11 DIY Duct Tape Crafts That Your Kids Will Love

Three Last-Minute Halloween Duct Tape Projects Your Kids Will Love

11 DIY Duct Tape Crafts That Your Kids Will Love

Halloween is just days away, but you still have plenty of time to pull off a few more fun seasonal crafts! From masks to pumpkins to front door decor, DIY your way to the perfect spooky holiday! These crafts are fun to do with the kids or on your own!

Huge thanks to Duct Tape Queen, Richela Fabian Morgan, for sharing a couple of super simple and really adorable Halloween crafts that you can make with your kids right now. this minute! Seriously, the supplies are so basic that you probably have most of them on hand! For the rest, a quick trip to your local Walmart, Target or even hardware store will finish off your list. Check them out!

Project #1: Spider Web Door Sign

Materials: black, orange, and gold duct tape, oversized sheet of paper (ideally 18″ x 24″),  parchment paper.

Tools: pencil, ruler, scissors, white grease pencil

1. Fold the oversized sheet of paper in half lengthwise, then fold in half crosswise. From the folded corner, draw a diagonal line to the opposite corner. You should now have two triangles. From the same corner, draw two more diagonal lines, dividing each triangle in half.

2. Starting at the bottom left corner, draw slightly U shaped line upward, connecting to the left end of the diagonal line above it. From this point, draw another U shaped line to the next diagonal line, and repeat until you reach the top right corner of the folded paper.

3. Starting approximately 2″ inward from the bottom left corner, repeat step #2.

4. Starting approximately 4″ inward from the bottom left corner, repeat step #2. You should now have 1/4 of a spider web pattern.

5. Carefully cut out the top two lines of the web pattern, cutting each drawn line approximately 1/4″ thick. Leave the middle part intact. Unfold the paper. This is the web template. Set aside.

6. Using black duct tape for the front side and gold duct tape for the back side, make a double-sided duct tape fabric measuring 18″ high and 24″ wide. (See instructional video below )

7. Take the web template and place it on top of the fabric. Trace the template onto the fabric. Remove the template and cut the web pattern the fabric.

8. On the parchment paper, draw a spider. (You can also do a Google search for “spider drawing” and trace any free illustrations.) Cover the drawing with orange duct tape. Flip over the parchment paper and you can still see the drawing. Cut out the drawing. Remove the parchment paper from the back of the spider and place it on the web.

9. On the parchment paper, draw “Boo!” in large bubble letters. Cover the drawing with gold duct tape. Flip over the parchment paper and you can still see the letters. Cut out the letters. Remove the parchment paper from the back of the letters and place it on the web.

Project #2: Pumpkin Stickers (Faux Jack O’Lantern)

Materials: black duct tape,  parchment paper,  pumpkins

Tools: pencil, scissors

1. Draw Jack O’Lantern faces on the parchment paper.

2. Cover the drawing with black duct tape.

3. Flip over parchment paper. You can see the drawing through the parchment paper. Cut out the Jack O’Lantern face pieces using scissors.

4. Remove the parchment paper from the back of the face pieces and place on the pumpkins.

Project #3: Masks: Three Different Looks Using the Same Template

1. Plain Mask

Materials: black duct tape, parchment paper, gauge wire

Tools: mask template, grease pencil, scissors

1. Print and cut out mask template.

2. Make a double-sided duct tape fabric measuring 6″ high and 8″ wide. (See instructional video: https://youtu.be/6YZSNYyy57w )

3. Trace the mask template onto the fabric using the grease pencil. Cut out the mask.

4. Align the top slits so the eye holes of the mask are almond-shaped. The top of the mask should become rounded and contoured. Close the slits with small pieces of duct tape.

5. Pull the side slits of the mask towards each other, which closes up the V space. Hold it in place with small pieces of tape. This should further round and contour the mask.

6. On the inside of the mask, tape a 1″ piece of wire across the nose. Then bend the mask in half vertically.

2. Bird Mask

Materials: yellow and black duct tape

Tools: scissors

1. Make a plain mask.

2. Cut 10″ strips of yellow duct tape. Place them on the worktable lengthwise with the sticky side facing up. Fold in half lengthwise by pulling up the bottom edge toward the top, but not all the way up. Leave approximately 1/4″ strip of the sticky side exposed at the top.

3. Starting at the bottom edge, cut out long triangles from the folded strips that measure approximately 1/4″ wide. Be sure the wide base of each triangle is at the top sticky edge.

4. Add the feathers to the mask. Work one side at a time, either the left or the right. Start the nose and work your way around the outer edges of the mask. Be sure the point of each feather faces out. As you add the feathers, try to space them evenly.

5. Add a small black strip of duct tape vertically over the nose.

3. Feather Masquerade Style Mask

Materials: white, fuchsia, and black duct tape

Tools: gauge wire, scissors

1. Make a plain mask.

2. Using the fuchsia duct tape, make a flower. (See instructional video: https://youtu.be/cYDMUg0pJIo ) Cut out petals.

3. Attach the fuchsia flower to the right side of the mask using small pieces of black duct tape.

4. Cut a 10″ strip of white duct tape. Place them on the worktable lengthwise with the sticky side facing up. Place a 10″ piece of wire lengthwise in the vertical center of the tape strip.

Cut a second 10″ strip of white duct tape and place it lengthwise over the first strip, sticky side facing down. At one end, cut an upside down V shape.

Starting at the pointed end, cut narrow V slits along the sides toward the middle of the strip, almost touching the wire in the center. This is a feather.

5. Repeat step 4 for a second feather.
6. Attach the two feathers to the right side of the mask, behind the fuchsia flower.

Richela Fabian Morgan began her duct tape odyssey 8 years ago with a simple bi-fold wallet, before writing the best-selling crafting books Tape It & Make It, Tape It & Make More, and Tape It & Wear It. She is an indie crafter specializing in paper, adhesives, and found materials.

Her newest duct tape crafting book, Duct Tape Bags, is available nationwide. For more information, please visit, www.RichelaFabianMorgan.com and connect with her on , www..com/CraftyRichela, Pinterest, www.pinterest.com/craftyrichela and Instagram, @richelafm.

For more fun duct tape projects, make sure to check out Fabian Morgan’s Channel, www..com/user/CraftyRichela.

Source: https://www.prettyopinionated.com/2016/10/three-last-minute-halloween-duct-tape-projects-your-kids-will-love/

23 Duct Tape DIYs That Will Have You In Awe

11 DIY Duct Tape Crafts That Your Kids Will Love

Duct tape may not be your very first choice when it comes to crafting supplies, but it’s actually quite versatile. And now, this trusty toolbox staple can be bought in a variety of colors and even some patterns too! From accessories to the house, let’s take a peek at 23 duct tape DIYs that will have you in awe.

1. Waterproof Beach Bag

Family Fun shows us how to take a beach bag an some duct tape and turn it into a waterproof piece of fun for your next vacation. Take a peek now!

2. Credit Card Wallet

Over at I Love Doing All Things Crafty you can learn how to whip up a wallet just for your credit cards. Keep all of them neat and tidy with this little project.

3. Feathers

Creative Me Inspired You knows how to dress up a package. Learn how to whip up these feathers and decorate your loved one’s next gift.

4. Gold Striped Fridge

Thanks to Rachel Schultz we no know how to take a boring old fridge and turn it into a stylish piece of the kitchen’s over all decor. It’s so easy!

5. Gift Wrap

The Sweetest Occasion gives us a gift wrapping idea as well. Learn how to take some duct tape and top your presents with a snazzy bow.

6. Bows

Of course you can make hair bows too. In all colors and patterns this nifty tape comes in, learn how to create this funky accessory in no time. (via)

7. Messenger Bag

Dukes and Duchesses teaches us how to create an entire messenger bag with the help of some duct tape. The kiddos will love this one!

8. Homework Caddy

Aunt Peaches got some duct tape and empty cartons and creating something brand new to keep the countertops a bit more organizing. Mail and homework have a new home!

9. Switch Covers

If you can fin  some sparkling duct tape, you can create some super fun light switch covers too. Check out the idea at The Crafty Blog Stalker.

10. Garland

Pen & Paper Flowers made some dainty garland that we’re swooning for. Just imagine all the possibilities with this project!

11. Zipper Pouch

Whip up a zipper pouch for the kiddos with some help from Scattered Thoughts. Legos, lipgloss and more can fit inside this little bundle.

12. Wallet

Frugal Fun shows us how to make a classic wallet. This too would be a great project to get the kids involved with.

13. Corner Bookmarks

Where are all the readers out there? Make your own corner bookmark by visiting Duck Brand and snagging all the details.

14. Key Wristlet

Crafty Soccer Mom will never lose her keys again with this DIY. Keep them right on your wrist in a trendy and adorable way!

15. Bracelet

The gals of the house would love to spend an afternoon diving into this project with their pals. They can get so creative with different colors and patterns and help from Craft Whack.

16. Boutonniere & Corsage

Simply Designing shows off their tutorials for creating both a boutonniere and corsage. They’re perfect for pairing with an entire duck tape ensemble.

17. Napkin Rings

Almost Makes Perfect make some stylish and modern geo napkin rings. Set the table with a dose of sophistication and creativity.

18. Luggage Tags

Karen Kavett shows us ow to make some luggage tags too! Personalize them and get creative!

19. iPhone Case

Yes, you can even make a case for your cell phone some trusty duct tape. Just check out the tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts.

20. Doll Backpack

Doll Diaries teaches us how to tape duct tape and turn it into a backpack for our dolls. This too is a great idea for the kids to get involved in.

21. Pencil Pouches

Ginger Snap Crafts makes some fun and personalized pencil pouches. It’s a great back to school project or something to surprise your kids with.

22. Chapstick Holder

How can you not love this little chapstick holder? Artsy Creations gives us a great solution on how to never lose our gloss again.

23. Lunch Bags

And finally, even our lunch bags can be jazzed up a bit. Create some snack bags and sandwich pouches quite easily!

Source: https://www.diys.com/duct-tape-crafts/

50 of the BEST Duct Tape Crafts for Kids

11 DIY Duct Tape Crafts That Your Kids Will Love

This post may contain affiliate links.

Duct Tape crafts are seriously the coolest!  If there is one craft supply we go through quickly at our house it is Duct Tape.  My boys use it for everything and this summer they are spending hours pouring over Tape it & Make it.(Which is such a fun craft book!) So I decided to put together 50 Duct Tape Crafts that kids can enjoy.

Duct Tape Crafts

These Duct Tape Crafts can involved children of all ages.

If you love these Duct Tape Crafts, you may also :

25 Stellar Star Wars Crafts

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50 of the BEST Duct Tape Crafts for Kids was last modified: February 4th, 2018 by Kara

Source: https://thejoysofboys.com/duct-tape-crafts/

What to Make with Duct Tape: 90 Easy Duct Tape Crafts for Kids

11 DIY Duct Tape Crafts That Your Kids Will Love

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Source: https://www.allfreekidscrafts.com/Miscellaneous-Crafts-for-Kids/What-to-Make-with-Duct-Tape-Easy-Duct-Tape-Crafts-for-Kids

10 Fun Ways to Play With Tape | CBC Parents

11 DIY Duct Tape Crafts That Your Kids Will Love

It’s amazing how kids can take a fairly mundane household item and turn it into hours of imaginative fun.

I was reminded of this recently when my eldest son got his hands on a roll of painter’s tape I’d picked up from the dollar store. He wasn't making a mess, he was on mission.

My son worked tirelessly to tape and re-tape a handful of cardboard tubes to the wall to craft the ultimate pom-pom run.

You'll Also Love: 8 Creative Ways to Beat Cabin Fever Without Spending a Small Fortune

From there, he moved on to adding tape to various toys to create something new. He transformed a pylon into a lunch bag, and then took a pair of toilet paper rolls and made them into binoculars. Who knew that a single roll of tape could be such a powerful boredom buster?

Whether you’re trying to beat the after-school blahs or looking for new ways to keep your littlest ones entertained, reach for the tape and give these fun and easy activities a try.

1. Peel Back the Layers

What you’ll need:

  • a flat surface
  • a roll of tape (or rolls in various colours)

For wee ones with busy fingers, this simple tape activity is just the ticket. Layer strips of tape on a flat surface, such as a highchair tray or coffee table and let your little one work to peel them off, piece by piece. In addition to making a ripping sound they’ll love, this activity will help your kiddo strengthen their fine motor and concentration skills. 

2. Rip Up Sticks

What you’ll need:

  • a handful of craft sticks
  • a roll of tape

Once your child has mastered the art of tape removal, increase the difficulty by taping an object, such as a craft stick or a small toy, to a flat surface and have them peel the tape until the item is free.

3. Walk the Line

What you’ll need:

  • a large section of bare floor
  • a roll of tape

Balance and coordination skills will get a workout with this activity that’s perfect for keeping kids active indoors. Simply tape a path on your floor and have your kiddo follow it, they're traversing the highest tightrope. 

4. A DIY Balance Game

What you’ll need:

Take those balance and coordination skills one step further! Start by making a snowflake pattern with your tape, and write a number at the end of each strip. Have your child stand in the centre of the snowflake with their hands on their hips. Then, ask your child to stand on one foot and use the other foot to tap each number as you call them out at random. Switch feet, then try it again!

5. Make Your Own Car Track

What you’ll need:

  • a large section of bare floor
  • toy cars
  • assorted blocks and other toys (optional)

Let your wee one design their own roadway with a roll of tape, and a few extra toys to act as bridges and tunnels. Will your kiddo build a racetrack or a whole city block? This one is all about imagination. 

6. Try an Open-Ended Building Activity

What you’ll need:

  • a roll of tape
  • materials from your recycling bin

Who doesn’t love a good STEM challenge? Hand over a roll of tape and a basket of building materials (think empty yogurt containers, cardboard tubes, tissue boxes, etc.) and see what your little ones can create.

7. Paint a Tape-Resist Masterpiece

What you’ll need:

  • blank paper or inexpensive canvas
  • painter’s tape
  • paint
  • brushes

Your little artist is sure to love this colourful painting project. Start by having your child create a pattern on their paper or canvas using painter’s tape.

They might choose to spell out their name, or go for a more abstract approach. When the design is taped, let them loose with some paint and brushes to cover the entire surface (including the tape) in bright colours.

Once they’ve finished painting, peel up the tape and let them admire their latest masterpiece! 

8. Pom-pom Obstacle Course

What you’ll need:

  • a roll of tape
  • a pom-pom
  • a straw

It doesn’t take much to create this giggle-inducing obstacle course! Just tape a winding path on a large surface, and see if your child can navigate a pom-pom through the maze using only a straw and their own breath. To make things even more fun, add a second course and turn it into a race.

9. An Easy DIY Matching Game

What you’ll need:

Put your rolls of decorative washi tape to good use with this sweet DIY matching game. Simply stick a piece of tape to one side of a pair of craft sticks, and repeat until you’ve created a whole set. Place the sticks tape side down on a flat surface, and take turns flipping them with your child until you uncover matching pairs.

10. Make One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

What you’ll need:

  • craft sticks
  • washi tape or duct tape
  • boiling water
  • a heat-safe container
  • a small glass or mug

Feeling creative? Help your child make their own stylish bracelet using craft sticks, and washi or duct tape. To begin, you’ll need to soak wooden craft sticks in boiling water for one to two hours, or until the sticks are pliable enough to gently curve without cracking.

Fit the curved stick into a glass and allow it to dry completely (this may take several hours — best to leave it overnight). Carefully remove the wooden bracelet from the glass, and let your child wrap it using the tape of their choice. These make great friendship bracelets, or sweet handmade gifts for special occasions.

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/parents/play/view/ten-fun-ways-to-play-with-tape

11 DIY Duct Tape Crafts That Your Kids Will Love

11 DIY Duct Tape Crafts That Your Kids Will Love

Duct tape is a great material to use in various crafts, from home décor to children’s toys. Today I’d to share some simple tutorials to amaze and excite your kids with duct tape, and you can create anything from a key chain to a real toy, let’s get started.

Get your kids fashionably back to school with these adorable animal bags made …duct tape! All you need is some colorful tape and scissors to craft up a few of these darling accessories for your tot or child.

DIY duct tape animal bags for kids (via www.hellowonderful.co)

Bees are fascinating little creatures and they are extremely important to our ecosystem. The coming of summer means there will be bees, and if you have little ones around it’s important to teach them respect for these beautiful flying insects. This simple duct tape bee craft is ideal for that!

DIY duct tape bee craft (via craftsbyamanda.com)

There is something so exciting about new school supplies! A brand new pack of pencils and a blank notebook are just full of potential and promise, don’t you think? Duck tape is a fun and easy way to add some custom flair, especially because it comes in so many colors and patterns, so it will be a base of this craft.

DIY duct tape pennant pencil pouch (via persialou.com)

A duct tape watch is a fun idea for every kid and will help to teach him or her to get used to watching the time and being on time. Make this one reading the tutorial!

DIY duct tape watch (via mermagblog.com)

Your kids can enjoy the ease of personalizing these picture frames using creative duct tape. These colorful picture frames would be wonderful to give as gifts or use it to decorate a room. This is an easy activity to do and will be enjoyed by children and adults.

DIY colorful duct tape decorated picture frames (via www.createwithmom.com)

This DIY mini patterned notebook is the perfect size to slip into your kid’s purse or keep in a drawer next to the bed. Heck, you could store multiple notebooks all over since these are pint sized!

DIY mini duct tape decorated notebook (via www.blitsycrafts.com)

Do you have a Mickey and Minnie Mouse fan on your gift list? Make these adorable gift card holders from duct tape and give your gift cards in true Disney style! Step by step instructions will help you create these holders in a snap.

DIY duct tape Mickey and Minnie card holders (via https:)

It’s no secret that monster crafts are among my favorites. I’ve made them from canning lids, cardboard tubes, cereal boxes and many other recycled items. This craft will show you how some colorful duct tape and old CDs or DVDs can transform into fun and quirky monsters.

DIY duct tape CD and DVD monsters (via craftsbyamanda.com)

Everyone knows that duct tape is extremely popular, and for good reason. It’s easy to work with and a great mess-free way for kids to decorate just about anything. I had this idea to cover a foam sheet in duct tape and use it as a corkboard. If you don’t have any sheets at hand, you can always use a Styrofoam wreath.

DIY monster corkboard of a wreath and duct tape (via craftsbyamanda.com)

Little boats will keep your kids busy and happy for a long time. This tutorial will tell you how to make a little sailboat made mostly upcycled materials.

DIY duct tape sailing boat (via www.nalleshouse.com)

This cute fish duct tape piece can become a gift topper, a key chain or anything else you want, and the tutorial is pretty easy and won’t take much time to realize.

DIY duct tape fish key chain (via www.createwithmom.com)

Source: https://www.shelterness.com/duct-tape-kids-crafts/