7 Easy And Cool DIY Kids’ Canopy Tents For Indoors

Tents For Kids Rooms

7 Easy And Cool DIY Kids’ Canopy Tents For Indoors

The charming tent to the room is an excellent way to have a fun place for children. Simple fabric construction combined with comfortable cushions creates a solid angle for each child. It looks great in the interior.

Beautiful pink tent for kids, especially girls. It is a reading nook for your kid, which is both – extremely comfortable and lovely. You can also sit there yourself and read a book with your child. It looks beautiful in every room.

How to make a Whimsy Reading Nook for kids using curtains. Really easy tutorial and it looks beautiful! #

This canvas tent is a fully hand-made, DIY proposition, which will delight your youngsters. It can be a magnificent reading nook for them, encouraging them to read more. The use of Christmas lights makes this project a really warmth and enchanting one.

DIY PVC pipe fort, with instructions! I will be the cool mom that makes this for her kids!!!

A splendid choice for decorating your indoor or outdoor area with a stylish tent. Available in different shapes, sizes, materials, and designs; each tent is made with attention to details, bringing fashionable accents and practical solutions.

The captivating and very simple construction of this tent for children makes the whole thing captivates. The canopy of the cushion creates a thin tent ideal for play and rest, beautifully composing in the children's room.

A charming and ingenious indoor tent for kids. It's constructed of a hula hoop tied with cords to a hook in a ceiling, a rope lighting wrapped over the hula hoop and a canopy of semi-sheer creamy fabric.

How cute is this! Fabric HQ: Circus Inspired Corner Tent, suitable for small rooms.

Who said that the princess cannot sleep in the tent? This bed is perfect for two little sisters or a girl with a friend. The bedding in rose shades win the approval of the most demanding kids. The white canopy could be also used as a mosquito net – ideal in the summer.

~ 25 DIY Hideouts: Forts, Tents Teepees and playhouses

Gifts for Kids Who Love Outer Space….perfect for little astronauts – MAKE THE TENT FOR THE PLAYROOM AND HAVE THE PLANETS HANGING AROUND IT

Tents For Kids Rooms

So cute! Make your own little reading nook for your kids!


Privacy Pop Tent Twin Black // this is an absolutely ingenious design for the privacy of dorm-dwellers and room-sharers! #productdesign #industrialdesign

This cozy tepee would be a great addition to a log cabin playroom. #spacetogrow

Create the magical place for your child. This lovely play tents will encourage the imagination of your child and become the best place for play. During the beautiful weather, you can also use it outdoor.

#ForTheHome | #DIY indoor Fire & Fort |

33 Cool Kids Play Rooms With Play Tents

McKenzie's Soft and Soothing Nursery Revealed! #nurserydesign #nurserydecor #nursery

… tent-canopy-bed-and-cute-fox-doll-33-cute-and-beautiful-bed-tent-ideas

Teepee [No-Sew Tutorial] – to remind me for later. This is what Pinterest is for yes. The brain is spinning and planning for multiple grandchildren already and I haven't hardly got my first one yet. hahahaha

I love everything about this. It looks ilke it could be in the corner of the living room without looking a toysrus threwup

{camping gifts} *Love how this blog offers Want, Need, LEARN gift guides. Too cool.

Camo A-Frame Tent

Original and creative idea for organization of kids' room for parties. This area includes four comfortable mattresses with tent stylizations. These are multi-color solutions that provide good level of comfort.

A charming cosy bed tent for baby girls. It's crafted of quality fabric with a beautiful intricate floral design in prevalent pinks and creams. It's modelled on Middle East or vizier style tents and decorated with chains of LED lights.

4 Steps To A Great Kids Reading Nook via

A gorgeous addition to children's rooms, in shape of a beautiful indoor tepee with a cozy inside and durable frame. The tent is covered with a quality off-white fabric and adorned with black cross pattern.

ariadne at Home – Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V. — owls! Cute scandi play tent for Colleen's hideout…

Mushroom Play Tent

DIY Collapsible Fabric Play Tent for kids….the perfect nook for playing or reading, inside or outdoors! — Make It and Love It

Tent designed for kid's room. It is mounted on wooden frame and covered with fabric. Neutral design for boys and girls. Simple form and contemporary design.

This delightful toy solution, which is a fabric tent on a wooden frame, is a great idea for a children's room decor. Beautiful colors and interesting details of finishes are enchanting, and children have a great place to have fun and rest.

Gray and Navy Nursery with Metallic Wood Wall – we love this take on a wood accent wall. So chic!

Super Duper 4 Kid Play Tent
It is a beautiful and amazing kids tent that is made of durable, flame retardant polyester and has got a durable, washable waterproof floor and fantastic colors. Your kids will be impressed.

Handmade no sew Tee Pee :: Hometalk You could use old plain sheets and let the kids paint it themselves. Look up Indian symbols etc. Teachable Moment

DIY Tent Super EASY! This would be great for a reading area or play area for the kiddos. Who didn't love a tent when they were little?

party-decoration.jpg adorable idea- I could probably just hang one and make the kids their own “forts”

Campbell's Sunny Black & White Bedroom

The tent in the children's room is not only a great decoration, but also fun for our children.This one has a powdery shade of pink and is made of a natural, lumpy fabric.Narrow, doesn't occupy space,is attached to the ceiling and creates a fabulous atmosphere.

I the front of this one much better! DIY Play Tent for Jonah to make -Tools required: Drill/Electric screwdriver, Wrench, Staple gun, Iron (or sewing machine if you would prefer not to use for me, I find any excuse to skip a nee

another diy kid tent. this one can be made for under $9 and uses a flat sheet and staple gun for the cover.

Make Your OWN Dreamy Canopy Tent! It only takes 3 items and less than 30 minutes! | How Does She…

Fun and inspirational design ideas for a kids bedroom.

patterns, textures + lantern lights – all the essentials for a teepee.

Project Nursery – DIY No-Sew Teepee

33 Cool Kids Play Rooms With Play Tents

Use tension rods and a sheet to make a tent in the hallway for the kids. You can decorate the sheet with fabric paint or markers. And can be easily stored when done. this is awesome


Source: https://foter.com/tents-for-kids-rooms

Kids Tent Play Children Indoor Boys Girls Playhouse Pop Up Toddler by Alvantor – Walmart.com

7 Easy And Cool DIY Kids’ Canopy Tents For Indoors

This tent is total winner for our kids! They LOVE it!

Kids Tent Play Children Indoor Boys Girls Playhouse Pop Up Toddler 8017 by Alvantor

The kids love this tent to no end, they are already wanting to sleep in it instead of their beds. The tent itself is not really a tent; it has no zippers, no rain cover, and no place to put any tent pegs in.

It's definitely an inside play toy, or you could use it outside on a calm day, the tent would blow away easily in a high wind situation.

The front door and the escape hatch as we call it on the left side is just held open by tie strings.

The colors on the tent are awesome bright green, yellow and red and purple. It's super easy to set up; we had it up in less than 3 minutes.

All you do is slide the rods through the slots which are super easy to see and to put the rods through, once you have the two rods in place you just put the ends in the corner holders and you're set.

It's literally a small adventure for the kids and they truly do love it, with their cars and blankets etc. It's most definitely not a real tent, but I would compare it to a 3-4 man tent in the real camping world.


Easy to setup, the kids love it no other!

Colors are great and bright!

Highly recommend this tent to anyone at all, friends or family, it's a total winner!

This tent was exactly as described. Best used indoors because it's too thin to take the beating of outdoors in my opinion.

We bought it for our playroom so that the boys could use it when they wanted to “camp out” and sit around with their flashlights telling scary stories! We love how it was easy to set up and easily collapses and stored in the bag it came in. I love the bright colors! And they love having a “secret place” to take their favorite toys and books.

This is an excellent play tent for any small child. This item is billed as an indoor play tent however I can see it being used on a warm night in the back yard for the kids to campout or on the beach as a nice sun shade.

The top is net so it releases heat and allows for good flow thru with the window and the door. A small window is secured with a small piece of velcro which should be larger for better closure. This tent is much larger than expected and made of nice colorful nylon material.

The two flexible, elastic linked poles allow for easy to setup and take down. This item folds and slides easily into a nylon bag for compact storage. There is a floor made of the same nylon material.

The door also closes with Velcro tabs – both door and window could benefit from large pieces of Velcro or a small plastic zipper.

Our two grandsons are 5 yrs old – they love this tent. There is plenty of space for 4-5year olds to sleep and play. A battery operated lantern easily hangs from the top where the poles criss-cross. This is a great little tent for children. The bright colors make it a draw for all kids.

I was suprised to see this was delivered in my mailbox and packed up so very small. Directions were attached into the stroage bag which I loved, because they cannot blow away. There is a learning curve to set up. Took me 15 minutes my first time but I am sure I can get that down to 3 or so minutes next time. Pack up will be about 5 minutes or so. The tent is nylon and seemed a nice quality.

There are no stakes and on a slighty windy day it will be prone to blowing away…I will be investing in them. I am attaching a picture on my tall 3.5 year old standing so you can see how roomy it is. All the kids in the neighborhood wanted to come and play and my little one played in it for 2 hours. I will also be using this to “camp out” in the house and at the beach.

I highly recommend!

It shipped quickly and our son said it was a breeze to set up. Our granddaughter LOVES it. We gave one to our other granddaughter six years ago with the same response. These little tents are magic!

My 6 year old son loves it! While we're staying home all day this tent gives him a special hideout to play Lego or games.

My kids absolutely love this tent! They play in it, have sleepovers inside it, do activities in it. It's very easy to set up and durable. Similar to a real tent but for indoor use. It easily fit 3 sleeping 7 year old girls in it.

I received this tent to try out. I must say I it a lot, as do the kids. It is very bright in colors and much bigger than I thought it would be.

I do have to say it was a bit harder to put together than I thought, but mainly because one of the poles kept wanting to come the little tab you stick it into while I was working on the second pole. I had a friend help me by holding it into the tab and it made it much easier.

I would highly recommend this tent for anyone with kids that a place to read or 'hide out'. It will provide lots of fun for kids.

We bought this for a grandchild that loves to making tents with our furniture and blankets. She loved it and is looking forward to hopefully taking it to a beach one day. Four stars instead of 5, only because I have to buy pegs to stake it down in windy weather.

Love this tent!

Big and beautiful colors of this tent.

The tent is about 3 feet tall and 3+ feet wide and can hold at least 3 kids ranging from toddler age to young aged kids. Plus it is roomy enough for pillows blankets and toys.

The tent material is nylon. My concern is there is a disclaimer tag stating the tent material is highly flammable.

Use with caution.

3 stars because a child's toys should be used care free and not worry about the flammability of the material.

Source: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Kids-Tent-Play-Children-Indoor-Boys-Girls-Playhouse-Pop-Up-Toddler-by-Alvantor/131187335

DIY Kids: Make an Easy A-Frame Tent

7 Easy And Cool DIY Kids’ Canopy Tents For Indoors

Photo: bobvila.com

Summer vacation is all about fun: swimming pools, later bedtimes, and epic blanket forts. With all the lively activity, it’s hard to sell the idea of settling down to read a little every day in an effort to keep those hard-earned schoolyear skills from slowly melting the chocolate in a s’more.

To drum up some excitement, I designed an A-frame reading tent from furring strips and dowels that the kids and I could assemble together—a project meant to combine their passion for building forts with my hope for a little extra time devoted to summer reading.

Follow these instructions, and your kids, too, will have a hideaway that will make them want to spend more time curled up with library books than gaming on the couch!

This project is appropriate for kids of all ages, but it does require some use of power tools.

If your kids are young, cut the lumber prior to working on the project with them and do the drilling yourself; they can help with the measuring and sanding.

Kids as old as 8 or 9, on the other hand, might be able to handle the drill with your supervision. Use your judgment, and have fun.

TOOLS & MATERIALS – Three 8-foot-long 1″x2″ furring strips (cut into six 4-foot pieces)

– Tape measure

– Pencil
– Safety glasses
– Drill with 3/4” spade bit
– Sandpaper
– Three 4footlong 3/4” dowels
– Twin or fullsize bedsheet
– Scissors
– 1/4” eyelet tool
– 1/4” eyelets
– Hammer
– Parachute cord


Photo: bobvila.com

Halve each 8-foot furring strip into two 4-foot lengths. (You can get this done at the big-box hardware store where you pick up your lumber, or make the cuts at home.) Then, on every 4-foot length of furring strip, mark placement for holes about 1 3/4 inches from each end of the board—a great task for the kids.


Photo: bobvila.com

Next, drill through the marks to make 3/4-inch-diameter holes at the ends of each length of board; smooth over any rough edges on your furring strips using sandpaper.


Photo: bobvila.com

Ready the flat sheet (the tent’s cover) so it can attach to the bottom of each side of the tent frame. (A twin sheet works best here because it leaves the least amount of excess fabric, but any old bedsheet you have to spare will serve just fine.

) To keep the sheet from fraying after a trip through the washing machine, we’re using some metal eyelets.

A single eyelet tool is easy to use and fairly inexpensive to pick up at a big-box or craft store—beyond that, all you need are scissors and a hammer.

First, flip the sheet so that it’s right side up and you’re working with one of the shorter sides.

Measure and mark for eyelets every 12 inches or so, about 3 to 4 inches in from the edge; cut a small hole at each spot with scissors.

Place the base of the eyelet tool with the large half of the eyelet under the hole, and fit it through. Then, set the second half of the eyelet on top, and hammer the pieces together with the top of the eyelet tool.


Photo: bobvila.com

Cut 12- to 18-inch lengths of the parachute cord—as many lengths as you have eyelets—and put large knots at the end of each. String each cord all the way through an eyelet from behind the sheet, and tie it again on the other side so the eyelet is secure between two big knots. You should have several inches of cord left hanging, which you’ll use later to tie around the tent frame.


Photo: bobvila.com

On the ground, lay out the square base for the tent: two parallel furring strips connected by two dowels. To “fasten” them together, thread each dowel through the holes at the ends of the furring strips. (This no-hardware assembly makes it even easier to collapse for storage!)


Photo: bobvila.com

Divide the last four pieces of furring strips into two sets of two; each set connects to the base to form the A-frame entrances at the front and back of the tent.

Start at one entrance, and attach a furring strip to both corners by fitting the drilled hole into the dowel at the base.

Then, bring the furring strips together at point, match up the holes on the ends, and slide the last dowel into the hole to hold them together. Repeat on the other side, attaching the last two furring strips to the dowels at the base.


Photo: bobvila.com

Throw the sheet over the frame and tie it down on each side. Let the reading and other tent-worthy summertime shenanigans begin!

When you’re done for the day, you can take the pieces apart and roll them up into the sheet, then simply wrap the cords around the bundle and tie to keep it tidy.

But, for the record, my kids don’t want to take it down.

In fact, they want to make another one so they can each have one in their bedrooms! Luckily, with a project this easy and inexpensive, an extra A-frame is totally achievable.

Photo: bobvila.com

Source: https://www.bobvila.com/articles/diy-tent/

18 Epic Indoor Forts You’ll Want to Live In

7 Easy And Cool DIY Kids’ Canopy Tents For Indoors

One of our favorite snowy day (or any day!) projects is building a fort—it doesn’t require any crazy supplies and keeps the kids occupied for hours. We’ve gathered up some seriously wow-worthy indoor forts to inspire your next creation. Grab your pajamas and your pillows and get building.

You don’t need a flying carpet to make this awesome Aladdin-inspired fort from Brit + Co. You can put it together using cardboard boxes, paint and inflatable beach balls. To get the instructions, click here.

This snuggly setup from Little Winter is the perfect way to get cozy on a cold day. Fill up your fort with blankets and pillows (bonus points if you add fairy lights!) and you’ll be set for hours. Get all the details by clicking here.

A normal fort becomes something magical when you add sparkly lights to the mix. Kiddos will love cuddling up with a book in a fort this one from graphic designer Bar Lucci's family blog Art Bar. Click here to get the details.

We’re totally wowed by Brandon Tran’s cardboard castle. If you’ve got extra cardboard boxes (and a fair amount of patience), you can make one for your house too. Click here to find out how it’s made.

Make a cozy reading nook for your little bookworm using silky fabric and a big quilting hoop. Head to parenthood blog Mama Liberated to see how she designed this comfy corner for her kiddo.

If you’ve got a big box on hand, you’ve got to make this cool fort from The OT Toolbox. It’s studded with Christmas lights, and you can also make it into a sensory box by adding dried corn or other materials. Click here to get all the details.

photo: Shoppe3130 via Etsy

If fort-building isn’t your forte, you can snag a kit this one from Shoppe3130 on Etsy. It’s got everything kids will need to make an awesome fort (minus the sheets or blankets). You just might be surprised by the creations they come up with. Click here to see the kit.

If you’re handy with a drill and a sewing machine, give this A-frame tent DIY from family blog Cakies a try. It’ll make the perfect kids-only hideout for rainy days and chilled-out evenings. To learn more, click here.

Got milk? Well, it might take a while to gather enough cartons to replicate this creation by RePlay Report, so get drinking. In addition to teaching your kids about recycling, it’ll make the perfect reading nook for mini bookworms. To learn how it’s made, click here.

This hallway house is a truly portable wonder. It's a shape shifter that can be set up in the hallway, or even over a staircase for older kids who want a two-story play space. Our favorite bit from mom blog ikatbag is how interactive the creation is! Head over to ikatbag to see the mailbox, indoor lighting and curtains up close.

Budding architects are sure to appreciate this geodesic dome fort built by one talented parent. All the details can be found on Instructables. With cardboard, box cutters and some paint in hand, this could be the perfect way to spend a rainy weekend—your kids will definitely thank you! To see the instructions, click here.

There's no structure more stable than your table! Take a cue from Mama Papa Bubba and put together a quick hideaway using a bed sheet and a table. Visit the crafty blog here to see all the kinds of fun your tots can have in their little nook.

photo: Come Together Kids

Got a bunk bed? Then you've got a pre-made fort hiding right in front of your eyes! This 5-minute, no-sew fort from creative family blog Come Together Kids takes only a twin sheet and curtain rings to come alive. Click here to find out how it's made.

— Christal Y & Susie Foresman


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Pinterest image photo by Libby Rosof via flickr

Source: https://redtri.com/fantastic-indoor-forts-for-kids/