelights or windows, and a transom window above that can be taller than the doors. St. Peter's gates would be a side entrance in this world.

''It's the 'wow' appeal,'' said Joe Pompei, the owner of Pompei & Company, an entryway retailer in Medford, Mass. ''In the past you would have picked up a typical Home Depot-type catalog door. Now, people are going way beyond that. It's a style statement.''

Mr. Pompei has executed entryways that cost as much as $40,000, including a stained-glass job that replicated a client's favorite Paul Klee painting. Builders report that an entryway can now be 10 percent of a construction budget.

''The house started with the doors,'' said Lynn Bachman of her new home in Eden Prairie, Minn. Ms.

Bachman, a food stylist whose clients include Pillsbury and Land O' Lakes, chose a pair of 12-foot-tall mahogany doors from a catalog, and customized them with four different types of glass. ''An entry is a statement of the person who lives there,'' she said.

''You need to come to a point in your life when you're self-actualized, and can exemplify that in design.'' Ms. Bachman went through a bad divorce; the house was built with stock earnings from an investment in Pfizer, the drug maker.

''I have no experience with Viagra,'' she said. ''But when it went up, the house went up.''

Mike Threlkeld, the president of Volunteer Lumber Sales, a door vendor in Knoxville, Tenn., summarized the appeal of the new entryways his way.

''You can see them from the road,'' he said.

Gopal Ahluwalia, a spokesman for the National Association of Home Builders, explained that though only 9 percent of Americans have double-door front entries, the price of the project had risen, to within a range of $2,500 to $25,000.

''You can't show off the inside of the house,'' Mr. Ahluwalia said. ''What is visible is more critical to the homeowner than anything else. You could put gold bars between the walls and it wouldn't matter.

'' The momentary stalemate in the size of the average house reflects, in part, a changing homeowner ''who is interested in other things — more quality and amenity — a switch from 'bigger is better,' '' he added.

Custom entryway companies Pinecrest in Minneapolis, which has built doors for Tom Cruise, Prince Charles, George Clooney and Ms. Bachman, are being joined in the market by major wood-door manufacturers Stanley, Morgan and Therma-Tru of Maumee, Ohio.

Therma-Tru, the country's largest producer and seller of residential doors (three million a year), is introducing premium fiberglass front door combinations in exotic wood patterns through vendors the Home Depot and Lowe's to capitalize on the increasing interest in a showcase entrance.

In a home valuation study commissioned by Therma-Tru in 2002, respondents added an average of 6 percent to the asking price of a home with an ''enhanced entryway.'' The company's new Classic Craft entries, priced at $1,200 to $3,500, are up to 40 percent more expensive than its medium-range models.

''We're seeing customer willingness to spend more,'' said Dan Templeton, a vice president of Therma-Tru. ''The perceived percentage of return on the investment beats out kitchen and bath improvements.''

The industry standard for a front door, which is 3 feet by 6 feet 8 inches, has been steadily eclipsed in the last five years by examples that are in many cases keeping up with the scale of houses, entry halls in particular.

''You go into large homes, open the door, and you might be looking at a 32-foot ceiling; it used to be rare that it was 10,'' said Russell H. Underdahl, chairman of Pinecrest, which is at work on 400 doors for a royal family that he would not name.

''We've done a lot of work for a lot of kings,'' said Lorie Ingram, a president at Pinecrest and Mr. Underdahl's daughter. (A man's house is his castle: standing record, Johnny Cash's door, carved with a banjo and guitar and glazed with jade, not glass.)

Cantera Doors, a wrought-metal entryway specialist in Austin, Tex., sells the Infinity, a popular double door that is 6 feet by 10 feet of laser-cut steel with an optional stained-glass detail. It looks Jimmy Stewart's fever dream in ''Vertigo,'' costs $12,000 and weighs roughly 1,000 pounds.

New bride advisory: if he's carrying you, you're going to have to help push, if not pay.

''We can go 13 feet tall and 18 feet wide, but not in a hurricane area,'' said Mauricio Trevino, Cantera's founder and president. The nine-year-old company, which manufactures its doors in Mexico, as many of the big-door makers do, has annual residential sales of $8 million.

Mr. Trevino also voiced the ''wow'' factor, separating the ''wow'' into two syllables, reverb.

Cantera sold a $6,600, 800-pound wrought-iron entry, the Theater, with sidelights and a transom, to Dr. Zack Hillel, a cardiac anesthesiologist, and his wife, Dr. Anna Hillel, for their new colonial-style house in the Bronx. The doors have a vine motif and together weigh roughly 300 pounds — sturdy enough for Tarzan to commute on.

''The builder was pretty impressed,'' said Dr. Hillel, who worries that the doors, without a hydraulic brake, could be capable of on-the-spot amputations. ''You don't want to throw it against anyone's hand — there would be no fingers.'' But, he explained, ''it has the visual impact we wanted it to have.''

In the lower registers of new housing, distinctive entryways are popular with developers eager to ring quick changes on tract housing.

''Builders differentiate box architecture with different doors,'' Mr. Threlkeld said. ''The doors set each home apart.

'' He added that entryways can live a life of their own, without regard to the rest of the house, family prodigies. Say, Tuscany opening onto Craftsman.

''Let's just put it this way,'' he said. ''We've sold doors where my personal taste didn't think the style of the door suited the style of the house.''

Entryways have also proved popular with remodelers, as front doors provide a double-edge face-off with neighbors, a jambing up with the Joneses. ''Welcome to our (more impressive) home — and how do you get into yours?''

''A lot of the entries I'm selling right now are people ripping out the junk and upgrading,'' said Mr. Pompei, who gets multiple assignments on single streets.

Robin Kopit, the founder of Extraordinary Doors in Santa Cruz, Calif., thinks the custom entry is an ambassador of goodwill. Mr. Kopit's average job is $8,000 to $10,000.

He recently installed two 1,500-pound mahogany front doors with bronze grills, measuring 10 feet by 4 feet and 7 inches thick, for a couple in Los Altos, Calif.

He executed something similar at the back of the house. The woodwork alone cost $80,000.

''My dad said, 'Did they really pay you that?' '' Mr. Kopit said. ''It's a little bit of showoff, but you walk through your door every day,'' he said. ''It creates a positive wave in your day.''

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