5 Tea Bags Wreaths Suitable For Christmas

Book Page Magnolia Wreath

5 Tea Bags Wreaths Suitable For Christmas

Happy New Years friends! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. I was up in  Pennsylvania and just enjoying the time with my family. It’s been a fun two weeks of just enjoying some time with the kiddos and the hubby and taking it a bit slow.

Now I’m ready to jump back in and get back to revamping the house and to blogging. Since I’m still catching up on projects I’ve got a great one by my friend Erika that I wanted to share.

She has such a crafty touch to her projects and created this beautiful Book Page Magnolia Wreath that I get to share with all of you.

About two weeks ago I had shared my friend Erika’s house on Instagram live and she had this book page magnolia wreath that she made. I was so impressed and loved it, that I wanted her to share her tutorial here. So…Erika was so nice to write her own post for me and sharing it with you here today. -take it away Erika

Hi everyone! This is my first contributing blog and I am super excited (and honored) that Deb has given me opportunity. Before I get started, I will give you a little back ground about how I have become friends with the amazing talented Deb.

During college I met Deb when I became an intern at Kleinfeld Bridal, and being that she was a Jersey Girl, her and I hit it off right away. When my internship was complete, time passed and a few years later we crossed paths again when she moved to my hometown.

When Deb had shared with me that she had a decorating blog I became hooked to it and dreamed of having a home so beautiful.

After a few months of buying and returning everything I picked up to achieve the farmhouse look, I reached out to Deb with a desperate cry for help decorating.

At the time, my house looked an upgraded college dorm with random art on the walls and mixed matched Ikea furniture from my previous apartment. No job is too big for Deb- she came in and transformed my home into my favorite place to be.  My husband and I are so thankful.

So although I admit that I am not a good decorator, I am crafty! On the blog I have seen a lot of farmhouse decorating with Magnolia wreaths and I fell in love…until I found out how much they cost! While I unpacked my Christmas decorations this year, I found an old book about Christmas decorating that was published in the 80s and I wondered what I could do with it instead of tossing it away. My husband is an art teacher and I have seen him do cool projects with book pages which then inspired to use the pages from the book to make a Paper Magnolia Wreath.


Styrofoam Ring

Book Pages

Card Stock


Hot Glue Gun

To start, I made a leaf stencil on card stock by simply drawing a leaf (in the size I imagined a Magnolia would be), cut it out, and then used it to trace leaves onto the ripped out pages from the book.

I then boiled a pot of water and threw in about 4-5 tea bags and stirred until the water was nice and dark. When the water was cool to the touch, I added the leaves and a few uncut pages that I would later use to wrap the Styrofoam ring.

I left the leaves and uncut pages sit the pot of tea to stain for several hours until they turned the color I wanted. Then I carefully removed the paper from the pot and laid them out on a towel to dry.

Be careful when you separate the paper because it can easily rip!

Once the paper was dry, I wrapped the Styrofoam ring with the uncut pages and used hot glue. One by one, I hot glued the leaves onto the wrapped Styrofoam ring. Be careful as to where you glue each leaf on the wreath because you want it to look natural and full.

When I was all done, I hot glued a loop of twine to the back of the wreath for hanging. Enjoy!


DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Easy DIY Yarn Hanging

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Source: https://seekinglavenderlane.com/book-page-magnolia-wreath/

how to make a tea wreath

5 Tea Bags Wreaths Suitable For Christmas

I’m not a coffee person (love the smell- don’t love the taste).  Tea, however, is a hot beverage I can really get behind.

This passion for tea translates into a tea box that just can’t accommodate my collection and a tea drawer that is jumbled at best (since there’s no room for all of the boxes that the tea comes in, most of the tea bags have been relocated to bags… it’s an adventure).

  This situation is totally fine for me; I usually know what I’m looking for and can just paw through to find it.

  It’s not great for hostessing, though, as guests don’t know what’s available (why the heck not, right?) and I don’t really love the idea of putting 15 ziploc bags full of various tea varieties on my counter every time people come over.

Enter my newly crafted Tea Wreath.  With this little circle of goodness, my guests can easily see each kind of tea I have without having to sift through my massive, and sort of confusing, collection.  Then, when people leave, I just replenish the wreath.  It’s both easy for me and great for all the tea drinkers that frequent our house.

To make a Tea Wreath, you’ll need:-two pieces of 12x12ish cardboard (I used the back covers to two scrapbook paper packs)-patterned paper that compliments your kitchen decor (I ended up using one whole piece and part of five pieces… if you minimized your palette, you could probably do the whole project with two pieces of paper)-clothes pins (I used 24)-hot glue-ribbon for hanging

-sour patch kids (apparently, because they made their way into all sorts of pictures along the way…)

1. Hot glue your two pieces of cardboard together (this is to give your base a little bulk since it’ll be holding a bunch of clothespins eventually).

  Cut the doubled up cardboard into a generally wreath- shape (a circle, or if you’re adventurous, a square).  Make sure the ‘wreath’ part is about as thick as a clothespin.

I traced plates to make my circles (you can see that I didn’t my first choice of inner circle and found something smaller to trace instead).

2. Cover your circle with patterned paper.  I traced my ‘wreath’ onto the back side of the patterned paper and then cut outside of my lines by about half an inch to give myself gluing margin.  I then notched the margin up to my tracing lines and glued the little tabs around the outside and inside circles.  I’m sure there are other ways to cover a cardboard circle- that’s just what I did.

3. Cover your clothespins. You can either stick with patterned paper (I  just cut long strips of paper about the width of the clothespin, hot glued the long strip on, and trimmed the ends), or cover with glitter or paint. You could even dye them!

4. Start hot gluing your clothespins to your wreath.  Continue until the whole wreath is covered in evenly spaced clothespins.  Make sure that the ‘mouth’ of the clothespin faces the outside of the wreath (otherwise you’ll have a whole jumble of tea bags in the center of the wreath and people won’t be able to see which kinds you have).

5. Tie a ribbon on your wreath for hanging.  Clip tea onto each of your clothespins.  Hang and enjoy!

One of the best features of this tea wreath is it’s adaptability- see other variations here, and here.

Source: https://kojo-designs.com/2010/03/kojotutorial-tea-tea-tea-kitchen-wreath/