8 Bright And Fun DIY Onesies For Baby Girls

26 Pregnancy Announcement & Sibling Announcement Ideas

8 Bright And Fun DIY Onesies For Baby Girls

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Time to Make a Baby Announcement?

Starting a family and growing one is a special time. Sharing the great news is part of the fun. Here are 26 pregnancy announcement and sibling announcement ideas that might help for when you need to announce your wonderful news!

1. Baby Onesie

Some things are worth the wait! Take a photo with these super cute personalised baby clothes as a way of sharing your excitement, or gift Gran & Pop personalised baby bibs featuring your own personal pregnancy announcement message.

This couple’s excitement is summed up with the words ‘can’t wait to meet you‘. Express your thoughts and customise your own onesie with Bright Star Kids to capture this moment in time & make a baby announcement that you’ll remember forever.

2. Chalkboard Notice

Isn’t this a simple and lovely way to make you pregnancy announcement. 

3. Announcing Twins

Expecting twins? This is a simple baby announcement idea that suits all types of pregnancies.

4. Confetti Fun

I love how this pregnancy announcement picture captures the absolute joy and excitement of their news.

5. Chalk Wall Announcement

What a clever way of showing what is to come for this couple. Notice her chalkboard pregnant tummy! What a clever baby announcement idea!

6. Chalk Floor Announcement

How gorgeous is this pregnancy announcement picture! Love the creativeness of this announcement and it’s so easy to do!

7. One Child Expiring

I love how they have captured the sibling’s feeling of not being the only child anymore! There are loads of cute designs that you can add to this tee to create the perfect sibling pregnancy announcement. Check them out here.

Is there anything cuter than a little sibling announcing the fact that they’re going to have a new best friend? These sibling pregnancy announcement designs can be personalised in a bunch of different ways.

8. Humorous Siblings

As far as funny pregnancy announcemenMore than one kid? capture their thoughts this person did.

9. Sad Silbing

Just too cute for words! A very sad soon to be big sister.

10. Promotion

How proud does this handsome boy look at his impending promotion.

11. Fury Friends

How wonderful that they were able to capture this with a compliant dog & cat.

Including your fury friends with the growing family announcement is very cute.

12. Tie Breaker

Having already had a boy and girl makes the 3rd impending birth a tie breaker.

13. Dr Seuss Fun

This family must love Dr Seuss – a novel way of announcing a 3rd ‘thing’.

14. Eviction Notice

Just hilarious! Post a picture of the eviction notice you’ll give to your kid.

15. Growing Family

A fun way of showing a growing family with the baby inside the mummy – a future baby boy.

16. Santa Wish List

This would make a cute Christmas card given to friends and family in sharing your ‘wish come true’.

17. Super Hero Sidekick

Does your little man or woman love pretending to be a super hero? Then they would definitely need a side kick  all good super heros do.

18. Baby Shoes

A pair of baby shoes says it all.

Little shoes coupled with your love of sport (or anything that you both enjoy) makes a great and fun way to announce.

19. Beach Fun

Share your love for the beach with this fun way of announcing.

20. Pregnancy Life

Being pregnant means giving up a few things wine & soft cheese – but worth it all!

21. Older Sibling’s Shirts

Celebrate your child’s upcoming promotion with these super cute personalised sibling announcement shirts. 

What a great way to announce to the world how excited your family is to welcome a new member!

22. Best Friend Coming

A new little best friend on the way is so exciting!

23. Little Buddy

If mum & dad enjoy doing something, it’s always thrilling to share that enjoyment with an impending little buddy.

24. Telling Grandma

What a lovely way to announce to your parents that they might be Grandparents! Gift them with this apron and see their faces light up with the news! 

Or surprise them by letting them unwrap a personalised Hello Grandma and Grandpa onesie.

25. Gift to Family & Friends

Want a fun way to gift your friends & family along with an announcement? This wine label will do the job.

26. Pregnancy & Gender Reveal

A gorgeous way of announcing not only the pregnancy but a gender reveal. A picture worth keeping for the adventures ahead.

We hope you have been inspired by these pregnancy and sibling announcement ideas. If you know someone who’s expecting, check out these gorgeous personalised baby gifts. Share yours with us today.

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8 Bright And Fun DIY Onesies For Baby Girls

8 Bright And Fun DIY Onesies For Baby Girls

If you are expecting a little princess to appear in your life or your friends are expecting one, this roundup is for you! We’ve gathered the coolest and cutest DIY onesies for baby girls that you can easily make or just take a ready one and personalize it. Get inspired and make some baby happy!

Do you have a new baby coming into your life? Maybe a grand baby, a friend’s baby or your own baby? Want a special gift that is easy to make with your own personalized touch? There is no sewing necessary when making this easy DIY baby Onesie Gift. You just iron, draw, cut and iron. By the way, the DIY Baby Onesie Gift also makes a wonderful idea for an activity at a baby shower.

Put up a couple ironing boards, set out Onesies and fabric, and give these instructions to the guests. Let them create their own designs and sayings for the baby. Have a variety of sizes and colors of Onesies for the guests to choose from. Then there will be fun Onesies to pull out and use for the next couple of years!

DIY pink onesie with colorful letter appliques (via welcometonanas.


Personalize a store-bought onesie to make a practical yet adorable baby gift, and the best part, you don’t necessarily have to know how to sew. A ruffle-embellished onesie makes the perfect baby shower gift. See how to turn a plain onesie into a boutique-style fashion in less than an hour.

DIY polka dot ruffle bottom onesie (via www.diynetwork.com)

Who said that girls’ onesies are only about pink and red shades? This one is none of that kind, it’s black and white, with cute ruffles and polka dots. Give a plain baby onesie a formal look by adding ruffles at the neckline – it’s gonna be super cute and girlish!

DIY black and white polka dot onesie with ruffles (via www.diynetwork.com)

Add a pretty metallic vibe to a plain store-bought onesie with this easy, no-sew craft. Functional yet fashionable, polka dots are an easy and inexpensive embellishment for the trendiest of tots.

If you are working with a tank top onesie, simply tie the bows directly onto the straps and you are done. If working with a short-sleeve onesie, make the bow as you normally would.

Then use a thread and needle to make a few stitches along the back center of the bow to the front of the onesie in various spots to secure.

DIY polka dot and gold bow onesie (via www.diynetwork.com)

There are tons of designs available to spruce up any onesie you want but I’m totally head over heels about this piece – a pink mermaid onesie! It’s very cute and very girlish and I love the bright colors it features. Transferring this design to a plain onesie is easy using an iron, then just add a headband in matching color. Enjoy!

DIY pink oneside with a mermaid design (via everydaypartymag.com)

Having a little birdie at home? Then make a cute baby onesie with pink birds on it and she’ll look super cute and girlish! You may also transfer this design not only to onesies but also to pillows or baby bedding to continue the theme in the nursery. Have fun crafting!

DIY pink birdie onesie (via coastalkelder.com)

Metallic touches are extremely popular everywhere – in outfits, home décor and other spaces. Spruce up a neutral onesie with gold foil to make it bold and trendy. The imperfect look is a cool and stylish idea, it’s very bold and your baby girl (or boy) will shine bright a diamond. Read the tutorial to make such a stylish piece.

DIY distressed gold foil onesie (via squirrellyminds.com)

This chic onesie is ideal for girls – it features a bright floral applique made with buttons. Read how to recreate such a fun and bright flower and make a fun and cool baby girl onesie using some old buttons. Voila!

DIY colorful button flower onesie (via thecraftingnook.com)

Source: https://www.shelterness.com/diy-onesies-for-baby-girls/

Custom Dyed Baby Onesies • PMQ for two

8 Bright And Fun DIY Onesies For Baby Girls

I am in baby prep mode over here. It’s a nice distraction from all the other important stuff going on. That being said, I tried my hand at some custom dyed baby onesies using Rit Dye‘s line of fabric dyes, and my Cricut. Fun was had by all, least of which the cats who I tried the onesies on after.

Check out my Dyed Wood Baby Toys

*Rit Dye sponsored this post, but all thoughts are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make PMQ for two possible.

After dying all those fun food toys for this kid, I had enough dye left to try my hand at some onesies. I’m not seeing the type of variety I want in stores, and without knowing the gender its kind of tricky to make what I need, until now that is.

I chose some gender neutral shades with fun text, and got to work.

How to Dye A Onesie

Ok so this may be super obvious, but in case it’s not we’re gonna go through it here! Basically, to dye clothing you need a few things: fabric dye, colour fixative, boiling water, a giant bucket, rubber gloves, and a measuring spoon (I used the Tablespoon)

I chose Kelly Green, Aquamarine, Lemon Yellow for these spring time onesies, but the process holds for any item of clothing.

*Adorable chicks with glasses and bowties not included.

You’ll start by boiling an entire tea kettle of water. You need enough water to completely submerge the fabric, so that no parts are rubbing together, and no parts are sitting above the water. The more space it has to move around, the more evenly the dye can attach itself.

For each colour, I used a full kettle + 5 tablespoons of dye. Give it a good stir before you add the fabric, since you want the dye to be evenly distributed throughout the bath.

While the item is submerged, use something to swish it around so that the water is flowing around it evenly.

Once you’re happy with the colour, take your bucket to the sink and turn on the cold water tap. Fill the bucket until it overflows, and leave the water running until the overflow is clear.

Wring out the onesie, and let it dry. Repeat the process with the others!

Using the Colour Stay Fixative on your Dyed Onesies

I highly encourage you to use the colour stay fixative, especially since you’ll ly be washing these a few times. Follow the instructions on the back of the label, but you basically repeat the process using the fixative solution, instead of the dye.

Works every time! You can also check out the guide on their site if this seemed too vague for you.

Customizing your Dyed Onesies

I knew I wanted more than just dyed onesies, so I pulled out my Cricut to add some fun text and graphics to the front of them. I went with white iron-on so that it would really make the dyed onesies pop.

Check out my guide to the Cricut, including how to upload your own images files

You can grab the files I used on my design space account. The “poppin bottles” graphic is part of the Cricut Access, but the other text is written by me. You can also use the pre-cut letters you find in the craft store, it’s really up to you.

Since I’m using the iron-on vinyl, I also pulled-out my Cricut Easy Press, because it really is that much easier to use than the iron, plus I wanted to get a good press on these tiny onesies without ruining them.

You can see the designs I chose below.

Pretty sure Bruce, Boots and Toby + baby makes the coolest gang out there, but what do I know? I’m just the chump that has to care for them.

The Boobs, Bottles, Burps is because lists are so hot right now #mugatu

My Custom Dyed Baby Onesies

Between the Rit Dye colours, and my Cricut machine, I think I can make just about anything under the sun, including a line of limited edition Drake quote onesies. You into it? lmk

Also, do you dig my Suzie homemaker look? I thought it would go with the whole “doing laundry” schtick. Who are we kidding, I don’t wear an apron unless I baking.

Source: https://www.pmqfortwo.com/custom-dyed-baby-onesies/

30 Best Baby Costume Ideas for 2019 – DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

8 Bright And Fun DIY Onesies For Baby Girls


To make your baby’s first Halloween one for the books (in your memory, anyway), you need to go way beyond a basic pumpkin onesie when it comes to costume options.

After all, your little one’s only going to be this small, cuddly, and willing to be dressed in whatever you choose for so long, so why not make the most of it? Whether you want to DIY your baby's Halloween costume or shop infant Halloween costumes online, we have some adorable, affordable, and comfortable ideas.

Celebrate your first October 31 as a family or or take your toddler out trick-or-treating in style with these baby girl and baby boy Halloween costumes. Your heart will flutter once you see your infant as a pineapple or teddy bear—or have a good laugh parading a mini Bob Ross or Princess Leia through the neighborhood.

Don’t leave the newborn the older sibling or couples costume coordination this year either—dress your baby as Hedwig to coincide with a Harry Potter theme, or turn your little one into a mini lobster as you and your spouse look the chef part. Little one hasn't arrived yet? Check out our creative costumes for pregnant women and group costumes for families.

1 of 30

Penguin Baby Costume

Here's to the coolest (get it?) baby Halloween costume you'll see this year. It's an adorable penguin!

2 of 30

DIY Astronaut Baby Costume

Your childhood astronaut dreams might not have come true, but it's not too late for your baby! It doesn't get more out-of-this-world than a mini NASA astronaut-inspired baby Halloween costume.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.


3 of 30

Baby Owl Costume

Hoo wouldn't love to wear this fluffy costume inspired by the famed Harry Potter owl, Hedwig? No magic is required to bring this no-sew baby Halloween costume to life.

Get the tutorial at Make Life Lovely.


4 of 30

Sushi Baby Costume

Forget lovable little baby rolls. This sushi roll baby Halloween costume, featuring a hand-sewn onesie and headpiece, wins in the adorableness department. 

5 of 30

Bat Halloween Costume for Baby

Sew scalloped swatches of black fabric to the arms of his onesie, and cut holes in his stocking hat for eyes. Voila! A bouncing baby bat Halloween costume.


6 of 30

Chef and Lobster Parent-Baby Costume Idea

Babies are so cute, you almost want to eat them up. Play into that idea by dressing yours as a lobster. Throw on a chef's hat for a hilarious parent-baby Halloween costume idea.


7 of 30

Cat Costume for Babies

With a little finessing, earmuffs make sweet (and snuggly) cat ears for your baby. It's a classic baby Halloween costume for a reason!

Get the tutorial.


8 of 30

Grandma Halloween Costumes for Babies

9 of 30

Baby Newborn Halloween Costume

If your little lamb's cries sound more a lion's roar, we found a fitting baby Halloween costume for her or him. Of course, you'll want to layer over a long-sleeved onesie to combat the cold.

10 of 30

Baby Pumpkin Costume

We'd certainly pick this little cutie a patch! Here's a baby Halloween costume that's as classic as it is fun.

12 of 30

Carrot Costume for Newborn Babies



Swaddle your newborn babe in a snuggly wrap and hat that double as an adorable Halloween costume. We're smitten.

13 of 30

Superman Baby Bunting Costume


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your tough little guy dressed up in a Superman costume for his very first Halloween.

14 of 30

Oatmeal Bear Baby Costume

We promise you'll love this cozy baby bear costume a ton. It's especially perfect if October 31 is chillier than expected. 

17 of 30

DIY Strawberry Halloween Costume

Your little strawberry will look cute enough to eat. Try this sweet, fruit-inspired baby Halloween costume!

Get the tutorial at Say Yes.


18 of 30

Baby Dobby the Elf Costume

Calling all Harry Potter-loving parents! This baby Halloewen costume's so easy, a muggle could make it.

Get the tutorial at Sisters What.


20 of 30

DIY Baby Princess Leia Costume

We love the idea of a truly homemade baby Halloween costume, and this one doesn't disappoint. Your baby may not have enough hair yet to pull off this Star Wars costume, but you can craft her a wig with yarn.

Get the tutorial at Repeat Crafter Me.


21 of 30

Doughnut Costume

22 of 30

Baby Bee Halloween Costume

More “ba-bee!” This baby Halloween costume is sure to be buzz-worthy. 

23 of 30

Baby Cow Costume

24 of 30

Elvis Costume for Newborns


Your little one can be “The King” this Halloween with this sweet baby costume! Blue suede shoes optional.

25 of 30

Little Flower Costume

Pick this pretty baby Halloween costume this year. It's simple and memorable!

Get the tutorial at Your Wishcake.


26 of 30

Baby Hamburger Costume

This baby burger costume will bring a big smile to trick-or-treaters' faces. Ketchup and mustard are the accessories of choice here!

Get the tutorial at C.R.A.F.T.


27 of 30

Mummy's Munchkin Baby Onesie

There's nothing scary about this adorable baby Halloween costume! You can make it yourself with just a white onesie, gauze, and googly eyes.

Get the tutorial at Eighteen25.


28 of 30

DIY Pineapple Costume

29 of 30

Baby Chicken Costume

30 of 30

Baby Fish Costume

This is a perfect costume for your baby's first Halloween. It's just as cozy as it is adorable!

Get the tutorial at See Vanessa Craft.


Source: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g4537/best-baby-halloween-costumes/

Best Places to buy Baby Girl Clothes

8 Bright And Fun DIY Onesies For Baby Girls

In my last trimester of pregnancy, I may or may not have ordered a drawer of adorable little outfits imagining all the photo opps with my newborn baby. But I was in for a rude awakening when she wasn’t even interested in getting a onesie over her head let alone having a fashion show with mommy.

After adjusting to the realities of parenthood (so much poop… so much laundry…), I found a few go-to places for pieces that are cute but more importantly, practical. Here I wanted to round up some favorites over our past 14 months, from small handmade shops to bigger, very affordable retailers.

And boy moms, fear not, most of these brands cater to both genders!


What I love: very affordable, practical basics and layering pieces that Nori wore in constant rotation.

  • Cloud Island brand zipper footies – 3 pack for $12.99 (new mom MUST HAVE). My friend gifted us a few sets of these in each size from newborn through 12 months, and Nori literally lived in these. The 100% cotton is on the lighter side so good for summertime or layering, and size up because these shrink after machine washing & drying. Features I love: reverse zipper for quicker diaper changes while parents are in zombie mode, foldover mitts for scratchy hands, and elastic behind the ankles to keep the footies in place.
  • Side snap onesies for easy on and easy off, especially during fussy times or diaper blowouts.
  • Surprize by Stride Rite shoes recommended by my mom friends for after your little one starts walking.
  • Cat & Jack cozy, soft fleece joggers for toddler girls (4 colors) and boys.

Comfy in her Cloud Island zipper footie, H&M cardigan, Poshknots hat


What I love: fun pieces for everyday wear that are a little pricier, but 100% worth it due to quality and the # of wears we get our few pieces from here. My favorite three practical styles that wear & wash well:

  • Lets dance dress in short or long sleeves. Nori wore this to death so it was also worth every penny. A seemingly simple dress, but the swingy circle skirt silhouette is super cute, the touch of stretch is comfortable for traveling in, and the high quality, smooth cotton was very gentle against her sensitive eczema-prone skin. This dress is lined in the bodice with the same cotton fabric so no irritation from inner seams some other brands. I’ve been buying this dress continuously in bigger sizes as she outgrows her smaller ones!
  • Pants with foldover feet. Soft basic with an unexpected feature that we loved, because sometimes baby feet need to breathe and sometimes they need to be bundled up.
  • Skirted bodysuit with snap bottoms. They need to make this in a dozen patterns. When Nori was a crawler, regular dresses and tops just rode up, and now that she walks, she s to lift them over her head ; ) I looked all over the web for dresses with built in snap bottoms and these were perfect!

Left: M+A skirted bodysuit // Right: M+A lets dance dress


What I love: the preppiest little outfits in organic cotton from a feel-good company.

One of my favorite brands for girls and boys! I usually point friends here when shopping for family photo outfits. It was started by the former CEO of Gymboree and touts more sustainable and ethical practices. Their girls and boys sizing goes from 3 months to 16 years, which overlaps with their baby section sized for newborn – 12 months (so check both departments if you have an infant!).

I will admit, ponchos and dresses were far from practical during Nori’s infant stage, but became more so after she could stand up and walk. A few items I’ve ordered include their Bow sweater dress, Puff shoulder cardigans (see houndstooth below), boys Elbow patch boys cardigan (for a gift).

4. Cheerily

What I love: cheeky onesies & tees for the mini foodie that also make adorable gifts.

Inspired by Nori’s mixed heritage and our love for food, Nick collaborated with Cheerily (a small woman-run business) to design these very lightweight, stretchy cotton onesies that layer well.

They’re comfy for Nori to sleep in during summertime and light enough for us to layer under long sleeve zipper onesies when it’s cold. Keep an eye out for new designs coming this holiday!


What I love: custom and handmade pieces from small women-run businesses.

  • Little Bee Mocs for handmade leather moccasins in tons of colors, for less than half the price of Freshly Picked (I compared the two and quality is very, very similar). At first I though the elastic opening was a pain to get on and off, but these stay on better than socks or velcro tab shoes once baby figures out how to rip them off! I got optional rubber soles added on to ours after Nori started standing. They gave me code JEAN15OFF to share!
  • Turbans for Tots for adorable handmade beanies, hats, headbands and bows. Their baby bows are made with a super stretchy and lightweight nylon band. Alas, Nori won’t keep anything on her head anymore but these accessories were cute while they lasted!
  • Not a practical piece, but Bag Lady Greats custom made the mandarin dress that Nori wore for my Grandparent’s 60th anniversary and was amazing to work with. She communicated with me to choose fabric, clasps, piping, made adjustments to measure, and the finished product was perfect.


What I love: random, affordable finds that arrive in a pinch! Some favorites in order of age ~

  • Kids Tales zipper onesies. As soon as Nori sized the Target Cloud Island footies, I went on a hunt for bigger options and discovered these. They are fabulous with a double zipper (for easier diaper changes), fun prints, and fold-over feet and hand covers. As a result, these were great for traveling and flying in. I will say that some of the bigger sizes and prints felt a different material, and the fabric around the zipper sometimes got a little warped drying on high heat. We have 4 of these and my favorite is the pineapple print!
  • Lil Sleepies bamboo zipper onesies – these are actually NOT on Amazon but on the topic of footed sleepers, these are awesome. 2-way zipper, foldover hands and feet, plus super soft, stretchy, and lightweight so are especially nice in the summer. Only sizes up to 12-18 months have the foldover covers sadly. Due to the fabric, these are the only foldover mitts that she cannot break free from as a toddler!
  • Owlivia Organics zipper onesies. If you do not need foldover hands and feet, these are made of thicker 100% organic cotton and great for cooler weather. My one complaint is the zipper is not a reverse one (un the Kids Tales and Target Cloud Island) so your little one’s chest gets exposed more during diaper changes.
  • Non slip grippy socks for when your little one starts crawling or standing. These stay on nicely and have good grip, but gripping strength does lessen a bit with frequent wash & drying. I pop these on over her slippery footies or tights “booties” when at home.
  • Hair clip and elastics set. So cute, now if only she’ll stop discarding anything that we put in her hair ; )
  • Fleece lined cable sweater. For toddlers, this is a thick sweater with extra insulation via the cozy lining, so I use this as Nori’s outermost layer when we go out on brisk days. Size 12-18m fits oversized on her at 14 months. 

Owlivia Organics cheetah print zipper onesie, Topknots hat


What I get: layering knits – cardigans and ribbed leggings! Sizing in these pieces run a little big.

At 14 months, Nori still wears 9-12m in their cardigans and knit leggings (I layer the ribbed leggings over her Old Navy ones when we go out in the cold).

We also used this cozy, practical bear suit with an easy full-length zipper and foldover feet and hands all last winter.

Zara has some similar girls pieces but I think their little boys clothes are the cutest (and a go-to for my boy mom friends!).


What I get: winter gear, layering basics and festive holiday pieces! Our most worn items from here include:

  • The popular bear cardigan in 5 colors
  • Holiday fleece zipper onesies
  • Quilted zipper onesies for wearing over regular onesies when going outside. I sized up on these and layered them over the Target ones.
  • Ruffle butt leggings – slim and stretchy, these fit better than some other brands.
  • After trying on a couple options I just bought this water-resistant winter coat (use code SMILE for 40% off) which has a practical zipper with easy snap button closure, and the faux fur trim on the hood is removable. Over a dozen mamas messaged me saying they actually buy this coat for their little ones in a bigger size every year because they love it so much!

Left: Holiday fleece zipper onesies // Right: puffer coat

Keep these coming. Love to beautiful family.
Can’t believe how much.mom. shaming you have to read

Source: https://www.extrapetite.com/2019/10/best-places-to-get-baby-clothes-girls.html