11 Adorable DIY Toddler Crafts For Fall

50 Best Fall Crafts – Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas for Fall

11 Adorable DIY Toddler Crafts For Fall

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Pumpkin Jam Jars

We're absolutely smitten with these pumpkin “Mason jars.” They're a combination of so many of our favorite things!

Make the Jars: Print pumpkin and apple templates on removable tattoo paper. Attach to small white pumpkins per package directions. Remove the stems from pumpkins. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit into the opening of a wide-mouth Mason jar ring. Attach a round of gingham fabric, centering it, to the cardboard. Glue pumpkin stems in centers. Attach lids to tops of pumpkins.


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Pine Cone Wreath

Pine cones are the most inexpensive crafting material out there, and make beautiful additions to fall wreaths. You can pick up a few right in your own backyard!

Make the Wreath: Wrap a 16-inch wreath form with burlap ribbon and loop a piece around the wreath form for hanging. Paint the tip of 40 pine cones in fall colors such as orange, yellow, and beige with acrylic paint.

Brush the tips of 10 pine cones with matte Mod Podge and sprinkle with gold and copper glitter.

once dry, wrap an 18-inch length of floral wire around the base of each pine cone and twist tie around the wreath form to secure, layering and overlapping them as you go.


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Pumpkin Checkers

Fall's a whole lot more fun when you can play with it, not just in it! These checkers allow you to do just that. The whole project is such a fun alternative to the store-bought version.

Make the Game: Paint 32 squares on a large (roughly 30-inch) wood board with burnt orange craft paint. Use mini white and orange pumpkins as game pieces.


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Corn Husk Wreath

Nothing says “fall” quite Indian corn. Here, it's dried and assembled into a gorgeous wreath.

Make the Wreath: Detach husks from one side of 20 medium-size Indian corn. Hot-glue the undersides of the corn to their husks. Lay out the corn in a circle with the tops pointing out, alternating colors. Hot-glue the corn to an 18-inch craft ring, and fill in any sparse areas with extra husks.


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Honeycomb Pumpkin

It's cute, fun, and just a little bit different. This honeycomb pumpkin is an easy alternative to the more intricate carving designs out there.

Make the Honeycomb Pumpkin: Cut a hole in the bottom of a medium orange pumpkin; scoop out pulp and seeds. Draw a honeycomb pattern on the front; etch out. Cut out a few of the combs and paint the remaining combs with yellow craft paint. Lean a honey dipper against its side.


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Pumpkin Basket

Pumpkins inside pumpkins? It's fall inception, and we're loving every bit of it.

Make the Basket: Cut off the top quarter of a flat pumpkin (this is a Musquee de Provence variety); scoop out pulp and seeds. Attach lengths of grapevine just below the opening with T-pins. Attach a grapevine handle just inside the opening with T-pins. Nestle mini pumpkins in the basket.


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Book Leaves Wreath

How fun is this paper wreath? Allow it to bring the spirit of fall right to your front door this year.

Make the Wreath: Draw a 3-inch-wide maple leaf shape on a piece of cardboard and cut out to create a stencil.

Trace on original pages (or, preferred, photocopied pages) of a vintage book—consider a fall-themed title or mystery novel—and cut out approximately 100 leaves with decorative scissors that have a “torn paper” edge.

Attach book page leaves to maple leaves with hot glue. Attach layered leaves to a 16-inch wreath form with hot glue, layering and overlapping them as you go. Hang with burlap ribbon.


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Pumpkin Sign

There's no better way to welcome your visitors this season than with a pumpkin sign! Write your message of choice directly onto the pumpkin for a serious “wow” factor.

Make the Sign: Cut a large hole in back of an oblong pumpkin; scoop out pulp and seeds. Remove flesh so it's light enough to hang. Etch outline of desired phrase on long side of pumpkin. Color center of letters with a black oil-based paint pen.

Paint two 2″ by 1″ boards black; once dry, use white paint for desired phrases. Hang from bottom of pumpkin with chain. Cut hole in oblong top of pumpkin. Cut 1″ dowel the width of the top inside of pumpkin (parallel with words).

Tie rope around dowel, and feed rope through hole; hang.


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Pumpkin Barrel

Talk about adorable fall porch decor. This “barrel” is the perfect way to show off your apple-picking treasures!

Make the Barrel: Cut off the top quarter of an extra-large pumpkin; scoop out pulp and seeds. Hot-glue three strips of burlap ribbon around outside of pumpkin. Stuff pumpkin three-fourths full with Poly-Fil. Insert burlap fabric into the opening and fold over outside of pumpkin; hold in place with upholstery tacks. Fill with apples or desired items.


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Fall Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Complement the interior of your home with this lovely, elegant-looking DIY wreath. You can change out the colors of the blooms depending on what works best with your own decor style.

Get the tutorial at 2 Bees in a Pod.


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Paper Pumpkins

We think these paper pumpkins would look lovely on any dining table as a whimsical alternative to a typical floral centerpiece. Place them lengthwise along a burlap runner, or gather several together in a glass bowl in the middle of the table.

Get the tutorial at DIY Inspired.


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Pumpkin Bread Truffles

The best kinds of DIYs are edible too. These truffles come together quickly, and they look (and taste!) a veritable work of art.

Get the recipe at Sugar Hero.

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Leaf Silhouette Art

Paint, yarn, and washi tape are all the supplies you'll need to make these fun leaves, which look beautiful enough to be framed. Bonus: If you go for paint instead of tape, this craft's kid-friendly too.

Get the tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids.


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Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath

Distressed ink and gold glitter make this easy craft look incredibly sophisticated. Since it's paper, it's also very inexpensive.

Get the tutorial at Polkadot Chair.


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DIY Pumpkin Spice Candles

We live for pumpkin-scented everything in the fall, and these candles make our favorite scent even sweeter: They're totally homemade.

Get the tutorial at She Uncovered.


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Fall Jar Pumpkin

This pumpkin is the ultimate Mason jar craft! Start by removing the stem of a medium pumpkin—but don't throw it away. Next, use wired twine to spell out “fall” and hot-glue to the pumpkin.

Paint the pumpkin and twine with light blue craft paint. Make sure it dries completely. Lastly, place a nine-to 10-inch tart pan upside down on the pumpkin.

Hot-glue the reserved stem to the center of the pan.


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Hot-Air Balloon Squash

The star of this craft is a red Hubbard squash, which naturally resembles the shape of a hot-air ballon. Begin by using varying colors of electrical tape, overlapping as necessary to create the width you want.

Then, thread string through a mini basket and attach to the pointy end of the squash with a nail or thumbtack. Fill the basket about three-fourths full with plastic packing material, as this will keep it from getting too heavy. Top with mini pumpkins.

Finally, insert a hook into the stem end of the squash and tie rope around the hook to hang. Up, up, and away!


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Caramel Apple Pumpkins

Although these painted pumpkins look just real candied apples, they unfortunately don't have the delicious taste. To make this sweet craft, first remove the stem of a medium pumpkin.

Use craft paint to paint the top part green, so it resembles a Granny Smith apple. Once dry, use craft paint to paint the bottom 2/3 a golden caramel color. (Are you drooling yet?) Then, hot-glue a 3/4- by 12-inch dowel where the stem was.

Display in a large, industrial-size coffee filter.


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Corn Husk Pumpkins

Tamale wrappers or corn husks can transform any average pumpkin into a farmhouse-chic display. To start, tear the wrappers or corn husks into strips, about a quarter to a half-inch wide.

Cover a white or orange pumpkin (whichever you'd !) with strips, hot-gluing in place on the top and bottom. Hot-glue smaller strips around the stems of pumpkins.

You'll need about 25 strips for a small pumpkin and 75 for a large pumpkin.


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Ticketed Pumpkins

Grab a roll of raffle tickets and get to work! First, separate the roll into individual tickets. Then, working with one ticket at a time, brush glossy Mod Podge on fronts and backs of tickets with a paint brush. Attach to pumpkin, and add more Mod Podge on top. Repeat until pumpkin is covered.


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Toilet Paper Pumpkins

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DIY Falling Leaves Garland

Drape this glitzy garland along the fireplace, across the table, or over a doorway for a subtle dose of sparkle.

Get the tutorial at House of Jade.


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DIY Magnolia Pumpkin

Step aside, Joanna Gaines! You'll outdo even the design queen herself when you assemble these gorgeous gourds and top them with the HGTV star's favorite flower.

Get the tutorial at Lolly Jane.


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DIY Yarn Pumpkins

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Fall Leaf Mason Jar

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Yarn Pumpkins

Grab the kids to help you with this one! These yarn “pumpkins” are a simple way to make your home more festive during the fall.

Get the tutorial at One Little Project At a Time.


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Dish Out Some Hospitality

Greet guests with this charming alternative to a fall wreath. Simply apply a layer of chalkboard paint to the inside of an old tray, then add autumn leaves and bittersweet berries for a seasonal finish. (Swap in evergreen and holly for the holidays!)

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DIY Pumpkin Terracotta Pots

These adorable pumpkin pots make great party favors. Just fill with candy corns!

Get the tutorial at Real House Moms.

Source: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g1533/fall-crafts/

11 Adorable DIY Toddler Crafts For Fall

11 Adorable DIY Toddler Crafts For Fall

Fall is almost here, and it’s time to craft something seasonal. If you have toddlers, craft something together with them and have fun! Here are some ideas to realize and enjoy the fall together with your children.

Hues of red, orange, yellow, and brown mix with what is left of the green leaves.

There’s just something so magical about it, don’t you think? So to capture the spirit of fall in a sensory bin, put together this sensory soup.

It’s quick and simple to put together, encourages fine motor practice, and is a great reflection of the swirling, colorful leaves of fall.

DIY fall sensory soup for kids (via www.andnextcomesl.com)

Scented baked cotton balls are a great craft idea for this fall. There really is something so fun about deconstructing the art you’ve made – and who can resist the smooth goopy art-making process? Grab some simple materials and have fun with your kids!

DIY scented baked cotton balls (via www.funathomewithkids.com)

Make adorable playdough with fall-inspired spices! It will smell totally divine and your kids will love playing with it. If you’d rather not use whole spices or can’t locate them, this activity would be just as fun with small sample bowls full of a variety of ground spices from your spice cabinet.

DIY fall scented kids playdough (via www.funathomewithkids.com)

This craft is dedicated to Halloween.

This is a DIY Jack-O-Landern Garland made from your child’s paintings! The method is sponge painting, which is pretty easy and most of kids enjoy such painting a lot.

This is such a fab little project to do with your young child/children. Perfect for toddlers and then mummy finishes off the job!

DIY Jack-o-lantern garland (via www.pastelsandmacarons.com)

This amazing playdough is Halloween-inspired – it’s done in orange and black, and it will have a great success among your kids! Make it, place in jars in layers and gift to your kids, so they will have a lot of fun while playing.

DIY Halloween playdough (via www.pastelsandmacarons.com)

This is one more kind of fall scented playdough – this amazing apple pie playdough.

Not only will this apple playdough be fun to pretend making apple pies with, it will also leave your house smelling apple pies! The best part about this homemade apple cinnamon playdough is that it’s taste safe.

We don’t recommend eating it of course, but great for kids to play with since it’s non-toxic.

DIY apple pie playdough (via https:)

Call your kids to make some fall leaves with our potato stamps. It’s a great way to get the kids busy while you’re baking this week, and then you can use it as a tablecloth for the kids table on Thanksgiving! Or, simply some window stamping with washable paint on a rainy day.

DIY potato fall leaf stamping (via sayyes.com)

This yarn and paper plate core apple craft is in anticipation of our orchard day this coming autumn. Such a cool and bold craft will be loved by every kid, and you can help them make these! Another idea is the same plate craft of a pumpkin. Get inspired!

DIY paper plate and yarn apple craft (via nontoygifts.com)

These toilet paper tube pumpkins are a fun little activity. You can do them with your toddler or let your older kids create on their own! Add them to a wreath, hang them as garland, or just place them around your house to add a little fall decor.

DIY toilet paper tube pumpkins (via twitchetts.com)

Create these bold leaves using bold watercolors! Read more below on how to make this pretty fall garland with your kids with some tips on strengthening their fine motor skills using squeeze bottle and hot glue resist.

DIY watercolor fall leaf art (via www.hellowonderful.co)

These colorful felt apples can be used as gift tags, refrigerator magnets, holiday ornaments, or fall decor. They are even cute for a child’s play kitchen! Continue reading for the full tutorial and to download the free printable apple template included.

DIY felt apple craft (via https:)

Source: https://www.shelterness.com/toddler-fall-crafts/

Quick and Cute: 14 Ten-Minute Crafts for Kids

11 Adorable DIY Toddler Crafts For Fall

Check out all of these fast and easy, 10-minute crafts for kids. These are great to use as an instant activity if kids are bored, as a temporary distraction, or as a craft project for kids with short attention spans. It's great to have a few of these up your sleeve for slow moments after school, on weekends, or on holidays!

  • @nadydelarosaphotographyWe to think of these as the original fidget spinners. Paper pinwheels are a timeless craft and a great STEM project for kids. These even make a pretty craft for adults; think: adorable baby shower decor!
  • Think play dough takes hours to make? Think again! This recipe only requires three ingredients and can be made in mere minutes. For the little sculptors in your house, this craft is a quick fix to cure boredom any day!
  • Katherine LeeThese easy paper baskets are perfect for spring or really any day. With just paper, some string, and a doily, your kids can make this craft in any color they choose. Fill it with flowers in the spring or candy canes in the winter for year-round fun!
  • If your kids love “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” they'll love this easy craft for making their very own fruit-loving critter. Made with paper, scissors, glue and some googly eyes, this craft is perfect for any slow moment in the day!Continue to 5 of 11 below.
  • When your kids are learning how to count, it may be difficult to motivate them while they're still trying to get it down. Make teaching and learning a fun tactile activity with this super easy and under-10-minute craft to make glitter glue counting sticks.
  • Don't let empty milk jugs go to waste–turn them into cute and eco-friendly watering cans! Just poke some holes in the cap, maybe even use some paint or washi tape to decorate, and you're all set for some gardening fun!
  • Recycle boxes lying around the house with this easy magnetic cardboard tic tac toe craft. Make your board in under 10 minutes for a fun fridge game your kids can play anytime they want!
  • Tape resist art is a longstanding favorite craft for kids. It looks cool and seems magic to your little ones! It's unbelievably easy to set up and so quick to make. Just lay down tape in a fun pattern, or maybe go for something more abstract, and start painting!Continue to 9 of 11 below.
  • Thinking of tossing your kids' old art projects? Instead of throwing them out, help your kids turn them into adorable pinwheels that take only minutes to make.
  • Chrissy PkOrigami finger puppets are super fun, amazingly quick, and make for tons of fun once they're decorated! Your kids will love making their own kitties and puppies to play with on long car rides or just around the house!
  • If you have an old train sets lying around, or maybe a new one that you don't mind getting dirty, this is a super fun and super fast art project to do with kids. It's finger painting without the mess, and provides the same sort of tactile learning experience!

Source: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/10-minute-crafts-for-kids-1250670

16 Fun DIY Scarecrow Crafts For Fall Decorating

11 Adorable DIY Toddler Crafts For Fall

Fall is nearly here! That means lots of pumpkins, beautiful colors and of course, scarecrows! Do you decorate with scarecrows for fall? If you don’t, then you should and I have a great list of 16 fun DIY scarecrow crafts that will help you.

These are all pretty easy and many of them are great for kids to do. Whether you want some great scarecrows wreaths for the front door, ornaments for a Halloween tree, or you just want a fun little fall DIY project to pass the time, you are going to love all of these DIY scarecrow crafts.

I love scarecrows, especially when you incorporate the colors of fall into their design. There are so many great ideas in here from stuffed scarecrows that double as dolls for the kids to an adorable crocheted scarecrow and the cutest scarecrow wreath that has legs!

No matter what your style or what your DIY preference, you are going to find a fun scarecrow craft to do this fall. These are all so cheap and easy to make – you might just want to do them all!

And, if you really love DIYing your own fall decorations, be sure that you take a look at these 60 fabulous fall DIY projects to beautify every room in your house.

If you’re a teacher, there are some great scarecrow crafts in here for kids of all ages. If you’re a mom, your little ones can do these crafts when it’s too cold or rainy to go outside, or just make some of these yourself to decorate your home for fall.

There are scarecrows of all sizes in here and all of them are super simple to DIY. If you love fall decorating and you love scarecrows, you are going to adore these 16 fun DIY scarecrows that make your fall decorating a breeze.

And, check out these 15 fabulous fall leaf crafts for kids to keep those little ones busy this season.

1. Adorable DIY Scarecrow Ornaments

These adorable little scarecrow ornaments are perfect for decorating a fall tree or just hanging around your house. You could also use them to dress up your fall centerpiece.

They are made with normal round ornaments that you can get from the Dollar Store, as well as burlap, raffia, google eyes and a few other craft supplies.

They have such a great rustic look to them, and did I mention how adorable they are?

Tutorial: jenniferperkins

2. Simple Crochet Scarecrow

I found the pattern for this cute and easy crocheted scarecrow on Etsy. You can pick up the pattern for less than $3 and then use it to make this adorable little crocheted scarecrow.

The pattern is pretty easy to follow and makes the perfect decoration for fall or Halloween.

The scarecrow is complete with straw hair and a little flower! And, you don’t need to know any really fancy crochet stitches to complete this one. I love fall crocheting projects, especially DIY crochet Halloween decorations.

Source: Etsy.com

3. DIY Candy Filled Scarecrow Jar

This candy corn scarecrow is anything but scary! He’s adorable and he’s really simple to make. This is a great project if you need to get rid of some of those empty jars, too.

You can turn this into an adorable mason jar project or just use an old mayonnaise jar or whatever you have on hand.

The color comes from real candy corn – so he’s a tasty little scarecrow, too. You just add the face and the hat!

Tutorial: housingaforest

4. Fun DIY Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft

If you want something fun that is perfect for kids, this DIY popsicle stick scarecrow craft is it. Kids love popsicle stick crafts and this one is super simple and it’s perfect for kids of all ages.

Your toddlers can even do this one! You just need a few craft sticks and some decorations, paints, markers, google eyes, raffia or construction paper – just anything you have in your craft arsenal!

Tutorial: craftymorning

5. Cute Repurposed Coffee Can Scarecrow

This cute little scarecrow is made from an empty coffee can. I love repurposed coffee can projects and this one is perfect for your fall decorating…indoors or out.

You can do this with a plastic or metal can. You just need to cover the can and you can use felt, craft paper or even burlap for that. Then, you just add the decorations to turn him into the most adorable little scarecrow in your neighborhood.

Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

6. DIY Foam Scarecrow Craft For Kids

Your kids are going to love helping you to create your own fall/Halloween décor by making this cute little foam scarecrow.

This is a great project for preschool, daycare or kindergarten teachers, too. It’s a really simple scarecrow to make and it’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to help.

You just have to cut out the foam pieces and let them assemble their own little scarecrow.

Tutorial: kidscraftroom

7. Repurposed Bottle Scarecrow Craft

These little scarecrows are made from repurposed bottles and they are perfect for your indoor fall decorating. You can use wine bottles or just any glass bottle that you have on hand.

You need one bottle for each scarecrow, as well as Mod Podge, tissue paper, twine, raffia and other craft supplies to decorate your little scarecrows.

These are super easy to make and are the perfect fall craft for kids for days when the weather doesn’t permit outdoor play.

Tutorial: lovemybighappyfamily

8. DIY Mason Jar Scarecrow

Have I mentioned how much I adore DIY mason jar projects? I love them and this mason jar scarecrow has made it to the top of my list.

This is such an adorable craft for your fall decorating and it’s super easy to make. You just need a mason jar, some craft paint, faux hay – or you could use raffia – google eyes, burlap and a few other craft supplies to make this one.

He’s adorable and he’s perfect for adding a touch of fall anywhere in the house.

Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

9. Handsewn Primitive Scarecrow Doll

How adorable would this little primitive scarecrow look decorating your home this fall? This is a really cute and super easy to sew scarecrow doll that is perfect if you are looking for that old world feel in your fall decorations.

I found the pattern for this on Etsy for less than $6. You get an instantly downloadable set of step by step instructions for everything including his adorable embroidered face.

Source: Etsy

10. DIY Terracotta Pot Scarecrow

Have you seen these terracotta pot scarecrows? They are so adorable and they’re super easy to DIY. You need a couple of cheap terra cotta pots for this one, along with some twine, burlap, straw and markers or acrylic paints to create the face.

This one is super simple and he’s perfect for sitting on the mantel, the porch rail or anywhere you want to put him. I do love decorative terracotta crafts, and this is one of my favorites!

Tutorial: allcreated

11. Easy DIY Paper Bowl Scarecrow Craft

This little DIY paper bowl scarecrow craft is perfect for kids. They will have a blast making this and you can hang it anywhere in the house to add to your fall decorating.

This is so simple and really cheap to make. You need some paper bowls, which are just a couple of dollars for a pack of about 20 or so.

You’ll also need some basic craft supplies raffia, markers or paint and some cardstock or construction paper for these.

Tutorial: iheartcraftythings

12. Rustic DIY Picket Fence Scarecrow

This DIY picket fence scarecrow is perfect for your outdoor fall decorating. You can make this one with reclaimed wood and it’s a pretty easy DIY project.

It’s mostly paint, drawing and then of course the decorations and you can use raffia, twine, burlap or some great silk sunflowers to decorate him.

He would be adorable on the front porch welcoming your guests to your home this fall!

Tutorial: ourcloverhouse

13. Cute DIY Scarecrow Wreath With Legs

I love this DIY scarecrow wreath – he has legs! How adorable is that? This looks really complicated but it’s actually a pretty simple DIY wreath to make and it will look great on your front door this fall.

The scarecrow’s head is a potholder! They call him the pothead scarecrow, and he’s adorable when he’s finished.

If you love making your own fall wreaths and you want something unique, this is definitely one that you need to check out.

Tutorial: trendytree

14. Repurposed Straw Hat Scarecrow Wreath

Here’s a really cute idea for a DIY fall wreath. This little scarecrow wreath is actually made from a straw hat. You can find straw hats at the Dollar Store or Walmart and they’re pretty cheap.

Once you have the hat, you just add the decorations to turn it into an adorable scarecrow wreath.

This entire project shouldn’t take you longer than an hour to complete and it’s a great unique take on a traditional fall wreath.

15. DIY Decorative Full Sized Scarecrow

Are you one of those people that go all out for your fall and Halloween decorating? If you are then you definitely want to check out this full sized scarecrow that you can DIY in an afternoon.

This is perfect for sitting on the front porch or in the yard on a bale of hay or straw. If you really want to decorate your outdoors for fall, this DIY scarecrow is a must!

Tutorial: marthastewart

16. DIY Vintage Scarecrow

I found the pattern for this DIY vintage scarecrow outfit on Etsy for less than $3 and instantly fell in love. This is a great one if you want a rustic look to your fall decorating and it’s a really simple pattern to follow.

The pattern is just for the outfit and you put it on a soft stuffed doll but as a bonus, you get a pattern for sewing your own stuffed doll, too! Use this one as a gift for a little one or just sit him up anywhere in the house for some added fall décor.

Source: Etsy.com

Source: https://www.diyncrafts.com/42555/decor/16-fun-diy-scarecrow-crafts-for-fall-decorating

58 Fall Crafts For Kids – Fall Activities and Project Ideas For Kids

11 Adorable DIY Toddler Crafts For Fall

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Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Ever used apple stamps before? If not, you're going to want to give this brilliant, multi-purpose crafting technique a try. Simply cut an apple in half, and suddenly you've got a stamp. These pumpkin cards, you'll soon learn, are only the tip of the iceberg.

Get the tutorial at Made to be a Momma.

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Paper Plate Pumpkins

The perfect activity for toddlers, this one requires hardly any work from you either. Just cut out the face shapes using black construction paper, then let kids go to town with a glue stick, adding them to the orange plates. (Alternatively, you can also let kids guide you in “designing” the jack-o'-lantern expressions of their dreams.)

Get the tutorial at Housing a Forest.

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Egg Carton Turkeys

Pro tip: Save your leftover egg cartons! They'll come in handy someday when it comes to crafting with your kids—most notably in the case of these whimsical turkeys.

Get the tutorial at Schooling a Monkey.

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Pressed Plant Bookmarks

When you take your last walk of the late summer season, long before the first frosts arrive, collect a few small leaves or flowers. Next, dry them and press onto light brown card stock. Your kids will love making these, and their simple beauty makes them a wonderful gift for friends too.

Get the tutorial at Buggy And Buddy.

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Back to School Pencil Holder

Kids can help you make these nifty pencil holders by painting the lids, and they can then keep the final product on their desks or in their rooms at home. The project doubles as an excellent gift for teachers.

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

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Scarecrow Mason Jar

Help your kids assemble these adorable Mason jar scarecrows, which are equal parts quirky and beautiful.

Get the tutorial at Easy Peasy and Fun.

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Pine Cone Bunnies

Pine cones fall in autumn, so it's the perfect time to take advantage of the crafting opportunities they offer. Remind your kids to appreciate nature and upcycle too with this adorable project.

Get the tutorial at Fireflies and Mud Pies.

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Bubble Wrap Indian Corn

You were going to decorate your home with Indian corn anyway—why not use your kids' creations instead? They'll supply the same colorful, autumnal vibes—but they'll make use of leftover packaging too. And most importantly, they'll have fun in the process.

Get the tutorial at Kiwi Co.

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Paper Bag Monster Puppets

Story time just got a whole lot scarier—er, more hilarious. These funky paper bag puppets are sure to be a hit with your children.

Get the tutorial at I Heart Crafty Things.

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Moss Terrarium

Just because it's no longer summer doesn't mean there isn't a way to keep some nature around. These mini terrariums require no fancy equipment, and as long as they place each layer in order, there's no real way for your kids to “mess up” here either.

Get the tutorial at Parent Pretty.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Plate Wreath

Paper plates, construction paper, and googly eyes are a tried-and-true recipe for crafting success. But that ultra-creative red balloon detail is what really stole our hearts.

Get the tutorial at I Heart Crafty Things.

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Monster Lollipops

Yes, kids really can make their own Halloween candy! This edible project isn't just fun and cute; it's unbelievably easy too—just so long as you're supervising closely and helping out.

Get the tutorial at Happy Go Lucky.

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Turkey Mason Jar

Lay out the supplies, offer just a bit of assistance, and watch as your kids' imaginations take flight. This Mason jar craft will bring out the best in them—and it could be another perfect gift for their teachers, should you choose to part with their masterpieces!

Get the tutorial at Local Adventurer.

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DIY Paper Basket

We love the idea of making these baskets together with your children, then taking them on a walk to fill the paper pails up with leaves, small stones, and other natural fall wonders. It's the perfect opportunity to teach them about everything our beautiful planet has to offer!

Get the tutorial at Sewing Rabbit.

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Celery Stamped Owl Craft

This might be the only time you don't want your kids to eat their veggies! Have your little ones use a celery stalk to stamp feathers on this paper cutout.

Get the tutorial at Crafty Morning.


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Yarn Wrapped Mummy

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Glow Stick Broomsticks

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Paper Strip Turkey

There's no reason to stop at the store to get supplies for this bird: You ly have all the materials you need in your craft closet.

Get the tutorial at Housing a Forest.


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Watercolor Fall Leaf Wreath

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Coffee Filter Ghost Lollipops

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Contact Paper Sticky Wall Fall Tree

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Paper Plate Hedgehog Craft

Put fallen leaves to good use with this adorable animal-shaped idea.

Get the tutorial at Easy Peasy and Fun.

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Painted Acorns

Collecting the acorns will be just as much fun as painting them in a swath of autumn colors.

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Mummy Mason Jar

This craft can double as a candy jar or a luminaire with a battery-operated tea light.

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48 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids – Easy DIY Ideas to Make for Thanksgiving – WomansDay.com

11 Adorable DIY Toddler Crafts For Fall

Annie O'Sullivan

Depending on how you look at it, holiday decorating can be exciting or stressful (or a combination of the two, if we're being honest.) And trying to do it when you have little ones running around just adds to the chaos. If you’re looking for a way to decompress some of that stress, and have fun with the kids, try these 48 DIY Thanksgiving crafts that double as decorations!

Because why stick with store bought when you can hand make all your Thanksgiving decor right in your kitchen and with the help of your kids? With projects as small as napkin holders and as large as floral centerpieces, there is a DIY Thanksgiving craft for kids of any age, and for any budget! Let the kids help you decorate this upcoming season with these 48 fun Thanksgiving crafts that are easy to do, cheap to make, and can be easily added to your home as soon as they are created!

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Turkey Centerpiece

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Birch Bark Wreath

Dress up a blank wall or door with this lovely birch bark wreath.

1. To make the leaves, trace leaf cookie cutters on to the backs of natural bark strips. Then use a knife to cut them out.

2. Next, adhere half of the bitch leaves around a 20″ foam wreath form with hot glue. As you work, mix the leaf shapes for an eye-catching look.

3. Hot-glue 5/4″ wooden cubes on the backs of the remaining leaves, then layer them onto the wreath to create a 3-D display.

What You’ll Need: Leaf cookie cutters ($6, Amazon)

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Gratitude Calendar

Turn your 30-days-of-gratitude posts into a meaningful display on your wall at home. Outfit an empty frame with horizontal lengths of twine and clip on numbered leaves (we used a gold paint marker and stencils). Each day of November, write something you're grateful for on a paper tag and put it behind the leaf that displays that date.

What You’ll Need:Twine ($7, Amazon); clothespins ($7, Amazon); gold paint marker ($6, Amazon)

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DIY Thanksgiving Cards

For loved ones who are far away, a “just because” card is just right for this time of year. Start with a store-bought blank card and stamp on a sweet sentiment, then try these easy embellishment ideas.

Lone leaf: Use a craft punch to make a leaf; layer over patterned paper. Attach to card and write a message.

Spotted feathers: Add brushstroke stripes and rows of dots using gold and white paint markers, then hot-glue feathers in place.

Pumpkin patch: Stack and secure three or five 1″ orange paper circles with foam mounting tape, then glue on green paper vines.

What You’ll Need:Leaf craft punch ($15, Amazon); paint markers ($11, Amazon); foam mounting tape ($7, Amazon)

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Thanksgiving Time Capsule

Count your blessings with this colorful time capsule. Fill a small jar with notes and tiny mementos tied with ribbon. Place it inside your cornucopia centerpiece, or display it alone.

What You’ll Need: Glass jar ($19, Amazon);assorted ribbon ($16, Amazon)

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Ombré Corn Husk Wreath

Arrange husks so that the darkest shade is in the back and the the lightest is front and center.

Wearing gloves, set four medium plastic bins on a covered surface.In each, mix 6 cups of warm water, 3 Tbsp vinegar and 1 cup Rit liquid fabric dye( from craft store) in desired colors.

2. Soak dried corn husk (from grocery stores) in the mixture for 20 minutes; rinse with water and let dry on newspaper. Place husks between two thin towels and iron flat.

3. Hot-glue a few layers of dyed corn husks around a 12″ foam wreath form to create a sunburst shape. Attach a loop of wire to the back with hot glue and use to hang.

What You’ll Need: Fabric dye kit ($18, Amazon)

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Personalized Tea Towels

Tea towels with recipes from your loved ones make for a special decoration or gift this year. With Avery Light Fabric Transfers, just follow the instructions to print and then iron it onto a white tea towel. While the iron is hot, use fusible web tape to attach ribbon trim. Try this craft with a photo of a loved one's handwritten recipe card!

What You’ll Need: Avery light fabric transfers ($12, Amazon)

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Pumpkin Placecards

These place cards double as notes that let your family and friends know why you're thankful for them. Use a craft knife to cut a triangle in the end of a paper strip, then make a slit in the stem and slide it in.

For the polka-dotted pattern, place small glue dots around the pumpkin and sprinkle with fine glitter.

For the double-dipped pattern, apply spray paint to the pumpkin, then brush the bottom half with graft glue and gently press into a bowl of glitter.

What You’ll Need:Spray paint ($12, Amazon);gold glitter ($5, Michaels)

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Keepsake Centerpiece

Capture a year's worth of family milestones and memories with a cornucopia centerpiece. Tuck a time capsule (see next slide) into the bottom of the basket and top with a bouquet of handmade crepe-paper flowers, pushing in a disc of floral foam first to keep the stems in place.

What You’ll Need:Cornucopia basket ($20, Amazon); assorted tissue paper ($4, Michaels); floral foam disc ($6, Amazon)

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Turkey Napkin Holders

These charming napkin holders are sure to be a hit with your family and friends. Glue the adorable turkey face onto the base, adding on his tiny details and twisting the accordion-folded napkin to hold it up in place.

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Turkey-Trot Garland

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Playful Place Cards

SET SAIL: Stamp your guest's name onto a sail cut from cardstock. To create this craft, use a marker to trace the template onto brown felt; cut out. With a needle and thin twine, whipstitch the edges together.

Cut a 3″ x 4″ rectangle from off-white cardstock. Use a 1/8″ hole punch to make a hole in the top and bottom. Stamp the guest's name in black ink, then push a 5″-long skewer through the holes and into the felt boat.

Fill with wrapped candies.

SCENTED SETTING: Trim a notched card from cardstock and write the name in marker. Punch a hole near each corner, then insert the ends of rosemary sprigs to create an arch above and below the name.

HIGH SHINE: Spray-paint large leaves (maple and oak work well) in metallic copper. When dry, use a permanent marker to add the name in script.

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Apple Candleholders

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Pumpkin Vase

Grab your kids and have them help you transform the star of fall into a beautiful centerpiece. Once you scoop out pumpkin seeds and fill with your favorite flowers, place the display on slabs of wood.

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What You’ll Need:Wood slabs ($13, Amazon)

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Maize Centerpiece

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DIY Decorative Pumpkins

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Turkey Paper Craft

Hand your kids a stack of colorful paper, some scissors, and the instructions for this turkey to keep them entertained while the food cooks!

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Pilgrim Crayon Cups

Grab some black cups and you can whip up these cute kids' table crayon holders in no time.

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Turkey Corner Bookmark

When the adults are convening in the living room for after dinner drinks, set up a craft corner for the kids where they can make these turkey corner bookmarks.

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DIY Utensil Holder

If they weren't already excited for dinner, just wait until your guests see these specialized utensil holders.

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Wheat Cloches

We bet you've never considered swapping out fresh flowers for wheat. To make this easy craft, bundle a small handful of wheat and tie with twine. Then, turn a cloche upside down and top with a vase.

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What You’ll Need: Glass cloche ($20, Amazon)

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Thanksgiving Place Setting

Let festive turkeys tell your guests where to sit — and continue to show off to friends and family when you tell them you made them by hand.

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Turkey Treat Bucket

This one is for the kids — but we won't blame you if you grab a few candies from this festive bucket ever time you pass it.

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Turkey Finger Puppet

Liven up the kids table this holiday by handing out these adorable turkey finger puppets after dessert and telling them to come up with a show.

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18 Adorable DIY Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

11 Adorable DIY Toddler Crafts For Fall

Thanksgiving is the perfect season to bring the warm glowing colors of autumn inside. These 18 kid-friendly DIY Thanksgiving crafts and art projects can be made in the classroom—during art class or as stations at your fall party.

Or you can make them at home with your own family—think Thanksgiving morning, to distract hungry tummies from all the delicious smells and keep the “is it ready yet?”s to a minimum.

So do just a bit of pre-planning, gather your materials, and craft away!

These beautiful bottles are easy to create using leftover wine bottles, twine, hot glue and fabric flowers.

SOURCE: just imagine

Glue colorful buttons onto popsicle sticks. Then hot glue the popsicle sticks to a sheet of cardstock, leaving enough at one end to overlap. Glue into a circular shape.

SOURCE: bredesigned

3. Velvet Pumpkins

Velvet pumpkins of various sizes are all the rage these days. Create these beauties with stretch velvet, a foam pumpkin form, twine and felt.

SOURCE: Lia Griffith

4. Corn Wreaths

Hard to believe this whimsical wreath was created using bubble wrap! See the full directions in the link below.

SOURCE: Purely From the Heart

This seasonal banner lends the perfect touch to your Thanksgiving decor. Go on a nature walk to find all the natural elements that form each letter.

SOURCE: parents.com

6. Cork Turkey Place Card Holders

These little turkeys are so adorable, they may not sit on the table as place card holders for long.

SOURCE: parents.com

Felt, burlap, and a few simple stitches are all it takes to create these colorful napkin rings.

SOURCE: realcoake.com

Sure to make everyone at your table smile, this handmade bread basket can be a group project, with each person at your table contributing an original feather.

SOURCE: Family Fun Houston

What a sweet way to think about all the things we are grateful for. All it takes is orange and green construction paper, staples and a Sharpie.

SOURCE: The Moffat Girls

What parent or grandparent could resist a handmade gift this adorable turkey pin? Wear it with pride as you celebrate turkey day.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

Another simple sewing project, even little hands (with a little guidance) can stick this lovely garland together.


Create a rainbow of ombre pinecones to decorate your mantle or sideboard with.

SOURCE: Whimzeecal

Kids will be fascinated with the artistic process involved in this craft. And the results speak for themselves!

SOURCE: One Little Project

Who wouldn’t want these cute little guys on their Thanksgiving table as a centerpiece?


Gorgeous, luminous, and easy to make.

SOURCE: sparkandchemistry.com

16. Pumpkin Candles

Made from all natural materials, these seasonal candles are a perfect gift for parents, teachers, or friends.

SOURCE: Momtastic

These cute little gobblers take a little bit of fine motor coordination to make, so they would be a perfect fit for a buddy or parent-child activity.


Here’s a craft that, much the beloved classic, the hand turkey, marks a moment in time with little ones’ tiny fingerprints.

SOURCE: Little Page Turners

Do you have favorite DIY Thanksgiving crafts? Share in the comments below.

Source: https://www.weareteachers.com/diy-thanksgiving-crafts/