Chic And Bold DIY Wall Lanterns From Usual Ones

11 DIY Ways to Light Up Your Dorm Room (Without Burning It Down!)

Chic And Bold DIY Wall Lanterns From Usual Ones

College is the best. Living in the dorms? Not the best. (An opportunity for emotional and intellectual growth? Perhaps. But, the best? Not even a close second.)

The bunkbeds, the unflattering fluorescent lighting and, of course, the prehistoric communal bathrooms — suffice it to say that dorms are a far cry from the comforts found in the childhood home.

Our go-to way to remedy a classic case of dorm room dreariness is to add warmth via lamps, pendants and string lights and more.

Flip the switch and bring some much-needed cheer (and style!) into your dorm with these lighting ideas.

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This question is more than just a bad pick-up line.

In fact, it is exactly the question you need to ask your future roomie before harnessing your star power and creating this crazy-cool constellation light board! Cross your fingers for astrological compatibility, then get down to business. Add their constellation alongside yours for a striking star centerpiece that both of you are sure to enjoy. Color me obsessed, you guys. 

Make This: Illuminated Constellation Wall Art

Claire Esparros for Homepolish

Ah, string lights. I consider these bad boys to be the cornerstone of every successfully-decorated dorm room. There are endless ways to use them and they work for each and every design style imaginable. Forego the boring strand and string up your Edison-style bulbs in a fun, layered pattern designer Claire Esparros did here.

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Usher in the warm and cozy vibes from home with a classic table lamp. I find that traditional lamps evoke a more settled feeling in spaces that tend to feel transient and temporary. We all know that feeling settled = feeling relaxed. And relaxation, my friends, is of upmost importance during a stressful school year.

Make It: Update a Basic Lamp Base With Gold Paint

Candles make spaces smell all things good and pure in this world and they give off the most calming, transcendent glow. Problem: College freshmen are forced into a sad, sad reality — a reality in which they are banned from burning candles. No need to forgo their glorious glow, though. Solution: flameless candles.

They last forever, never melt down and ultimately grant spaces that same, soft lighting that regular burning candles do. (Without the risk of burning down the building!) To make these flameless beauties look a little less faux and little more chic, arrange candles of varying heights on a gorgeous mirrored tray.

Who doesn’t want to read a positive affirmation that quite literally illuminates their room? Stick a light-up board on your desk and switch out the message throughout the year. Add uplifting quotes, remind yourself of deadlines or even add a bit of school spirit during football season. (Mine would read: “Go Vols, Y’all!”)

Make This: DIY Christmas Light Marquee Box

Add neon signage and saturate your space with an urban, eclectic and colorful glow. This prickly, neon green nightlight adds effortless design-savvy and up-for-anything vibes to a dorm. I believe that kids these days refer to the look achieved here as “#goals” – and I can see why. #Goals, indeed.

Make It: DIY Neon Sign

You can go the simple route with a pendant light, sure. But, sometimes you’ve got to kick it up a notch, am I right? Do just that and make an over-the-top statement with a beautiful, beaded chandelier.

From glam to bohemian, beaded chandeliers are suited for all kinds of design styles and will up the wow-factor in even the dreariest-of-dreary dorm rooms.

Just be sure to get the go ahead from your roomie beforehand, of course.

Make It: DIY Beaded Chandelier From Old Necklaces

The word on the street is twinkle lights and tulle are the top trending combination for headboard backdrops this upcoming school year. Throw this easy DIY backdrop behind your headboard for a low-cost, high-style upgrade that produces just the right amount of soft lighting for any bedtime reading. (Or, Netflix binges. I'm not one to judge.)

If you’ve done any shopping around for lighting, you understand lamps can be rather costly. My top tip for cost-effective dorm lighting is to forego the traditional lamps all together.

Go in with your roomie and purchase two sleek, reasonably priced desk lamps. Place the pair together, between the beds and utilize them as bedside lighting.

The results will emulate the same look as the duo-lamp featured above, but for far less money. 

Or rather, “Make Your Marq”. Add a funky, whimsical marquee light that mirrors your youthful, sprightly spirit. Bland dorm walls will welcome a large, colorful marquee fixture and the personality it packs along with it. Many marquee-lovers select the first letter of their first name, but the options are truly endless.

Make This: DIY Lighted Marquee Letter

Pull out all the stylish stops with a dangling pendant light. This subtle addition provides a polished, intentional design for your dorm. Opt for a modern chrome piece, an industrial wire fixture or go boho with a rattan pendant, instead.

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