DIY Floor Lamp Combined With A Bedside Table

  1. Delightful Upgrades: 25 Creative Bedside Lighting Ideas
  2. Trendy Bedside Pendants
  3. Get Innovative!
  4. Embrace the Geo Movement
  5. Adaptable Sconce Lighting
  6. New-Age Table Lamps
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  8. Light Up The Living Room With These 25 DIY Floor Lamps!
  9. 1. Glass
  10. 2. Wooden Tripod
  11. 3. Wine Corks
  12. 4. Ornaments
  13. 5. Industrial Pipe
  14. 6. Rope
  15. 7. Copper
  16. 8. Modern
  17. 9. Sticks
  18. 10. 3-Levels
  19. 11. Galvanized Pipes
  20. 12. Natural Beacon
  21. 13. Asian-Inspired
  22. 14. Vintage Tripod
  23. 15. Copper & Branch
  24. 16. Contemporary
  25. 17. Upcycled
  26. 18. More Pipes
  27. 19. Cords
  28. 20. Peony
  29. 21. Neutral Wood
  30. 22. Copper Top
  31. 23. Side Table
  32. 24. Music Stand
  33. 25. Wooden Column
  34. Modern Light Fixtures You Can DIY This Weekend
  35. DIY Tripod Floor Lamp
  36. DIY Hula Hoop Lamp
  37. DIY Rose Gold String Lights
  38. DIY Sunburst Medallion Light Fixture
  39. DIY Neon Light bulb Lamp
  40. DIY Metallic Pendant Sconce
  41. DIY Industrial-Style Pendant Lamp
  42. DIY Glass Pendant Light
  43. DIY Concrete Pendant Lights
  44. DIY Nesting Bowl Pendants
  45. DIY Modern Bent Plywood Light Fixture
  46. DIY Mid-Century Modern Brass Pendants
  47. DIY Copper and Wood Hanging Lighting Fixture
  48. DIY Sisal Rope Pendant
  49. DIY Monkey Knot Pendant Cord
  50. DIY Floor Lamps – 15 Simple Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home
  51. Hockey Stick Floor Lamp
  52. Rustic
  53. Branch
  54. Combined with a bedside
  55. Old books
  56. Industrial lamp
  57. Pipes
  59. The DIY Lamp Guide 101: Choosing the Right Light Bulb
  60. 1.  Wattage
  61. 2.  Check the label information
  62. 3.  Brightness
  63. 4. Light color
  64. 5. Types & Shapes
  65. 6. Dimmable Bulbs
  66. 7. Mercury Content
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  69. 35+ Beautiful Floor Lamp Ideas & Designs (Modern + DIY) For 2020
  70. Where can you use floor lamps?
  71. How do I arrange my living room floor lamps?
  72. How do you fix a wobbly floor lamp?
  73. How many lamps should be in a room?
  74. Floor lamp design ideas
  75. 16. Quirky floorlamps with Kalakaari Haath graphics
  76. Conclusion
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  78. Remodeling 101: Bedside Lighting
  79. Why have bedside lighting?
  80. What’s the best height for bedside lamps?
  81. What are the most popular types of bedside lighting?
  82. 1. Table Lamps
  83. 2. Wall-Mounted Lamps
  84. 3. Pendant Lights 
  85. 4. Task Lamps
  86. 5. Floor Lamps
  87. Tips for bedside lighting selection and placement:

Delightful Upgrades: 25 Creative Bedside Lighting Ideas

DIY Floor Lamp Combined With A Bedside Table

Looking for a way in which you can alter the ambiance of a bedroom without plunging yourself in a major decorating revamp.

Then lighting fixtures are undoubtedly the best option! Lighting can dramatically alter the appeal of an interior without trying too hard and you will not have to do anything drastically different in regards to the theme, color scheme of the room or even the placement of décor.

While the traditional table lamp placed on the bedside table seems the obvious choice, we bring to you a host of creative, stylish and trendy ideas that venture beyond the mundane. It is time to give bedside lighting a brilliant upgrade!

Ingenious bedroom lighting from Twils

There are plenty of factors that determine your choices when it comes to picking the right bedside lamps.

It is often a smart blend of functionality and aesthetics that gets the job done along with the right spatial arrangement and existing recessed lighting in the room.

From pendants to sconces, table lamps to floor lamps, here are 25 splendid bedside lighting ideas to get you started –

Trendy Bedside Pendants

If there is one trend in bedroom lighting that has caught on pretty rapidly in the last couple of years, it is the use of pendants as bedside lighting.

Bedside pendant lights save precious space, free up the bedside table surface for and allow you to illuminate even the tiniest of bedroom corners with ease.

Of course, the look as beautiful in larger bedrooms as they do in small, apartment bedrooms and you can even combine a couple of small pendant lights or try out cascading chandelier look to take captivating bedside lighting to a whole new level!

Minimal lighting fixtures for the small bedroomModern bedroom decor from Gruppo TomasellaPendant lighting next to the bed can save precious square footageRound bedside tables with pendants above and a low-slung bedWooden frame gives the bed a modern, yet natural vibeBedside pendants free up space while providing more even illuminationMinimal and contemporary pendants for bedside lighting

Get Innovative!

When top designers across the world are getting creating with pendant and bedside lamp designs, why should you fall behind when it comes to using them in the bedroom! Get creating this spring and summer by combining a table lamp on one side of the bed with pendant light or floor lamp on the other to paint of picture of quirky contrast. LED strip lighting that is built into the bed frame is also a fun option for those who do not want too much accent of task lighting and would prefer a more moody, romantic bedroom.

LED strip lighting can also provide striking bedside lightingStar-studded brilliance – Exquisite lighting fixtures dazzle with cascading brillianceFrench design inspiration at its stylish best from GautierMetallic floor and table lamps are perfect for the industrial bedroom

Embrace the Geo Movement

Want to give bedroom a smart geometric focal point without having the change the backdrop? Exquisite pendants that bring geo patterns ranging from the simple triangle, to complex polygons are the perfect way to do precisely that.

These ultra-modern lamps definitely feel sculptural additions and demand as much attention when they are switched off during the day time as the do after sunset.

Once again, you can free up the space on the bedside table of nightstand by removing the need for a table lamp while also benefiting from the style upgrade.

Fabulous bedroom in gray with sparkling bedside pendantGoregous bedside pendant lights from Bontempi CasaSnazzy pendant lights from Gruppo DoimoChevron pattern in the backdrop adds to the geo style of the bedroom

Adaptable Sconce Lighting

Speak of space-savvy lighting and sconce always tend to spring to mind instantly as they require absolutely no foot space and are incredibly adaptable as well.

Sconces in the bedroom trump pendants for when it comes to settings that are specifically crafted for bibliophiles and those who spend an hour or two each night glued to their iPads before sleep.

It is flexible arms of sconce lights that make them such a hit and with the wide range of sizes and styles on offer, they feel as much at home in tiny kids’ rooms as they do in large, luxurious bedrooms.

Oversized sconce lighting for the kids’ bedroomUltra-slim lighting fixtures disappear into the backdrop!Felxible and adaptable sconce are great for booklovers

New-Age Table Lamps

If you are starting to think that we despise bedside table lamps for some concealed reason, then that is definitely not true! Pendants, sconce and even floor lamps allow you to switch from the more tried and tested bedroom setting of a bed with two bedside tables and matching table lamps to a pattern that is more fun and innovative. But those who still prefer the simplicity and convenience of a table lamp can also join in on the trend without seeming outdated. The trendy inspirations below lead you onto this new path!

Dark and modern bedside table lamp with flexible armHandmade Glass table lamp steals the show here!Relaxing modern bedroom inspiration from Treca InteriorsTiny table lamp in gray provides ample illuminationBeautiful crystal table lamp brings cheer to the settingCombine contrasting bedside table lamps for a unique look

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Light Up The Living Room With These 25 DIY Floor Lamps!

DIY Floor Lamp Combined With A Bedside Table

Who knew that you could create your own floor lamp design too! Thankfully, there are tons of great inspiration and projects floating around the Internet. Light up the living room, bedroom or even the craft room with these 25 DIY floor lamps!

1. Glass

The Nester showed us how to make a super simple and chic glass floor lamp. With a bit of innovation and shopper’s knowledge, you can do it too.

2. Wooden Tripod

Hey There Home was inspired by a design from West Elm and learn how to create one that was quite similar. Jump on over and learn how to create this wooden tripod for yourself!

3. Wine Corks

We’re loving this funky DIY. Put all of those saved wine corks to use and add a bit of color too! It’ll be such fun addition to your home office or craft room. (via)

4. Ornaments

What about using some Christmas ornaments in your DIY floor lamp design? Visit All Things Thrifty and catch all the details.

5. Industrial Pipe

How About Orange used some pipes, threw them together and came up with this fun and trendy design. If industrial style speaks to you, then you’ll want to take a closer look at this tutorial.

6. Rope

A bit of rope can go a long way, at least that’s what we learned at The Lily Pad Cottage. If you want to add a rustic or nautical vibe to any space of the house, add some texture this!

7. Copper

HomeWork Design Co made a gorgeous copper floor lamp design that we’re swooning for. It’s an industrial feel but with that rose-gold tone you have a bit of femininity too.

8. Modern

Visit Ohoh Blog and learn how to create this modern floor lamp design. With some wood and some copper pieces, you too can get innovative and creative.

9. Sticks

If you’re looking for some rustic inspiration, then hop on over to Decor8 to learn how these floor lamps. Made with sticks, it doesn’t get anymore country-inspired or natural than this.

10. 3-Levels

We’re loving this funky and functional design too. It’s a side table, there’s storage availability and there’s three levels of fun here! (via)

11. Galvanized Pipes

The Shabby Creek Cottage utilized some galvanized pipes in her design. It’s simple but it’s also incredibly trendy and fashion-forward.

12. Natural Beacon

HGTV combined a lantern with some wood in their “natural beacon” floor lamp design. This too is innovative, creative and easy to replicate at home.

13. Asian-Inspired

Check out BHG for the details behind this Asia-inpisred design. It’s textural, it’s natural and it’ll fit into a variety of spaces around the house.

14. Vintage Tripod

Dream Book Design found a vintage tripod and turned it into a fun floor lamp! We love this upcycled creation, follow the details after the jump.

15. Copper & Branch

A bit of branch and a bit of copper come together beautifully in this floor lamp design. Visit Design Sponge for the tutorial and know-how.

16. Contemporary

Simple and chic, this contemporary design is one of the most versatile on the list. Found out how to create one for yourself without spending an arm and a leg. (via)

17. Upcycled

Savvy Apron used a bit of this and a bit of that and had it come together for a fun finish product. Upcycling is the best when you can get this stylish and creative in the end!

18. More Pipes

by gabriella used pipes for her industrial design too. Again, it’s super simple but it has that masculine, contemporary feel that’s super trendy right now.

19. Cords

Ana White brought together a but of wood and cords for a really creative DIY floor lamp design that we’re loving. And we really love the pop of color in this look too!

20. Peony

For something extra outside-the-box and funky, you’ll want to visit Carte Fini. Add this to the little one’s room or wherever  you need a bit of texture and romance.

21. Neutral Wood

The Merrythought made a neutral, wooden tripod design that is quite inspired as well. This can hold a bit of paint too if you want to add some color.

22. Copper Top

If you really love copper, you’ll want to check out this easy tutorial too. With a copper top, you’ll add a bit of modernism and color. (via)

23. Side Table

Shelterness combined a side table and a floor lamp and made it into one great design. It’s traditional in its pieces but its creative in its finish.

24. Music Stand

The Painted Hive used an old music stand for the foundation of their floor lamp. It add some industrialism to the room but also some vintage vibes as well.

25. Wooden Column

A wooden column is always a good choice too. It’s also simple but will add that rustic charm that everyone welcomes into you space. Visit My Sweet Savannah for the details.


Modern Light Fixtures You Can DIY This Weekend

DIY Floor Lamp Combined With A Bedside Table

When the days are getting darker, how can we make our style shine a bit brighter?

Enter these DIY light ideas. They’re sleek and simple enough to add a modern touch to your home, and easy enough for even beginner DIY-ers to tackle as a weekend project.

Some are made from unexpected items laying about your home, others from a quick trip to the hardware store.

With a little elbow grease and entry level electrical knowledge, you can be on your way to a new light fixture for your home.

Want to upgrade your interior without paying top dollar for designer pieces? Looking for a project to brighten the weekend? These DIY light fixtures will shine a whole new light on your style.

Collect this ideaImage: sarah m. dorsey designs

Shop These Products Now: Tripod Floor Lamp – Throw Pillow Covers

DIY Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod flood lamps have been a hit this year. This $35 DIY beats the price of the $400 Design Within Reach floor lamp it was modeled after. Besides, you can customize the legs and shade to your own color liking.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: Brit + Co.

Shop These Products Now: Pendant Lights – Iron Side Table

DIY Hula Hoop Lamp

This hula hoop lamp is just the right amount of funky for a minimalist home. Plus, it’s made for $300 less than the original — which is something worth shaking your hips for.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: By Gabriella

Shop This Product Now: String Lights

DIY Rose Gold String Lights

Who doesn’t have too many strands of cheap Christmas lights? These rose gold string lights give a whole new look to the green plastic look we’re used to with just a coat of spray paint. We’re betting you’ll leave them up long after the holidays.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: A Beautiful Mess

Shop This Product Now: Sunburst Light Fixture

DIY Sunburst Medallion Light Fixture

We have all considered upgrading the traditional dome lights that builders grace homes with too many of. Channel your mid-century modern side and give the classic ceiling lamp an upgrade with this sunburst medallion light fixture.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: I Spy DIY

Shop This Product Now: Neon Bulb Lamp

DIY Neon Light bulb Lamp

Here’s an idea: this neon light bulb lamp with a concrete base. We’re pretty sure this should be on the desk of any stylish thinker.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: Sugar and Cloth

Shop These Products Now: Pendant Sconce – Small Pots

DIY Metallic Pendant Sconce

Sugar and Cloth put their own spin on the popular bulb-and-cord sconce by adding a metallic cord and simple wall bracket — which frees up nightstand space and adds height variation to your bedside scene.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: Kittenhood

Shop This Product Now: Pendant Lamp

DIY Industrial-Style Pendant Lamp

You know that old fan sitting in the corner of your basement? This DIY shows you how to turn it into an industrial-style pendant lamp with just a few simple steps. We love the coat of neon, too.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: My Pattern of Life

Shop This Product Now: Glass Pendant Light

DIY Glass Pendant Light

No fan to recycle? Grab an old vase (or pick up a cheap one fron your local thrift shop) and make this modern glass pendant.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: Homemade Modern

Shop This Product Now: Concrete Pendant Lights

DIY Concrete Pendant Lights

‘DIY’ and ‘concrete’ aren’t two words we often group together, but this foolproof method will have you pouring a pro in no time. Consider these pendants for mood lighting above a bar or kitchen island.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: Good Housekeeping

Shop This Product Now: Bowl Pendant Lights

DIY Nesting Bowl Pendants

These beautiful nesting bowls got a true design flip to become pendants. We the design (and shadows!) cast by the cutouts in the material, but any style bowl would work to create a dramatic look.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: Curbly

Shop This Product Now: Modern Light Fixture

DIY Modern Bent Plywood Light Fixture

This bent plywood lighting fixture is the perfect bedside lamp for minimalists and modern style lovers. Ne bedside table needed.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: Mod Frugal

Shop These Products Now: Modern Brass Pendants – Vase Decor

DIY Mid-Century Modern Brass Pendants

Constructing this mid-century is definitely no walk in the park, but your hard work will definitely pay off with this stunning centerpiece for any room.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: Vintage Revivals

Shop This Product Now: Mid Century Pendant Light

DIY Copper and Wood Hanging Lighting Fixture

Similarly, this mid-century piece is another reason to break out your toolbox. There are also endless possibilities for wood and metal combinations. We’d also love to see this look with clear bulbs.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: DIY Network

Shop These Products Now: Hanging Pendant Lights – Wooden Dining Table

DIY Sisal Rope Pendant

Making your own sisal rope pendant is actually much easier than it looks. We’re also fans of more simple versions of these for parties and holiday decorating.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Collect this ideaImage: Monster Circus

Shop This Product Now: Rope Pendant Lamp

DIY Monkey Knot Pendant Cord

A good-looking knot will earn you some serious style points. This DIY takes you through how to tie a monkey knot that you can add to any pendants cord.

Find the instructions for how to create your own here.

Are you considering a DIY upgrade for your lighting? We’d love to hear what you and if you’re planning to try any of these projects. Send us a message in the comments section below or on our social media sites.


DIY Floor Lamps – 15 Simple Ideas That Will Brighten Your Home

DIY Floor Lamp Combined With A Bedside Table

Personalize your home with accessories you’ve made yourself such as, for example, a DIY floor lamp or a tripod lamp. They’re easy to make, useful and amongst the most popular types of home accessories. You could, of course, just buy a lamp. But why miss the opportunity of adding a personal touch to your home’s décor? Here are 15 ideas to choose from.

Hockey Stick Floor Lamp

View in gallery

There are lots of things you can use for building a floor lamp. A hockey stick is one of them. Here’s what you have to do: buy a cheap and simple floor lamp and replace the rod with the hockey stick. You’ll have to measure it first and make it fit.{found on paintspeckledpawprints}.


View in gallery

To make a rustic floor lamp you can use an old lantern. Wire the lantern and give it a makeover if you want. A fresh coat of spray paint should be enough. Then build the rest of the lamp. You can use leftover pieces of wood to make a a sturdy base.{found on hgtv}.


View in gallery

Wooden floor lamps are particularly interesting because each one is unique. Here’s a simple idea: a floor lamp with a tree stump slice as a base and a branch as a rod. Mark where you want the rod to go, drill a hole and glue the pieces together. Then drill a hole through the branch to insert the copper pipe through.{found on designsponge}.

Combined with a bedside

View in gallery

You can save space by combining two elements in one. This is both a floor lamp and a bedside table. Take a simple bedside table and drill a hole for the cord to go through. Fix the baluster to the tabletop with glue and then add the lampshade and the bulb.{found on site}.

Old books

View in gallery

Decorate an already existing floor lamp to make it look more interesting. An unusual idea can be to take bunch of books and drill holes through each of them. Then take apart the lamp and insert the books onto the rod. It will definitely be a conversation piece.{found on iamfishermansdaughter}.

Industrial lamp

View in gallery

This floor lamp has an industrial design and, although it may seem complex, it’s not that difficult to make. It’s made of an old tomato cage. It’s not something you see every day and it definitely has a dramatic impact on the room’s décor.{found on sincerelyco}.


View in gallery

How about a pipe lamp? It’s a great opportunity to use your imagination and create something unique. First collect various kinds of pipes and then spray paint them. You’ll also need wood spindle pieces. Lay out the pieces on the floor and combine them in various ways until you get the shape you want. Run the cord through the pieces and then glue them together.{found on nelliebellie}.


View in gallery

Tripod floor lamps are very easy to make and this particular one has one of the simplest designs. Find 3 wooden legs for the lamp and drill a small hole through each of them. String the wire though each hole, make sure the legs are stable and rest the socket in the top cylinder. Tighten the wire and that’s all.{found on loconcepts}.

View in gallery

If you want to add a modern touch to your lamp, then make it as simple as possible. You can also add some color. This one was made using a pendant cord set. It’s very easy to assemble and you can also customize it with your choice of color.{found on colorcord}.

View in gallery

You can make your own version of a designer floor lamp. This one has copper legs and a black lampshade. The lampshade can come from another lamp but you can also make one yourself.{found on sarahmdorseydesigns}.

View in gallery

Here’s a tripod floor lamp made using an actual tripod. You also need a lamp kit for the project. Install the wires and the socket. Once you’ve done that, the hard part is over. Just get a lampshade and your tripod floor lamp will be complete.{found on site}.

View in gallery

This one is similar. It’s a floor lamp also made using pretty much the same materials. The lampshade is different and the base looks a little different as well. It’s a perfect example to show you how you can personalize each design and each project.{found on site}.

View in gallery

If you don’t want it, you don’t have to use a lampshade. This lamp was made using an antique tripod. A pendant socket was threaded through the top of the tripod and then the light bulb was added. It’s an interesting accent piece.{found on rogerandchris}.

View in gallery

This one was made using a music tripod. It has a nice patina and a little bit of rust, enough to give the lamp a rustic look. Remove the sheet music holder, attach the lamp switch to the tripod and then insert the power cable into the hollow shaft. Wire the outlet and attach the lamp switch. Then add a lampshade and you’re done.{found on thepaintedhive}.

View in gallery

As you can see, making a tripod floor lamp is fairly easy, especially if you already have a tripod to begin with. But you can also make one using three wooden rods. Use cord or thread to keep them secure and then assemble the lamp kit.{found on elisepod}.


The DIY Lamp Guide 101: Choosing the Right Light Bulb

DIY Floor Lamp Combined With A Bedside Table

So you’ve achieved the “impossible”: you rewired a lamp base start to end without electrocuting yourself aaand it looks amazing. Congratulations! Now it is time to add the finishing touch to your new lamp: the light bulb. 

Choosing the right light bulb for a lamp should be pretty basic, right? Well, it’s not going to be just that hassle free if you don’t pay attention to a few details.

Light bulbs come in many, many different options, shapes, wattage and lumen capabilities, color profiles and functions. To help you find the right light bulb for your lamp, we put together this short guide.

Hopefully, it is going to make it a lot easier and safer to shop for bulbs.

1.  Wattage

The first thing people know about choosing light bulbs is to look at their wattage amount aka the amount of energy a bulb can produce. This can range between 40-watts to 120-watts.

Expert’s Advice: Never exceed the maximum wattage recommended for your lamp.

For example, when using our electrical lamp wiring kits it is not recommended to use a light bulb with a wattage over 60 watts.

Bedside table lamp with 60 Watt Soft White (2700K) Philips LED Bulb

2.  Check the label information

Always check the labels on lighting bulbs. In the US retailers are required by the U.S Federal Trade Commission to display on product labels information such as brightness, estimated yearly cost, life expectancy, light appearance, energy used and mercury information. 

Expert’s Advice: To get the best two (light output and length of life) compare the lumens (the amount of light the bulb gives off) and life expectancy of light bulbs in the same wattage ( the amount of energy a bulb uses) category.

If you’re opting between LEDs and other bulbs, know that the first have a much better lifespan, lasting up to 3 times more than CFL and 20 times more than an incandescent light bulb.

And from the looks of it, LEDs are only going to get more affordable and an increased lifespan. There is US legislation that mandates LEDs producers to make their light bulbs to be at least 70 percent more efficient than the incandescent bulb by 2020.

We highly recommend using Edison Style (E26 or E27) LED bulbs with our electrical wiring kits due to their low heat and energy output.

3.  Brightness

A light bulb’s brightness is measured in lumens. If you want a light bulb that will help you save energy, the advice here is to find the lumens you need and select the light bulb with the lowest wattage.

Expert’s advice: If you have a lighting fixture that is meant to light up an entire room, a pendant lamp, chandelier, ceiling fixture, look for a light bulb with a higher number of lumens.

The recommendation is usually to go above 1000 lumens for lighting fixtures in large spaces. Basically, more lumens means more brightness.

If you’re looking for a light bulb for your table lamps or sconces, which are not meant to light up the entire room, you can go with bulbs with fewer lumens.

4. Light color

Light color or light appearance is essential when adding the final touches to your lamp. Choose the wrong light profile for your room and you’ll dent your lamp’s charm. Remember lamps are more than design, they are all about the mood they set when lit up.

Light color is measured on the Kelvin (K) temperature scale – the lower it is, the more yellow is the light. If you’re looking for whiter or bluer light, select light bulbs with values higher on the Kelvin scale.

Take this into consideration when designing your lampshade, the color, fabric or material thickness and embellishments will dim the intensity of the light through the shade.

Expert’s Advice: Light bulbs between 2500K-3000K have a warm white color profile and are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. They will give off a welcoming, intimate and calming light.

On the other hand, bathrooms, kitchens and work spaces benefit more from bright white and cool white light bulbs. These will have between 3500K and 4100K.

If you’re a reader or spend a lot of time in your office, your reading lamp’s light bulb should have somewhere between 5000K to 6500K.

Soft White (2700K) LED bulbs are ideal for use in table and floor lamps, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways or ceiling fixtures.

5. Types & Shapes

There are several types of light bulbs available, but they have such various styles, shapes and wattage that it’s really hard to make a choice. The 4 types of light bulbs are LED (1), halogen (2), CFL (3) and incandescent (4). You can use energy-efficient CFL, LED and incandescent light bulbs for all kinds of lamps: table lamps, sconces, floor lamps, pendants or ceiling fans.

1. Philips LED Bulb 16 Pack 60 Watt Equivalent, Soft White (2700K) A19 Non Dimmable, Medium Screw Base

2. Triangle Bulbs T10293-6 (6 pack) – 50 Watt, GU10 Base, 120 Volt, MR16 With UV Glass Cover, Halogen Flood Light Bulb, Q50MR16/FL/GU10, 6 Pack

3. Philips 433557 23W 100-watt T2 Twister 6500K CFL Light Bulb, 4-Pack

4. Incandescent 60A19/CL 560 Lumens 60 Watt Standard Household A19 E26 (Medium) Base Light Bulb

Expert’s advice: Depending on your country and the type of lampshade ring set you’re using, you might require a harp. Generally, in the US & Canada, lampshades require a spider-washer fitter, a harp and finial to secure the light bulb in place.

Learn more about making a lampshade with a spider washer fitter and a harp here.

Until recently, LEDs would not have made the best choice for a table lamp since this type of bulb would usually give off light in one direction. That makes them a really good choice for spot lights.

However, thanks to recent innovations, now there are LEDs in the market that give off light in all directions and which you could use for other types of lamps, including table ones.

Remember to check the product label before you make your choice.

Different shapes of LED light bulbs, image via Amazon

6. Dimmable Bulbs

Some fixtures or lamps have dimmer switches. Not all light bulbs are dimmable though. Incandescent and CFL are compatible with dimmer switches – however, you should make sure this information is available on the label before you make the purchase.

Expert’s advice: When looking at dimmable light bulbs, one thing to take into account is the buzz volume. CNET put to the test a couple of different dimmable LEDs to see which one would rank best and found that that the most silent one was a new generation Philips 60-watt replacement LED.

7. Mercury Content

If you’re environmentally aware, then you should also check if a bulb contains mercury. The mercury content will not impact the light quality or change the way you use it for your lighting purposes.

However, it will make it a bit harder to dispose of. Incandescent, halogen bulbs and LEDs do not contain mercury. CFLs contain very low levels of mercury and the mercury remains inside the bulb during use.

You can read more about mercury in light bulbs here.

Learn more about light bulbs at Home Depot, in this MIT Technology Review article, on the Energy Star website, in this CNET dimmable LEDs review and at Lowes. 

Make a lamp you love!

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However, when you're going the DIY way, you'll be able to make a beautiful, quality lamp for a fraction of the cost and with endless customization options.

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35+ Beautiful Floor Lamp Ideas & Designs (Modern + DIY) For 2020

DIY Floor Lamp Combined With A Bedside Table

Floor lamps are any lighting fixture that can stand on its own. Picture your coat hanger, with a bulb on it, and an electrical cord. They may look simple, but they come in different types, each offering functionality and adding style to your home. They need no technical expertise to install, all you need is to plug them in the socket, and you are good to go.

Where can you use floor lamps?

Floor lamps are multi-setting. Depending on the size, design, and degree of illumination, you can place them in any space.

Torchieres work best in the living room. The fixture at the top resembles a torch flame and can come in a variety of designs such as stained glass, crystal-studded crowns, and so on.

Study room – Here, they are used to illuminate the area around your study table, eliminating the need for unnecessary lights.

Outdoors – This covers areas such as gardens, pools, patios, or barbeque areas. The tower floor lamps not only add to the décor but also provides the necessary light needed for the situation.

How do I arrange my living room floor lamps?

Given their portability, you can place a floor lamp anywhere in the living room. The thing to remember is that they are not only decorative pieces but also serve a real function.

Here are some ideas of where you can place your lamps. Placing them at the corners of your living room will create a radiating effect to your living room. You can have them behind your television to help counter the glare. Other areas are beside the fireplace or next to your rocking chair.

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How do you fix a wobbly floor lamp?

Identify where the lamp has a problem. Common problem areas are the base or the joints. Once you find the location, fasten the screws or nuts in that area. In case of an uneven floor, you can use shims to level them out. For more severe problems, consult a technician.

How many lamps should be in a room?

The number of lamps is dependent on the size of the room. Remember, lights are there for functionality first, then beauty. You can determine your requirement by this formula: area in Sq. Ft X 1.5 = Wattage. From here, you can determine how many light sources you need for that room.

Floor lamp design ideas















16. Quirky floorlamps with Kalakaari Haath graphics


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Every space needs some form of lighting, and floor lamps are a sure way of maintaining both practicality and beauty for your home.



Remodeling 101: Bedside Lighting

DIY Floor Lamp Combined With A Bedside Table

Even Arianna Huffington reads in bed. Today, we’re zeroing in on a crucial bedroom detail with a lot of options: bedside lamps.

Above: Mix-and-match bedside table lamps do the trick. See Steal This Look: An Artful Attic Bedroom in London for more.

Why have bedside lighting?

Recently we wrote about the importance of being able to achieve total darkness in the bedroom (insomniacs, that post is for you).

 Dark bedrooms are great for sleeping, but too little light hinders other activities, such as reading, dressing, and getting ready for bed.

Since no single fixture can effectively serve all bedroom lighting needs–it would be a blinding light– what’s needed is a combination: controlled task lighting and gentle ambient light. This use of multiple sources is known as light layering.

Above: Dual wall-mounted pendants in a Brooklyn apartment; see In Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, a Renovated Brownstone with Inspired Solutions for more. Photograph by Jonathan Hökklo.

What’s the best height for bedside lamps?

Bedside lights have a specific task: to illuminate the pages of your book (or book- device) without requiring you to contort–and without bothering your bedmate.

To prevent shadows, the bottom of the lampshade should be positioned between your head and the page.

Factors to consider are the height of the bed, the height of the bedside table, and the position of the reader: You don’t want the lights so high that they create glare; on the other hand, you want to be comfortable.

Randall Whitehead, author of Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide, advises that “the best way to find the correct height is to get into bed and hunker down against the pillows in your normal reading position. Then measure from the floor to just above your shoulder height.” The base of the shade should be at that height.

Above: Mismatched ceramic lamps (for a small/large couple?) flank a bed in a 17th-century Italian farmhouse renovated by Alexander Waterworth Interiors, a member of the Remodelista Architect and Designer Directory. Take the full House Tour. Photograph by Emily Andrews.

The most common options are table lamps, wall-mounted lights, pendants, and adjustable task lamps. They’re typically placed on either side of the bed and are usually matching.

(Note that lighting experts say to avoid installing ceiling down lights directly over beds–soft light at face level is more effective and saves you from staring up at a bulb.

) Here’s what to know about each of the recommended lighting types.

1. Table Lamps

From a decorative standpoint, table lamps offer the widest range of options. A general rule of thumb when selecting bedside table lamps: the bottom of the lampshade should be about 20 inches above the mattress.

Above: A bedside table lamp in the home of Danish brand designer Caroline Feiffer; see Danish Heritage: A Copenhagen Townhouse Renovated by Hand.

2. Wall-Mounted Lamps

Wall-mounted fixtures free up bedside table space–or eliminate the need for bedside tables altogether. Many wall-mounted designs are moveable, making them a choice with built-in flexibility.

Above: Architect Jerome Buttrick carved out vertical shelving, complete with easy-to-access light switches for the wall-mounted reading lights on either side of Julie’s bed. Photograph by Maria del Rio for Refinery29.

Tip: Swing-arm, wall-mounted lights that move both horizontally and vertically offer a solution for people who share a bed but rest at different heights. The lamps can be mounted at matching heights and adjusted for the different reading positions.

Above: Bedside wall-mounted reading lights—Arne Jacobsen AJ9 Bellevue Wall Lamps by &Tradition—in a young family’s London maisonette. Photograph by Richard Round-Turner from A Star Is Born: A Rehabbed London Maisonette from a Newly Minted Designer, High/Low Secrets Included.

3. Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights become bedside illumination when hung at table-lamp height. Avoid spotlights that will only point light to objects directly below. Instead choose pendants that provide diffuse light whether via a wide shade, opaque shade, or no shade at all.

Above: In Sarah’s Refined Rental in St. Helena, the master bedroom is small. Side table lamps would make it feel cramped, and drilling holes in the wall was not an option, so she sourced some hanging bulbs and used metal prongs intended for telephone wire to attach the lamp cord to the ceiling. Photograph by Matthew Williams for Remodelista. Above: In A Cobble Hill Transformation, architect Oliver Freundlich used pendant lights for bedside illumination. “The idea was to keep the bedroom spare and the furnishings low, and allow the wood ceiling to soar,” says Freundlich. “The pendants dropping from the ceiling add some drama to the height.” (There are dimmer switches next to each side for easy on and off.) The lights are Barn Light Electric’s Ivanhoe Dino Porcelain Cord Pendant Light. Photograph by Matthew Williams. Above: Simple twin pendant lights with exposed bulbs hang together in a bedroom designed by Claudia Zinzan of Father Rabbit. For more, see The White Album: 27 Sleep-Inducing Bedrooms in Shades of Pale.

4. Task Lamps

The adjustability of task lamps has fostered their migration from lab and office to bedside table. Choose task lights with a well-shielded bulb, so you can read without bothering your bedmate.

Above: Black Jielde reading lamps flank the bed in London’s High Road House; see High Road House in London Gets a Revamp. Above: Clip-on task lights are an easy-to-install solution. Photograph from A Summery Flat in Stockholm, with Affordable Small-Space Ideas to Steal. (See also: 10 Favorite Clip-On Lights.)

5. Floor Lamps

Another option we’ve been noting lately: floor lamps as statement-making bedside reading lamps.

Above: Vintage floor lamps flank the bed in a bedroom by designer C.S. Valentin; see Steal This Look: An Idiosyncratic French Mod Bedroom in Bellport, NY. Photograph by Jonathan Hökklo for Remodelista. Above: An extra tall standing lamp illuminates beyond the bed. Photograph from Living Above the Shop: Ceramic Artist Paula Greif in Hudson, NY.

Tips for bedside lighting selection and placement:

  • Consider furniture and electrical power outlet placement when planning your bedside lighting. It may be worth adding outlets or hardwired fixtures.
  • Pay attention to how the lamp turns on and off to ensure it’s easy to operate when you’re in bed.
  • Opaque shades are a good choice for reading lamps because they cut glare.
  • Each bedside lamp should operate on its own on/off switch.
  • If the fixtures are hardwired, consider wiring them to two switches, one accessible from your bed and the other near the bedroom door.
  • Switches can be placed close to the middle of the headboard, enabling you to easily turn off a snoozing partner’s reading light.
  • Avoid use of CFL bulbs that emit blue light, which has been shown to suppress sleep-inducing melatonin production. Consider using low-wattage incandescent lamps at your bedside (and turn off overhead lights as you get ready for bed). For reading, 40- to 60-watt bulbs are best.

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