10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children

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  4. 10 Majestic Unicorn Crafts for Your Fun-Loving Kids
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  7. Fun Unicorn Wreath
  8. Playful Unicorn Headband
  9. Unicorn Cake
  10. Unicorn Dress Up
  11. Make Your Own Unicorn Plushie
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  13. Personalized Unicorn Necklace
  14. Unicorn Nail Art
  15. 10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children
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  18. 20 Unique Unicorn Crafts for Kids to Make
  19. “But is the unicorn a falsehood? It’s the sweetest of animals and a noble symbol.”
  20. 1. Unicorn Puppets
  21. 2. No Sew DIY Unicorn Sleeping Mask
  22. 3. Unicorn Rocks
  23. 4. Unicorn Matchbox Notebook
  24. 5. DIY Unicorn Dream Catcher
  25. 6. DIY Unicorn Paper Puppet
  26. 7. Mixed Media Paper Unicorn Craft
  27. 8. Unicorn Bookmarks
  28. 9. DIY Paper Unicorn Ornament
  29. 10. Salt Painting Unicorn Craft
  30. 11. 3D Paper Unicorn
  31. 12. Unicorn Paper Plate Craft
  32. 13. U for Unicorn Craft with Printable
  33. 14. Stained Glass Unicorn
  34. 15. Printable Unicorn Pillow Boxes
  35. 16. Toilet Roll Unicorn Craft
  36. 17. Paper Bag Unicorn
  37. 18. Sprinkle-pooping Unicorn Craft
  38. 19. DIY Unicorn Costume
  39. 20. Popsicle Stick Unicorn
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  51. Enjoy Making these Cute Unicorn Crafts for Kids
  52. 1. Magical Rainbow Unicorn Candy Bark
  53. 2. DIY No-Sew Felt Rainbow Unicorn Costume for Kids
  54. 3. DIY Mini Unicorn Piñata (With Free Template)
  55. 4. Magical Unicorn Pooping Sprinkles Paper Craft
  56. 5. DIY Glitter Unicorn Ornaments
  57. 6. DIY Unicorn Dreamcatchers
  58. 7. Magical DIY Unicorn Rocks
  59. 8. DIY Unicorn Flower Backdrop
  60. 9. Unicorn Flower Art
  61. Send a Unicorn!
  62. More Unicorn Love
  63. Unicorn and Rainbow Costumes
  64. Unicorn Foods Kids will Love

10 Minute Unicorn Crafts For Kids

10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children

I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t love Unicorns. These magical creatures are all the rage. And to be honest i absolutely love them too. And as a mother of a 7 yrs old Unicorn girl i am always asked to help make Unicorn themed crafts.

This is all she wants to make ALL The Time. But my favorite crafts are those which require the least effort, use easily available materials and that turn out gorgeous. So I decided to create a go to list of 10 Minutes Unicorn Crafts For Kids.

These gorgeous 10 Minute Unicorn Crafts For Kids are just so magical and super easy to make. I kept in mind to select only those crafts which can be made in 10 min or so and the kids can try making them with little help from adults.

Latests Crafts

Super Easy Mermaid Craft Finger Puppets. 

Magical DIY Unicorn Paper Bag

1.Finger Puppet Unicorn Craft 

First on my 10 Minute Unicorn Crafts For Kids list is the easiest and most adorable unicorn craft ever. This is the pretty Finger Puppet Unicorn Craft. I highly recommend to start with this easy craft. Your tiny unicorns can play make believe stories with this easy craft to no end.

2.Paper Plate Unicorn Mask

This super pretty Paper Plate Unicorn Mask by Dear Creatives is got to be one of the most favorite craft of all unicorn fans. Its so easy to make and turns out gorgeous. Another perfect craft to play with for hours.

3. DIY Unicorn Notebook

Now this easy to make DIY Unicorn Notebook craft is perfect for elementary school age kids. Its so glittery and uses only a few things to make. A magical way to start school this year.

4. Unicorn Slime

This is the ultimate best Unicorn Slime by The best ideas for kids. I absolutely love all the glitter and the pretty colors of this slime. This awesome recipe uses glittery glue which gives it the extra sparkle. If this isn’t the perfect slime ever then i don’t know what is.

If you have been enjoying this collection of crafts then you MUST check out my 12 Best Slime Recipes as well.

5. Paper Plate Unicorn Craft For Preschool

This Paper Plate Unicorn Craft For Preschool by Red Ted Art is perfect to make for your preschoolers. Its super easy to make and looks so gorgeous. You can even hang it around the room or put in on a table to decorate your kids room.

6. Unicorn Craft Finger Rings

These pretty Unicorn Craft Finger Rings are also one of my favorite crafts. They are so simple to make its unbelievable. And they are super popular with the kids. My daughter wore these to the park and they were an instant hit with all the kids.

7. Unicorn Toilet Tube Craft

I love this Unicorn Toilet Tube Craft by Meraki Mother. Its so easy to make and would look so pretty as a decoration around the room. I am sure your little unicorns will love playing with this.

8. Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft

This Unicorn Pencil Holder Craft is such an useful craft to make with kids. Its also a perfect match with the DIY Unicorn Notebook.

9. Hand Print Unicorn Craft

This Hand Print Unicorn Craft by The Resourceful Mama is got to be the prettiest hand print craft ever! Its a good craft to make with your toddler girl. You can even keep this as a safe keep.

10. Lego Unicorn Building Instructions

The Lego Unicorn Building Instructions craft by Frugal Fun 4 Boys is perfect for the Lego fans. Its super easy to make and looks so pretty. Another adorable magical craft for your little unicorns.

Make these Ultimate 10 Minute Unicorn Crafts For Kids with your kids today for some magical fun on a rainy day or whenever the whim strikes. I loved trying all these amazing crafts with my daughter. Hope you love them too.For more Unicorn Fun do try out my DIY Paper Plate Unicorn Photo Frame.

Happy Crafting With Us!!!

Source: https://artcraftandfun.com/10-minute-unicorn-crafts-for-kids/

25 Magical Unicorn Crafts for Kids

10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children

Unicorn-lovers unite! These magical crafts are as enchanting as they are fun!

If your child loves unicorns, you’re both going to love these 25 Magical Unicorn Crafts for Kids. Whether it’s Dash from Rainbow Bright, or The Last Unicorn, or just unicorns in general, these crafts will delight, enchant, and enthrall the unicorn-loving kid in your life. Happy crafting!

These construction paper unicorns are great to make a kid parties, and just so much fun to play with.

Via Red Ted Art

Wrap a unicorn in washi tape and watch the magic come alive!

Via Totally The Bomb

This pattern for a crocheted unicorn is easy for crochet-enthusiasts to follow, and would make an amazing gift for a unicorn-loving kiddo!

Via One Dog Woof

Grab a bag of jewels and let your little fairy-children decorate and bejewel their own unicorns.

Via Fairies and Dragons

Believe it or not, there’s a pumpkin hiding inside this unicorn. How amazing is this duct-tape pumpkin unicorn?!?!

Via Happy Hour Projects

Crochet your way into the unicorn-loving heart of a child near you with this unicorn pillow.

Via Craftdrawer

This felt unicorn is the perfect pony on a stick for the bright and shiny unicorn-fan in your life.

Via Lia Griffith

Make an impression of your child’s foot and turn it into a magical unicorn picture to keep for years to come.

Via Fun Handprint Art

This super easy DIY unicorn costume is an adorable way to let your child’s magic shine as the weather gets cooler.

Via Twin Dragonfly Designs

It’s surprisingly easy to make this unicorn wall art for your child’s bedroom.

Via Petit & Small

How amazing is this unicorn made entirely pipe cleaners? Definitely puts my pipe cleaner candy cane to shame.

Via Hative

This printable unicorn pattern is fun for your kiddo to decorate and assemble.

Via Learn Create Love

This is a unicorn made a sock. Let me repeat that…a unicorn made a sock.

Via Jiaminlim

Have fun with your kiddos making these unicorns toilet paper rolls.

Via The Artful Parent

U is for unicorn and umbrella…but mostly for unicorn.

Via The Princess and the Tot

This adorable unicorn box is great for Valentine’s, or keep it year round to store all of your most adorable possessions.

Via Artsy Fartsy Mama

Teach your child cross stitch with this easy to follow unicorn cross stitch pattern. Or, make it yourself and frame it for their room.

Via Do Small Things With Love

These unicorn horns are great for parties, and then kids can decorate them themselves.

Via Be A Fun Mum

This Washi tape unicorn silhouette is super simple to make and will brighten any unicorn-lovers room.

Via Totally The Bomb

Make this unicorn plush as a gift for your tiny unicorn fan.

Via Delila Hiris

This unicorn horn is easy to wear and super fun to make.

Via A Subtle Revelry

Check out this unicorn necklace. Such adorable jewelry for your unicorn lover, plus they can decorate it themselves.

Via Meri Cherry

How adorable are these unicorn headbands? Let your child imagine themselves in a magical world with these!

Via Tikkido

This unicorn marionette is easy to make and your child is going to love watching it dance on air.

Via Red Ted Art

After all of that amazing unicorn crafting and play, you and your child can sit down to enjoy these whimsical unicorn poop cookies.

Via Kids Activities Blog

Source: https://www.playideas.com/25-magical-unicorn-crafts-kids/

10 Majestic Unicorn Crafts for Your Fun-Loving Kids

10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children

Kids are always coming up with creative ways to express themselves: it’s why they can play dress-up and make believe all day long. They also love to latch onto their favorite things, foods or colors.

Unicorns are a popular animal for kids to idolize because not only are they majestic and pretty, but they also represent fun and magic. Don’t let your kids get bored this weekend.

Check out some easy DIY unicorn crafts that’ll keep them entertained all day long.

Unicorn String Art

For those who want to craft but are on a budget, making some string art is the perfect way to create something you’ll put on the wall and keep forever.

Search around the house for some colorful or cute pins, then give each kid a piece of corkboard or cardboard.

They can decorate the board material however they , and then you can help them arrange the pins to create the outline of a unicorn.

Use the string around the pins to create a visible outline, then wrap around pins in random order to crisscross the string and fill in the middle. Stop whenever your kids feel their unicorn is done, and then hang the art where you can show it off. Don’t forget to let them sign their art!


The holiday season may have just past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still hang up ornaments. Head to the craft store and get some glue, paint, a paint brush and some magic clay. Swipe glue on the ornament and cover in glitter so it dries and becomes the mane. Decorate with eyes and a horn and you’ve got easy and quick unicorn ornaments.

Fun Unicorn Wreath

This is a great craft for kids who are a little bit older, since it involves a glue gun. Buy some fake flowers in the color scheme of your choice, then glue them to a wreath ring. Make the unicorn horn felt and stuffing—and maybe a little glitter—and glue it where you . It’s easy to make a unicorn wreath, plus you can easily adjust it to match any room design.

Playful Unicorn Headband

By getting some cheap plastic headbands, fleece and ribbons, you’ll be able to don your unicorn headband in no time. Wrap fleece around the headband and secure a fleece horn with a glue gun.

Glue on ribbons that are curled to any length you to create the mane. Try to make a rainbow mane with pastel colors.

If one of your kids has a birthday coming up, these would make fantastic party favors for a dreamy and magical themed birthday party.

Unicorn Cake

Who says you need a special occasion to make a cake? If you’re finding your family needing a little more unicorn in your lives, test out your baking skills with a unicorn cake.

Step one: Watch lots of cake baking shows to get inspired. Step two: Go out and get your cake decorating supplies.

Step three: Bake and design the unicorn cake of your dreams, then eat it and enjoy! Who can say no to a cute cake?

Unicorn Dress Up

Sometimes you can find a craft that lets everyone jump in together, and dressing up as a unicorn is definitely one of them. Check out an easy DIY dress-up guide so you can get the kids together and have everyone make their own costumes. Soon, you’ll all be prancing around the house the beautiful, majestic beings you are!

Make Your Own Unicorn Plushie

Kids and stuffed animals go together peanut butter and jelly. There’s no end to the games they can create with them, and the stuffed animals will last through their entire childhood.

Before beginning, take a second to watch a unicorn plushie tutorial. Talk with your kids about what size they want their unicorn to be and let them choose the colors and fabrics.

The personalization of this craft is sure to please any child.

Unicorn Utensils

What kid doesn’t spend time pretending to cook with plastic pots and pans? Creating a make-believe world in their own kitchen is something lots of kids do, so why not bring the fun into your real kitchen? Get the right supplies and a wooden utensil set for each kid and create unicorn utensils in just minutes. Because they’re made of wood, they’ll last for a long time and can even be used for make-believe since they won’t be sharp enough to hurt anyone.

Personalized Unicorn Necklace

Making your own jewelry is a lot easier than you might think. When you’re making jewelry with kids, it can actually be a super fun activity to do together. You can print and shrink unicorn necklace designs and create as many as you . Let your kids make some for themselves or their friends. They’ll quickly be wearing their own jewelry and showing it off to everyone they know.

Unicorn Nail Art

Decorate an easily-cleaned place the kitchen table to make it feel a private spa.

Invite your kids to sit down and then let them have fun pampering themselves by painting unicorn designs on their nails.

Get nail art pens and they’ll have a great time drawing horns, hoofs and unicorn profiles on their fingertips. When they’re done, have them sit back and watch their favorite movie while their nails dry.

It’s no secret that kids love to have fun, and when it comes to kids who love unicorns, they want their favorite animal to be a big part of that fun.

Sit down with your kids this weekend and have them do some unicorn crafts to keep them happy and having fun throughout the day.

Whether they’re making headbands or painting their nails, if they’re creating something that has to do with unicorns, everyone’s going to have a blast.

Featured Photo Courtesy: d97jro/Pixabay

Source: https://redtri.com/10-majestic-unicorn-crafts-for-your-fun-loving-kids/

10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children

10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children

What can be cuter than My Little Pony? Unicorns, of course! This is a timeless and cool magical animal that is loved by kids and adults, and I’m sure if you provide some unicorn decor for your kids’ space and some unicorns to play with, they will be excited! So let’s make some.


Slime is a great sensory toy that helps to develop fine motor skills and creativity, too! Make this bold and colorful unicorn-inspired slime made of soda, shaving cream, contact lenses solution and white glue. The slime is colorful and your kids will have a lot of fun playing with it – inspire them to make unicorns, of course!

DIY colorful unicorn slime (via www.thebestideasforkids.com)

This amazing unicorn slime will inspired your kids with its combo of the trio of pastel colors, the additional glitter and the magical way it feels a big ball of marshmallows! I love the iridescent glitter of this slime, it’s sure to give much fun to your kids.

DIY fluffy unicorn slime (via thediymommy.com)

This is glitter unicorn smile, it shines and sparkles! The author preferred pink, blue and gold colors, but you could make it rainbow colored or add purple or green too. Don’t forget to add much glitter for a glam effect – kids love when things do shine!

DIY glitter unicorn slime (via www.thebestideasforkids.com)


This adorable pillow is aw-so-cute, make one not only for kids but also for yourself! This is a colorful fleece pillow with ears, a horn and some colorful hair. Everyone will be head over heels about this gorgeous pillow, and I totally love the sleeping eyes on the pillow.

DIY fleece unicorn pillow (via www.bugaboocity.com)

Boho decor is very popular now, and you can make your own take on dream catchers forming bold unicorns of them! They are super colorful, with fringe, faux flowers and ears and glitter horns – what can be cuter than that? Watch a full video tutorial to make these catchers for your kids’ room.

DIY colorful unicorn dream catcher (via www.hellowonderful.co)

This cute unicorn banner is super easy to make and will be a nice idea for a nursery. The banner is done with a pink unicorn, with turquoise and purple flowers. The banner is no sew, it won’t take much time and you’ll enjoy making one. Hang the piece somewhere in the nursery and let it bring some magic there!

DIY no sew unicorn banner (via www.natashalh.com)

This cute unicorn planter is recycling an old planter or container. The tutorial is about painting the piece giving it a sleeping unicorn look, and attaching a glitter horn to the planter. plant some succulents or cacti inside and bring it to the kids’ space for a fun touch.

DIY upcycled unicorn planter (via damasklove.com)

This is a very cute and interesting craft suitable not only for a kids’ but also an adult space, too! This is a unicorn horn on display – the piece is made of foam and smooth finish. You may paint it as you or leave in white, then put it into a cloche and decorate the space.

DIY unicorn horn in a cloche (via www.craftsbycourtney.com)

It’s a gorgeous project for those who love embroidering. This is a colorful unicorn embroidery that can be DIYed and then framed and hung on the walls. The piece also features some florals for a cute touch, I bet that your nursery will be cuter with such an artwork.

DIY floral unicorn embroidery (via cutesycrafts.com)

Create a gorgeous unicorn geometric wall! For that you’ll need a stencil and some paint, use washi tape to add stripes to the unicorn. Your kids will be happy and will enjoy the magic that a wall unicorn brings. Read how to make such a wall and have fun creating it for your kids!

DIY geometric unicorn wall (via www.skunkboyblog.com)

Source: https://www.shelterness.com/diy-unicorn-children-crafts/

20 Unique Unicorn Crafts for Kids to Make

10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children

Unicorns are probably the sweetest mythological creatures that even kids love! Spread some magic around with these unique unicorn crafts for kids that are just gorgeous!

“But is the unicorn a falsehood? It’s the sweetest of animals and a noble symbol.”

It’s Unicorn Day on April 9th – yes, Unicorn Day!! If you’re me and you love unicorns, you’ll agree that the unicorn completely deserves it’s own day!

**As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made through this site. Thank you!

Umberto Eco said in the quote above, no one is sure about the origin of the unicorn. Yet, we all wish it were real. Unicorns evoke feelings of love, innocence and kindness – things that are getting increasingly rare in this world.

So this Unicorn Day, let’s revive this kindly spirit of unicorns by doing some awesome unicorn crafts with our kids. And here’s another reason – they’re drop dead gorgeous!!

1. Unicorn Puppets

This project from I Heart Crafty Things shows us how we can make incredibly beautiful things from simple supplies colored yarn! Kids will love making and playing with these puppets along with their friends. You can also try making a different color for each person.

2. No Sew DIY Unicorn Sleeping Mask

Feeling frustrated because all projects you look at involve sewing? Then you’ll love this no-sew Unicorn sleeping mask from Bird’s Party! With felt and a glue gun, you can put this together in a jiffy – there’s even a template to download!

3. Unicorn Rocks

No, we’re not talking about a horned creature on stage bangin’ away with an electric guitar! This is a beautiful little project from Rock Painting 101, with a full pictorial and video tutorial on how to make it. Don’t you feel calm just looking at that unicorn?

4. Unicorn Matchbox Notebook

Okay, this is the cutest craft to appear on the internet in recent times! Red Ted Art turns a very ordinary matchbox into a stunning, colorful and magical notebook, completely worthy of a unicorn! This craft makes a great gift for Valentine’s or Back to School.

5. DIY Unicorn Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are supposed to protect you from bad dreams and other negative stuff. Now if you’d to add some more magic to make it more potent, we can’t think of a better way than incorporating a unicorn into it! Get all the instructions over at Hello, Wonderful.

6. DIY Unicorn Paper Puppet

Is your heart a unicorn? Well, you can definitely turn a paper heart into a pretty unicorn! This craft is perfect for valentine’s day, when you can tell that special someone how much he or she brings color to your life.

7. Mixed Media Paper Unicorn Craft

We love mixed media projects – they’re a great way to introduce kids to different kinds of craft supplies. It also breaks the notion of using certain things a ‘certain way’ – creativity has no boundaries! This is beautifully showcased in this mixed media unicorn craft at Arty Crafty Kids – give it a try!

8. Unicorn Bookmarks

This craft from Happy Go Lucky is one of those that looks super-gorgeous but is really easy to make! Draw your own unicorn or go the easy way by printing it out. You can use foam, thick cardstock or any material of your choice – the focus is on that rainbow tassel tail!

9. DIY Paper Unicorn Ornament

Give any corner of your home a magical touch with some unicorn ornaments from Red Ted Art! These aren’t your everyday ornaments – they’re made of paper, are three dimensional and have rainbows on it! Those are enough reasons to start making this craft pronto!

10. Salt Painting Unicorn Craft

You’ve seen many crafts where the unicorn’s mane and tail are rainbow-colored, but what about the unicorn itself being a rainbow? This fun art project from Sweett Makes Three teaches kids the salt painting technique with water colors to get a lovely, ethereal effect.

11. 3D Paper Unicorn

What if I told you that you can make this unicorn craft just white cardstock and colors? Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true! Easy Peasy and Fun features a very basic craft that uses these basic supplies to give you a 3D unicorn that you can include in all your small world play!

12. Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

Here’s the perfect craft for your little one – a paper plate unicorn! With large pieces of paper and big eyes, younger kids won’t have a tough time with this craft from Glued to My Crafts. I love how the unicorn looks a bit disheveled but so incredibly cute!!

13. U for Unicorn Craft with Printable

Say you’re teaching your kids the alphabet, using animals as examples. So you go A for ant, B for bee, C for cat and so on. And what do you do when you get to U? Why, Unicorn of course!! Get the printable for this fun unicorn craft that is easy enough to make.

14. Stained Glass Unicorn

‘Glass? In a list of kid crafts?’ Relax, the ‘glass’ here refers to colored gel sheets, which are used for that stained glass effect. Yet, this project from Oh Happy Day is better suited for the older kids, who’ll love the challenge of assembling the unicorn along with it’s various colors!

15. Printable Unicorn Pillow Boxes

It’s not just the gift that should be magical, the gift box should be too! Mom Collaborative has a printable for some pretty unicorn pillow boxes that are a breeze to assemble – way easier than finding a special gift!

16. Toilet Roll Unicorn Craft

Ever wondered where unicorns live? Jumble Tree seems to have the answer – a nice, magical woodland! This bright and colorful craft has it all – snow capped mountains, grassy hills, a lush tree – and of course, a gorgeous unicorn with a glittery purple mane!

17. Paper Bag Unicorn

This simple unicorn craft from I Heart Crafty Things is very simple, making it perfect for preschoolers or primary school children. There aren’t too many fine details either, so it doesn’t matter if things go a little helter skelter!

18. Sprinkle-pooping Unicorn Craft

Kids love poop jokes, which means this pooping unicorn is sure to be a hit with them! Hello, Wonderful has struck poop gold with this super cute craft that is ideal for a unicorn theme party. This is one diaper explosion you’re not going to run from!

19. DIY Unicorn Costume

If your little girl is completely into unicorns and wants to become one, help her fulfill her wish! Shwin & Shwin has a detailed tutorial for an absolutely stunning unicorn costume that is nothing short of magical!

20. Popsicle Stick Unicorn

There’s no mistaking this Popsicle stick craft from The Homespun Hydrangea – the horn and the rainbow hair gives it away! All you need are very basic craft supplies cardstock, paints, glue, felt and of course – Popsicle sticks!

I’m sure you’re thinking how magical these unicorn crafts for kids are!! Yes indeed, and maybe this is our little way of spreading some magic around – the world sure needs it!

Source: https://artsycraftsymom.com/unicorn-crafts-for-kids/

Unicorn Crafts for Kids – Make this fun bookmark!

10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children
Jump to Recipe Print Recipe

My kids are all about unicorn crafts! These bookmarks are such a fun and colorful craft for kids. If you are looking for a fun bookmark craft for children, consider making these unicorn bookmark sticks. 

Unicorn Bookmarks

You will find a printable that will walk you through a step by step on making these fun bookmarks. A DIY unicorn craft that any kid would enjoy and the shiny horn throws it over the top. 

Supplies Needed for Unicorn Bookmarks

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil and Sharpie
  • Scissors 
  • Printable Template

Get creative with colors and textured paper for your unicorn! Let your kids pick and just have fun. I did using a shiny paper for the horn to give it a more fun feel. 

How To Make A Unicorn Bookmark

This unicorn bookmark is easier to make than this more detailed unicorn bookmark craft we created. My older kid loves the more detailed one… my first grader s this simpler version.

Grab the free template and cut out the pieces for this fun papercraft. I love the detailed directions below… but my kids really using the photo guide below. 

Are You Looking for More Crafts for Kids

  • Unicorn Felt Toppers | Check out this super fun felt topper that you can make and decorate the top of your pen or pencil. A really easy and simple DIY kid craft. 
  • Dreamcatchers For Kids | Another creative idea is this dreamcatcher project. You use yarn to create a homemade dreamcatcher that your child can hang in their room. 
  • Whimsical Paper Flower Craft | Grab the free template to make these fun flowers with your kids. They are so cute they will want to hang them in their rooms!

If you don’t have time to make this now, make sure to pin it for later. This is a fantastic lazy day craft or rainy day craft. Consider making these when you get a chance.

Just a few simple supplies and a little bit of time. 

  • Construction paper
  • Cardstock
  • Gold glitter paper
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Printable template
  1. Select colored craft papers for this craft. Use craft papers for the unicorn pattern and cardstock paper for the bookmark stick.  Trace the template patterns on the selected craft papers and cut them out nicely. I used the golden craft paper to cut out the horn pattern.

  2. Take the golden horn pattern and stick it on the horn lay the base pattern
    (the unicorn head). Stick the small circle cutouts on the center of the flower cutouts.

  3. Stick the small triangular shape (inner ear parts) in the middle of the ear layouts of the base pattern. Stick the semi-circular shape on the bottom end of the unicorn base.

  4. Stick the flowers along the top end of the unicorn head.

  5. Use the pencil to trace the face details of the unicorn on the base pattern. I drew the eyes, nose, and a smiley face.

  6. Use a black sharpie or a black inked gel pen to trace and fill the traced face details.

  7. Cut out a strip of cardstock paper (any size you prefer) and stick the unicorn head on any of the open ends of the strip. Allow the glue to dry completely before using the bookmark.

Source: https://www.mynourishedhome.com/unicorn-crafts/

Easy Unicorn Crafts – Red Ted Art – Make crafting with kids easy & fun

10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children

Yep it is time form some homemade Unicorn DIY or easy Unicorn crafts!! My kids are unicorn mad (o.k… maybe not my kids, I AM unicorn mad!!!! Teehee). We love those golden horse, we love the rainbow manes.. and sparkly magicalness that is a Unicorn.

Finally, I have had the chance to bring together all our Easy Unicorn Crafts in one place! I do hope you enjoy these easy kids crafts..  some are wonderful Paper Crafts, others include some great Free Printables. If there is anything you are DYING To see that we haven’t had a go at yet..

please do leave me a comment below and I will see what we can do!

So.. to our Unicorn DIYs

3d Unicorn Decorations made from paper (includes printable) – ridiculously easy AND fun to make. Choose to follow our step by step paper unicorn decoration instructions OR make use of the handy printable. Easy peasy lemon squeasy! Enjoy.

Same idea, but turned into a fantastic Pop Up Unicorn Cards – what is not to love? This one also includes the free printable!!

Unicorn DIY Stationery

Unicorn DIY Mini Notebooks – perfect for Back to School

We can’t have a Unicorn Crafts round up.. and not include a Unicorn Corner Bookmark. We certainly LOVE Corner Bookmarks here on Red Ted Art, so a Unicorn Bookmark Corner is a must.. and yes, you guessed – EASY!

Looking for that next challenge? Try your hand at these Origami Unicorn Bookmarks by my friend the Origami tree!

Super cute Unicorn Bookmark Printable Trio – Unicorn Hug A Book, Narwhale and rainbow cloud. Aren’t these the cutest? Hop over to Hattifant for your copies!

Easter Unicorn DIY Ideas

Love this fabulously whimsical Unicorn Headband DIY! These Unicorn Ears and Horns would make a wonderful party craft for tweens or turn them into a kit and give them as party favours! So cute!!

Unicorn Planter DIY – these darling Unicorn Planters are surprisingly easy to make (cough, isn’t almost EVERY thing on Red Ted Art EASY to make… teehee). They make a great Spring craft, Mother’s Day Gift Idea or just a wonderful Unicorn Room Decor. Love. Super cute and easy..

How to make seriously cute Fairy Peg Dolls and a Unicorn! these would be a GREAT party craft. Make the fairies as a party craft with the kids and give the Unicorns in the Fairy Party Favour bags or make the kids “hunt around for it” during the party!

Oh yes, don’t wait until Easter to make these adorably quick and easy Unicorn DIY Easter Eggs. Looking for that magical Easter Decor.. and these Unicorns are just the thing!

How about a crafter-noon making some Unicorn Puppets TP Rolls? Aren’t these magical?!

Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn Gift Box (easy!)

Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn for Preschool 

Magical Clay Unicorn Ornaments

We also love these wonderful Paper Unicorn Puppets (very similar to our popular Paper Dog Puppets) by the wonderful Make, Film, Play!

Or how about this super duper cute Paper Plate Unicorn Craft Idea? The perfect Unicorn Craft for Preschool and complete with templates!

This adorable Handprint Unicorn Craft was made MANY moons ago, when Red Ted and I explored the whole ANIMAL Handprint Alphabet. I still think it is super adorable!

Super cute and easy Unicorn Finger Puppets – the kids will love to make this magical craft!

And how fun are these super magical TP Roll Unicorns via The Artful Parent? A must make for sure!

A sneaky extra.. not a DIY… but an opportunity to SEND A UNICORN to someone lovely. A great gift idea for magical unicorn lovers (and no need to find the right yarn and pattern first!!). Send one today and spready the joy!! (Affiliate link)

DIY Unicorn Party Ideas and Games

How to make a DIY Unicorn Headband from Paper! Yep.. this little head band is made from a paper bag. Fun, quirky and easy. And perfect for that inner unicorn dying to get out!

My then 5yrs olds Unicorn party for 4-5yrs olds.. Yep, lots of unicorn craft fun… from Rainbow Pinata Cakes, to pin the horn on the unicorn and including…

… easy Unicorn mix and match treasure hunt
DIY Unicorn Party invites for young kids to help make – these were super easy and fun for my then 5yrs old to make. She was so pleased with them and I think they looked really cute. A great opportunity to practice cutting skills and colour sequencing!

And our Unicorn Party Craft making DIY Paper Unicorn Hobby Horses. These happened to be the colours of light card I had at home.. but they would look amazing with some rainbow manes and sparkly horns, don’t you think?!

A great party craft for slightly older kids are these beautiful Dream Catcher inspired Unicorn Decorations by HelloWonderful!

What is not to love about these super duper cute and easy Unicorn Favour Boxes from HelloWonderful?!

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Source: https://www.redtedart.com/easy-unicorn-crafts/

Cute Unicorn Crafts For Kids

10 Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children

I love when my kids and I find and make cute unicorn crafts for kids. In case you didn’t know, we do have a slight unicorn craft obsession! Personally, I love unicorns because they embody everything about being kind, happy, and gentle.

Just thinking about making a craft project with a unicorn involved makes me grin from ear to ear – you would think I was 5 years old again in discovering what unicorns were for my very first time.

If you have child that has a (small) infatuation with making unicorns just about anything, then this post is the perfect spot for them.

Enjoy Making these Cute Unicorn Crafts for Kids

One of the things that I love about these best cute unicorn crafts for kids I’ve compiled for you from our favorites is that they are so cute and easy to make. And don’t cost much to make (plus handmade is always more special.)

The other things that I love about these unicorn crafts? That there are SO many different textures and dimensions, so they are fabulous for sensory, art and STEAM projects. Add in the element of colorful visualizations for your kids’ eyes, and you have some unicorn crafts for kids that are total winners!

We all know that sometimes, your little ones attention might side wander for bit, but between the colors and the textures, they’re going to be totally entertained…and you’re going to be up to your arms in unicorns, which is always a good thing in my book.

I love making memories with my kids with working on projects with them. Can you think of a better memory to cherish than that of making magical unicorn crafts with your little ones? So, go pull out your crafting kit of glue guns, glitter, felt, paper, and get ready for some serious mystical unicorn crafting magical memories!

1. Magical Rainbow Unicorn Candy Bark

Life is so much sweeter when you get to enjoy this super colorful Magical Rainbow Unicorn Bark recipe! How can you not smile just looking at this? Your kids are going to totally love making this unicorn bark, and will want to make it for their friends at school and in their neighborhood.

The colors are so vibrant, and the textures for their little hands to play with are great! Kids love the different textures and colors that’s in this bark. It’s sure to bring an instant smile to anyone’s day: child or adult!

2. DIY No-Sew Felt Rainbow Unicorn Costume for Kids

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for kids to be dressed up in this magical DIY No-Sew Felt Rainbow Unicorn Costume for Kids. Why make a unicorn when you can you actually BE the unicorn!

Your kids are going to be the complete talk of the town, and every parent in the world is going to send a special “Thank You!” for making your kid this dazzling unicorn costume.

This costume would be an amazing thing to make for a unicorn themed birthday party! Can you just imagine all of the amazingness of giggling unicorns everywhere that they were able to make at this birthday party?

This is a complete low-budget costume that makes a mom me happy, and happier to see my kid beaming from ear to ear while wearing it.

3. DIY Mini Unicorn Piñata (With Free Template)

While we’re on the subject of birthday parties, you NEED to make this adorable DIY Mini Unicorn Piñata with your kid! When it comes to the best unicorn crafts for kids, this will be a total favorite!

To help make life a little bit easier, there is a free printable template to download and print.

These little unicorn piñatas are fun to make, and everyone is gonna love them. You can use them as party favor gifts, center pieces, or a thank you gift to help spread a smile for the day.

4. Magical Unicorn Pooping Sprinkles Paper Craft

Everybody poops…and that includes unicorns. These magical creatures don’t do a normal #2. They poop sparkles, sprinkles, rainbows, and sunshine. Don’t we all wish we could do that?

This Magical Unicorn Pooping Sprinkles Paper Craft project is so much fun to do. The sky is the limit with the amount of fun that you can have with this craft. You can make these without or without the the rainbow sticks, but I highly recommend that you add them to the unicorns. They add more color and make life so much more fun.

You can shake them little maracas, and they will wind up being magical MUSICAL poop sprinkles. Turn on the music, and watch your kids have a blast by shaking them about.

There are free templates for you to print up, cut out, and make this a stress-free unicorn craft project to make with your kids.Those are the kind of projects I adore making with my kids.

5. DIY Glitter Unicorn Ornaments

Don’t you just love these glitter unicorn ornaments?? You and your kids can make these DIY Glitter Unicorn ornaments. You can make these for any holiday by simply changing up the color glitter and crafting clay in the project, or the fabulous colors we did and hang them for everyday decor.

These would look completely adorable on a string of lights over a head board or over a curtain rod in your kid’s room – or yours. No judgement here!It’ll be our little secret.

These are little magical balls of happiness that you can put where ever you want to in your home, or make them to give away to your friends in spreading a smile or two.

6. DIY Unicorn Dreamcatchers

If you’re going to make any type of dreamcatcher with your little ones, then please make these DIY Unicorn Dreamcatcher ones. They’re kid friendly to make, and you can pass on a super special message to them while creating magical happy dreams.

Dreamcatchers let the good dreams through, and catch the bad dreams in the strings. Soon as the sun rises and touches the strings – POOF! Bad dreams simply disappear.

Your kids are sure to nothing but magical and fabulous dreams with beautiful unicorn dreamcatchers. They’ll go to bed every night with a smile on their face in knowing that they won’t have any bad dreams that night.

7. Magical DIY Unicorn Rocks

Just look at how sweet and adorable these DIY Unicorn Rocks are. I love all of these unicorn crafts, but I love how this project incorporates a little bit of artistic thinking. Plus I love how this is such a great sensory play project, too.

Your child is going to LOVE finding just the perfect rocks outside to paint unicorns on them. Whether you go on a hiking trip in the woods, the beach, or just around your neighborhood.

You’re going to see your kid’s eyes open super wide and explore the world to find that one special rock (or rocks) to use for this project.  Not only do you get to enjoy making a craft with them inside the house, but you’ll love spending time with them outside of the house, too.

8. DIY Unicorn Flower Backdrop

Ever get tired of trying to find that perfect framed art for your child’s room? Let that be a hassle NO MORE! No you can be come together and sit down to make this fabulous DIY Unicorn Flower Backdrop for their wall.

You can make more than one to decorate your child’s room and fill it with laughter and delight as they get to see pops of color of and a unicorn on their wall to help spread laughter and joy throughout their day.

Your child is going to want to show off their room to everybody to spread a smile around.

9. Unicorn Flower Art

This DIY Unicorn Flower Art is such a great project to do with your kids. Yes, we give you the template to print up, but it’s up to your kid’s imagination of what type of flowers to fill it in with, and what color to fill it in with.

You can use real flowers, artificial flowers, leaves, or foliage from around the yard, from a park, or even along side the road that you both have found.

The sky is the limit, as so is their imagination of color schemes that they want to use. Children love not having boundaries, so it’s so perfect.

I also love that it’s a wonderful sensory play project. Your child literally gets to play with flowers with their senses. How amazing is that?

Send a Unicorn!

Let’s face a fact: not everyone is craft, and not everyone may have the time to make one of these best unicorn crafts for kids; however, we found someone that DOES have the time to send a unicorn. Literally!

Nothing is more magical in making someone’s day then sending a homemade crocheted unicorn in the mail. They’re going to have the biggest grin on their face when they open that box and see this adorable unicorn. In fact, they’re going to be smiling all day! Go and visit Send a Unicorn today to send a smile.

More Unicorn Love

Just because this post is all about finding the best unicorn crafts for kids, doesn’t mean I can’t share a few other unicorn filled articles that you totally need to read and share.

These are some of the most amazing Unicorn Children’s books that you’re going to love to read and add to your child’s book collection. From cute to hilarious, these are magical pages to read.

Unicorn and Rainbow Costumes

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall..these Magical Unicorn and Rainbow costumes will keep your kids happy all year long. Your kids are going to be the happiest kids on the planet in wearing these costumes.

Unicorn Foods Kids will Love

Did somebody say they were looking for Magical Unicorn Foods that kids will love? I thought so! These sweet treats will be sure to spread smiles and giggles all day long. Magical unicorn foods tend to do that!

Which one of these best unicorn crafts for kids is your favorite and that you can’t wait to make with your kids? Did you have have that you love making with your kids already? Let me know in the comments or share a photo with me, I would totally love to see them and their smiles!

Source: https://www.hellowonderful.co/cute-unicorn-crafts-for-kids/