15 DIY Decoupage Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween Decor

Decoupage Photo Craft Pumpkins

15 DIY Decoupage Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween Decor

Create a decoupage photo craft pumpkin that you can decorate with every year! Be sure to check out more of our Halloween ideas below!

Since Romeo can’t decorate his own pumpkin this year I thought I would do it for him! I created a decoupage photo pumpkin with some of my favorite pictures of him… I know it seems a little obsessive, but how cool is it?!

Also, I used a faux pumpkin so I can have it for years to come. This perfect decoupage photo pumpkin can be a Halloween decoration for his room!

How To Decorate Craft Pumpkins – Step By Step

1. Gather your materials: A faux pumpkin, black and white photos, Mod Pog and a paintbrush.

2. Print about 50 of your favorite photos in black and white on regular paper. All different sizes and cut them out.

3. Paint a thin layer of Mod Pog on the back of a photo then place on the top of the pumpkin. I started from top to bottom, no order, just went with an organic pattern.

4. Continue adding pictures on, layering from top to bottom until the entire pumpkin is covered. Embrace the crinkles… It’s decoupage so it’s supposed to have them and it gives it a cool rustic look!

5. Let it dry for an hour then paint a layer of Mod Pog over the entire pumpkin. 6. Let that dry for 2 hours and paint another layer. Continue to paint layers until you get the texture you on the outside. I did 4 layers of Mod Pog. Enjoy!

Craft Pumpkins

You can use a fresh pumpkin, but if you want to reuse it then go for a craft or faux pumpkin.

The craft pumpkins look an idealized pumpkin. They are a little thin for carving but will work perfectly for this project. Funkins are molded from real pumpkins and so they retain the imperfections of the original. The foam is thicker and the paint job they get is a little more realistic.

A Fun Project For the Whole Family!

This craft pumpkin project is perfect for the whole family. It’s so fun to work on a craft project together, you can lay out all your photos and reminisce, then pop them on the pumpkin. Creative and nostalgic!

Applying Mod Podge

For your Mod Podge glue, you can either use a flat paintbrush or a foam brush when applying it to you craft pumpkin. If you are going to use a paintbrush, look for something that has firm, but smooth, bristles, such as taklon. Avoid boar-bristle brushes, as they are too stiff and will leave streaks. Camelhair brushes are too soft to be used with Mod Podge.

Top Tips For Decorating Craft Pumpkins

  • Print around 50 photos
  • Have different sized photos, for variety and to make the collage look really interesting.
  • Embrace the crinkles in the photos – it gives a great rustic look.
  • Keep adding layers, year on year!

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  • A faux pumpkin
  • black and white photos
  • Water based glue – Mod Podge
  • a paintbrush.
  • Print about 50 of your favorite photos in black and white on regular paper. All different sizes and cut them out.
  • Paint a thin layer of Mod Pog on the back of a photo then place on the top of the pumpkin. I started from top to bottom, no order, just went with an organic pattern.
  • Continue adding pictures on, layering from top to bottom until the entire pumpkin is covered. Embrace the crinkles… It’s decoupage so it’s supposed to have them and it gives it a cool rustic look!
  • Let it dry for an hour then paint a layer of Mod Pog over the entire pumpkin. Let that dry for 2 hours and paint another layer. Continue to paint layers until you get the texture you on the outside. I did 4 layers of Mod Pog. Enjoy!

allow 2 hours to dry between layers Mention @sugarandcharm or tag us #sugarandcharm!

Source: https://sugarandcharm.com/decoupage-photo-pumpkin

15 Creative DIY Halloween Ideas That Make Being Spooky Totally Sweet

15 DIY Decoupage Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween Decor

Double, double toil and trouble. Halloween is almost here and, if you’re anything me, you’re most ly bubbling with excitement.

It’s the time of year to go over-the-top with DIY delights, ranging from creepy crafts to spooky and sweet Halloween treats.

Whether you’re planning a big Halloween bash or looking to add some extra spook to your haunted house, these easy ideas will make yours the most frighteningly festive house on the block.

1. Ghoulish Gummies

This jiggling Jell-O candy may be frightening to some, but one bite and you’ll realize it’s totally sweet. Here’s how to make it: Combine unflavored gelatin with limeade, following the package’s instructions.

Pour the mix into an ice cube tray. Refrigerate for 30 minutes, or until the gelatin is soft. Place Halloween-shaped candy (think: gummy eyeballs, sour worms or vampire teeth) into each mold.

Return to the refrigerator and cool until firm.

2. Painted Pumpkins

Decorate your fresh-picked pumpkins without breaking out the carving set.

Paint adds a dash of color and doesn’t cause as much of a mess! Use masking tape to create a pretty design, then spray-paint the pumpkin out in the yard.

Your finished piece will look just as great indoors as it does on your doorstep. One caveat: You’re missing out on the deliciousness that is roasted pumpkin seeds.

Pro tip: If you’re using tape as a stencil, remove it while the paint is still tacky. This will prevent the design from chipping.

3. Monster Spray

Finally, a surefire way to confront those monsters hiding under the bed. Team up with your youngest to turn an empty spray bottle into “monster spray.

” Decorate using bright stickers, pom-poms and craft paper, then fill it up with water and get spraying. Kids will have fun warding off goblins and ghosts around the house.

Heads up: Junior may want to keep this by his nightstand long after the holiday is over!

4. Frankenguac

Speaking of monsters, this easy appetizer offers a fun take on Mary Shelley’s classic tale.

The recipe comes together in minutes-especially if you use already-made guacamole! Bring Frankenstien’s monster to life using small dollops of sour cream for eyes, black olives for the nose and bolts, and refried beans for the mouth, pupils and stitches. A few evil laughs are definitely encouraged. For the full recipe, click here.

Pro tip: This recipe really comes together when you add detail, but you don’t need a decorating kit to do so. Make those fine lines using a DIY piping bag. Scoop the refried beans into a plastic sandwich bag then use scissors to snip off a small section of the corner.

5. Candy Cauldrons

Friends will be completely spellbound when they receive this tiny treat. You can find the miniature cauldrons at most craft stores around Halloween time. Grab one for each person in your crew and decorate with ribbon. Write the recipient’s name on the front in your spookiest script. Fill it with candy or this sweet-and-salty Halloween Snack Mix.

Pro tip: These personalized cauldrons make excellent classroom (or office) treats, adorable goodie bags and creative placeholders.

6. Dazzling Pumpkin

Who said ghoulish can’t be glamorous? Make your pumpkin extra-pretty this year using glitter and glue. Spread a thin coat of tacky glue over your pumpkin, then sprinkle glitter over top. (Be sure to have a plate underneath to collect the leftover glitter.) Soon you’ll have a pumpkin that’s almost as shiny as the robot costume you wore last year.

Pro tip: Want Halloween decor that’ll last a lifetime? Use this idea to decorate an artificial pumpkin.

7. Caramel Apples

Nothing says “fall” quite a caramel apple. Buy them pre-made or follow our easy caramel apple recipe. Wrangle some friends to help decorate with melted chocolate, sprinkles and crushed candy.

Make it a competition by seeing who can come up with the best design. Everyone ends up winning with a sweet treat. And if that isn’t enough, we have more caramel apple-inspired desserts waiting for you.

8. Monster Buckets

Take your tablescape up a notch with this fun-and-funky decor. Wrap old soup cans in colorful felt and secure with hot glue. Cut vertical slits or a zig-zag pattern across the top and decorate with googly eyes, pom-poms or whatever else is hiding in your craft box. Fill these not-so-scary cans with treats Scary Eyeballs and Creepy Candied Corn.

9. Spooky Stuffed Peppers

Carving isn’t just for pumpkins anymore. Use a small pairing knife to carve a jack-o’-lantern face into a hollow bell pepper. Then follow our Vegetarian Stuffed Pepper recipe to fill with a savory mix of rice, beans, tomatoes and cheese. I love this trick because it’s an easy way to add a spooky twist to family dinner.

10. Mad Scientist Station

Got a children’s party to host? They’ll go crazy over a mad scientist theme. Serve punch from beakers and fill test tubes with sprinkles, rock candy or nonpareils. Set up room at the table for kids to create their own supersized molecules using gum drops and toothpicks. For the grand finale, whip up a Brainy Cake and decorate with swirled frosting.

11. Ghastly Garnish

Whether you’re reaching for a mocktail or a boozy libation, these fruity swizzle sticks add a ton of fun. To get the look, quarter an apple and press a small Halloween-themed cookie cutter through the fruit pieces. Skewer, adding orange slices and cranberries. Alternatively, you can skip the drink and gather the fruit kabobs in a vase to make an edible bouquet.

12. Martian Marshmallows

Whip up a batch of too-cute desserts for your spooky soiree. (View full recipe, here.) Worried about the mess? A mix of candy coating and shortening helps decorations colored sugar, nonpareils and licorice slices stick to the marshmallows.

13. Power-Tool Jack-o-Lantern

With proper supervision, power tools are plain fun. Use an electric screwdriver to create your jack-o-lantern this year. First, design a dotted pattern on your pumpkin using pushpins. Then drill holes using an electric screwdriver fitted with a bit. Keep the holes an inch or two apart from each other so that the pumpkin doesn’t collapse.

Pro tip: Keep the bit perpendicular to the pumpkin for a clean hole. This also helps the light shine through.

14. Mini Maple Pumpkin Pies

Handheld treats are ideal for parties, and a Halloween bash is no different. Try our recipe for Mini Maple Pumpkin Pies for a compact spin on the classic fall dessert. A pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter helps the treat take form, and a paring knife will allow you to slice up a ghoulish design.

15. Spooky Luminaries

Got a few mason jars handy? Turn them into haunting luminaries with orange and black tissue paper. Spread a thin layer of decoupage glue around the glass, then layer on the paper.

Once dry, stick a candle (electric is a safe option) inside. Arrange on your doorstep for trick-or-treaters or decorate your dinner table.

If you’re feeling fancy, apply designs spiderwebs, cats, witches and ghosts.

Howling for more? Try our top 10 Halloween recipes. They’re so delicious, they just might scare you.

Source: https://www.tasteofhome.com/article/15-creative-diy-halloween-ideas-that-make-being-spooky-totally-sweet/

15 Different Ways To Decorate Your Pumpkins This Fall

15 DIY Decoupage Pumpkins For Fall And Halloween Decor

We’re all dreaming about our Halloween costumes this year, but what about your pumpkins that greet everyone on the front steps? We’ve rounded up some of the best, most creative, and even the most beautiful of ideas. Check out these 15 different ways to decorate your pumpkins this fall and share your creations with us!

1. Sequin Pumpkins

Sugar & Cloth breathed new life into their pumpkins by adding polka-dotted sequins to them. Keep them orange and use different colors or paint them neutral and use metallic shades. We love this girly route to take.

2. Rainbow Confetti Pumpkin

A bit of washi tape could help you out at as well. Over at Made With Happy you’ll learn how to create a confetti-inspired pumpkin to deck out your front door with. The kiddos will love this one.

3. Marbled Indigo

This design from Alice & Lois fits right into the current trends. Marble is on the rise and it’s the perfect way to decorate your pumpkin this year. And this indigo color is a beauty!

4. Ice Cream Cone Pumpkin

Why not turn your pumpkins into ice cream cones? Perfect for unique decor or events, you can find all the details behind this fun idea by visiting Martha Stewart.

5. Gold Leaf Pumpkin

We’re loving this design because it fits right in with the Halloween season and it’s still really fashion forward. The geniuses at Brit + Co painted their pumpkin black and then used gold leafing to bring it to life. Grab the deets after the jump.

6. Chalkboard

Grab the chalkboard paint and turn your pumpkin into something sweet for your farmhouse home. We love this easy idea from Better Recipes and it’s one that’s really easy to personalize as well. From kitchen designs to front step greetings, there’s a lot of different ways for this one to go.

7. Flower Pot Pumpkin

You can turn your pumpkins into flower vases as well. All you have to do is check out the tutorial from Handmade Charlotte. And then, fill it with seasonal florals or ones that match the autumn event you’re hosting.

8. Frozen “Elsa” Pumpkin

We found the perfect project for you and your little gal. A Pumpkin & a Princess will walk you throughout all of the fun and festive steps it takes to create an Elsa-inspired pumpkin.

9. Sugar Skulls

Brit + Co showcased some beautiful sugar skull pumpkins that got our creative juices flowing. Grab the paints and start using your imagination to concoct something extra festive for the season. Let the kids join in on the fun too.

10. Golden Doily Pumpkins

You may need to paint them, but doilies can be a great addition to your pumpkin decor this year. We’re really in love with this neutral design. Check it out at 17 Apart.

11. Ombre Spiderwebs

Plaid Online showcased these spiderweb pumpkins and we fell in love. They’re perfect for Halloweentime and they’re stylish too. You could even add a plastic spider to complete the “spooky” look.

12. House Address Pumpkin

Grab your paints and create a chic front door look for the house. Style and Cheek went with a gold and black combination and then used them to display the the home address. It’s perfect especially if you’re having any kind of guests over throughout the season.

13. Whitewashed Pumpkin

Tidbits had these whitewashed pumpkins featured and we love the trendy style here too. It’s perfect for subdued homes with a farmhouse quality or those with a more cottage vibe. Check out the tutorial after hopping on over.

14. Donut Pumpkin

Turn your pumpkin into a donut, because, well, why not? Get the scoop over at Studio DIY. And grab some mini pumpkins too for the little ones to paint their own editions.

15. Floral Decoupage Pumpkin

And then you can visit Brit + Co just one more time to grab the instructions behind this beautiful floral pumpkin. It’s a decoupage pumpkin that’s perfect for displaying in an artisy, trendy home but also speaks of the season as well.

Source: https://www.diys.com/ways-to-decorate-your-pumpkins/