Comfortable DIY Platform Bed With Hairpin Legs

Easy to Build DIY Platform Bed Designs

Comfortable DIY Platform Bed With Hairpin Legs

The bedroom is a personal statement in any home. It’s a place of appeal, purpose, and its tone – quiet and relaxing. The task of choosing which bed style closely matches the statement you want to make and best appeals to your senses, can seem daunting due to the seemingly endless options available.

With three different styles to choose from — contemporary, traditional or simply functional — the platform bed adds a simplistic touch to your bedroom. It makes a smaller room appear larger and is both relaxing and inviting.

Contemporary Platform Beds

Contemporary style platform bed similar to Jennifer Aniston’s

This timeless, contemporary style platform bed resembles the one in Jennifer Anniston’s bedroom. The sleek look this design offers is a perfect focal point, and if bought in the store, this design would be somewhat pricey but thanks to DIYLife you can learn how to make it at an affordable cost.

A DIY floating platform bed that is sturdy and looks beautiful

A floating platform bed is the perfect element to add style and dimension to an ordinary room. With built in night stands that open into storage units and a headboard created to accent the frame, this idea is exceptional! (source: myDIYhome)

Black platform bed with a modern wood clad bedroom wall

This inspirational design, similar to the platforms above uses a wider base and serves as the perfect central accent point in the room [image from]

Asian-inspired bamboo platform bed

Popular in the Asian culture, bamboo is said to be “noble” and “useful.” One of the most versatile plants, it is used in the culinary world, the medicine field, construction, and uniquely enough furniture making.

The choice to accent with bamboo will not be easily overlooked and is sure to add the perfect flare to your bedroom. To find out how to build this great bamboo platform bed, head over to HGTV for the tutorial.

Traditional platform beds

Floating platform bed design with an elegant flair

Perfect for any shape and size room this next idea is welcoming and allows you to fall into a restful nights sleep. When you wake, your feet won’t have far to go as this beautiful design parallels a few inches above the floor. Thanks go to our friends from DIYNetwork for this inspiring design.

DIY traditional platform bed with hairpin legs

If a more traditional style is what appeals to your senses, this platform bed is the perfect piece of decor to accent your bedroom. It’s simplicity and style allow attention to be drawn to the details in the room. Warm colors on the walls and decorative fabrics will unify every piece of the puzzle. For  help ti build your own George Nelson Case Study Bed, folks at 2Modern have the tutorial.

DIY floating platform bed with king size mattress

Making a statement doesn’t always have to come with a high price tag. Sometimes, the simpler the design the greater the impact. A custom headboard can be added for more detail if desired! The idea was put together by Ana White and, per her say, it shouldn’t cost you more than $100 to get it done (that doesn’t include the mattress, of course).

DIY queen size platform bed

Another traditional bed design comes to us from Shanty-2-Chic. This rustic idea is great for a sophisticated room and evokes a sense of warmth and comfort.

Minimalist DIY platform bed design

Tranquility is the essence of this design inspired by LAX Series — we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to recreate this inspiring bed design; looks easy. Don’t you think?

Beautiful DIY platform bed with neon lighting

Finally, this modern design caters to all of the senses. It’s an astonishing idea. It uses recessed lighting to help turn the simplest of its features into an uncompromising masterpiece. Speaking of the masterpiece, this is the AC Apartment in Bucharest, Romania – it’s been put together by folks at SquareOne. [spotted on Contemporist]

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Comfortable DIY Platform Bed With Hairpin Legs

Today’s mission is to build Becky a bed! Her mattress has been sitting on the floor since she moved into her new house, and it’s time for us to build a frame for it. The goal is to make a platform bed, which we’ve seen for sale online between $700 and $2000, which is INSANE. Sooo, the goal is to make one for much cheaper. (You can see the bed we are trying to recreate here!) 

The first step was to head to the hardware store and pick up some wood for the inside of the frame, as well as some legs for the bedframe. Basic wood from the hardware store is fine for the inner structure of the frame, and will save us a lot of money, but for the outside of the frame we wanted to get a bit of a higher quality of wood. For this, we headed to out local lumber store!

While at the lumber store, I decided to go with poplar wood! It is a bit of a higher quality hardwood, but is a bit easier to work with and is a bit less expensive than other hardwoods! All of the wood cost us around $150. Let’s get started with building!

The first step is to build a box the size of your bed frame the poplar wood. My mattress is a queen, and so our box is going to be 61” x 81” (we added an inch to our box to make sure the mattress fit!).

Before we screwed everything in place, we grabbed some cheaper 2x4s and added rails to the two inside sides of the bed, and one down the middle.

These rails will hold our slats in place! We grabbed these slats from IKEA, but you can make your own slats the cheaper wood (we just got the IKEA ones for comfort!). Next step is to put your box together! We did this by attaching a corner bracket in each corner!

After everything was secure, we moved on to attaching the legs! We flipped our box, and screwed in some leg top plates! Next, just screw your legs into the top plates.

Next we moved on to adding the center rail to hold the slats in place. We screwed this piece of wood into the center of the bed, and added some mending plates across these seams for added support.

For even MORE support, we are going to add some legs across this middle beam. Since these legs are never going to be seen, we opted to use a square dowel instead of the more expensive legs we used earlier. We simply cut the square dowels to the height of our legs and screwed them into place. After doing this, we just filled any exposed nails with some wood filler for a cleaner look.

Time to create the platform look! We took three pieces of our nice wood, and cut them to fit around the top edge of our bed. To secure these pieces, we used ‘no more nails’ and then followed that with a few screws. We then filled these screw holes with some wood filler as well. Once everything was dry, we gave the frame a nice sand!

Time to stain! We laid down a drop cloth and got to staining. We were advised that using a gel stain with poplar wood would work better than a traditional stain, as regular stain sometimes soaks into poplar a little patchy!

We went ahead and applied this stain using some sponge brushes and an old rag. We let this stain dry overnight! 

The last step is to add a mattress and your sheets, and this awesome platform bed is DONE!