Cool And Original Wooden Planter Renovation

25 Clever Repurposed Garden Containers

Cool And Original Wooden Planter Renovation
Sue Ferris

Have an extra section of gutter laying around? Drill some drainage holes along the bottom and mount it to a fence or exterior wall for an instant window box!

Elaine Jackinchuk/Birds & Blooms

Salvage yards are a great place to find old home items that can be repurposed into garden fixtures. This vintage farmhouse sink, for example, may be past its prime in a kitchen, but it makes a charming container for prepping and maintaining your potted plants.

Ronald Eller/Birds & Blooms

Add a little DIY flair to an old wagon by building a big wooden planter on top of the wheels. Then you can tote your colorful arrangement anywhere in your yard. Check out more DIY planter boxes we love.

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In need of a cheap hanging planter for your cascading flowers? Get one for free at the grocery store. You can easily repurpose a plastic grocery bag into a hanging planter by punching a few drainage holes in the bottom and hanging it up.

Claudia Dewane/Birds & Blooms

This vintage chamber pot is pretty enough for houseplants!

Dave Logan/Country

Have your kids outgrown their old bed? Save the metal headboard and footboard for your garden to create a true flower bed.

Don’t know how to arrange your flower bed? Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Country Woman

When it comes time to declutter your mug collection, don’t just toss the ones you no longer need for coffee and tea. Mugs are the perfect size for planting an indoor herb garden.

Country Woman

Fill a closed umbrella with cut or silk flowers and hang it on your front door for an instant (and creative!) pop of color.

Annie De La Hoz/Birds & Blooms

Believe it or not, old boots and purses can be transformed into unique plant containers in the garden.

Allison Thomas/Country Woman

Breathe new life into those old woven baskets that’ve been sitting in storage for years. Create an arrangement of succulents for indoors or out. Did you know you can also transform an old log into a succulent planter? Here’s how.

Amber Jackson/Birds & Blooms

You can turn just about any ol’ outdoor container into an adorable fairy garden. Just add some small plants and fairy garden supplies to create an enchanting focal point in your yard.

Billie Hayman/Birds & Blooms

Old birdbaths and concrete cinder blocks make perfect outdoor planters. They’re heavy and weather-resistant, which means they’ll hold up to the outdoor elements.

Marie Brown/Country

This old metal bench was given new life in the garden. The seat provides a perfect spot for a potted plant, and the tall back doubles as a trellis for climbing plants.

Patty Samples/Country

Add an old wooden chair to your garden to provide a little elevation for your favorite flowers. A fresh coat of colorful paint will make it pop!

Betsy Harrison/Farm & Ranch Living

If you’ve upgraded your wheelbarrow and no long have a need for your old one, push it on over to your garden and fill it with flowers. You’ll get an instant flower bed that you can move around your yard as you please.

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You can transform an old light fixture into garden decor by swapping out the lightbulbs for small planters and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Add a little birdhouse for even more charm.

Birds & Blooms

Transform an old set of dishes into a plant stand. Or use it as a bird feeder.

Michelle Minner

You can plant an entire vegetable garden or flower bed in a stock tank. Since they’re made for the outdoors, this large planter will last for many, many seasons.

Sunnie Greenwalt/Birds & Blooms

Catch the eye of passersby by incorporating a vintage bicycle into your garden design. Attach a couple of baskets spilling over with flowers and you’ll have a showstopper. Don’t let your flower beds get overrun with weeds. Learn how to prevent weeds in flower beds.


35 Best Deck Railing Ideas – Best Materials for Deck Railing

Cool And Original Wooden Planter Renovation

Simon Upton

Let's face it: no matter how many cute planters, stylish seating options, or decorative accents you incorporate into your outdoor space, it is only as stylish as the deck that keeps it all together. And an outdated or run-down railing can put a damper on your entire look, but a few modern updates can easily amp it up.

Before you begin any renovations, it's important to consider your goals. “Deciding whether you should opt for a full deck redo or just the railing is an important first step,” says designer Christine Markatos Lowe.

If you're just removing the railing, then be sure to consider what is left of the deck and what will pair best with it.” And when it comes time to decide on which materials work best, “For a stone deck surface, a metal railing is a timeless pairing.

If your deck is wood, you might want to stick to a wood railing, but change up the color or finish to set it apart,” Markatos adds.

That said, there's no hard and fast rule to renovating your deck, and getting creative with the design is where all the fun happens.

“Opting for a geometric design rather than a typical vertical or horizontal slatted format is a great way to set your railing apart and add some interest,” Markatos says.

“The negative space created by geometric designs can also be really fun to play with in terms of the views beyond.”

From classic wood balustrades to hog wire and rope, scroll down for 35 creative deck railing ideas to elevate your outdoor living space.

1 Illuminated Deck Rail

This clean-lined, modern option features built-in rail lighting, creating a warm glow that adds a touch of luxury while illuminating your outdoor space.

2 Modern Horizontal

A charcoal deck railing with horizontal planks perfectly complements the striking architecture of this modern home.

3 Sawn Ballusters

A detailed, Victorian-inspired deck railing instantly adds charm to an outdoor space.

4 Planter-Topped

Top your existing railing with flower boxes to add a verdant touch that unites your deck with the surrounding landscape.

5 Descending Cedar Style

This staircase-style deck railing features an industrial-modern frame, complete with horizontal cedar planks for maximum privacy.

6 Glass Balustrades

A washed gray deck is kicked up a notch with luxury glass balustrades, making it easy to enjoy the ocean views.

7 Track-Lit Stairs

Light the way and welcome guests with a modern ambience by installing track lighting beneath a modern aluminum deck railing.

8 Modern Custom Design

Industrial-style rods are surrounded by a stacked wood railing, creating a modern appeal on this elevated deck.

9 Color-Punched Boheman

A whimsical boho outdoor space features quirky pops of color, with a turquoise railing to match the roof's wood beams.

10 Rustic Hog Wire

A contemporary lake house is elevated with a warm and rustic deck railing, complete with black hog wire.

11 Thin Crossed Rope

A Scandinavian-style deck railing is elevated with criss-cross rope details, which are attached to traditional boating anchors.

12 Pale Blue Pop

A classic deck railing is given a colorful kick with a pale blue paint job.

13 Pillar Lighting

Metal railings are grounded by illuminated wooden pillars, creating a warm glow on this cozy deck space.

14 Branch Fencing

A creative take on a traditional deck railing, this option features branch fencing that lends a rustic touch.

15 Geometric Blue

Simple from afar but striking up close, this uniquely fenced deck railing features a pale blue finish.

16 Criss Cross & Wire

A combination of two favorites—criss cross and wire fencing—creates a dynamic and modern look that also offers security.

17 Cabin Style

A log cabin deck blends in with its surroundings, featuring a stained wood frame and medium-square hog wire fence.

18 Warm Cedar

A horizontal cedar railing is framed by modern matte black rails, lending a modern appeal that creates privacy on this deck.

19 Simple Rope

A cottage-style pale wood railing is accented with a simple rope fence.

20 Topless Rails

This classic deck rail was built without a top board, creating a charming farmhouse vibe with a modern twist.

21 Cable Rail

A mix of horizontal wood paneling and a modern cable rail gives this deck a luxury appeal that will stand the test of time.

22 Cracked Ice

An arboreal green rail is finished with 'cracked ice' fencing, made from real branches and logs for a natural look.

23 Sleek Plexiglass

The sprawling views steal the show on this deck, with a simple plexiglass railing framed by a modern rock garden.

24 Sunburst Design

Architectural detail from the sunburst-style railing adds a subtle twist to a traditional deck.

25 Curved Railing

A curved railing brings a touch of whimsicality to this modern, orange wood deck.

26 Chinese Chippendale

A popular Southern-style railing, this Chinese Chippendale deck is charming and summery.

27 Tabletop and planter

Make the most of your deck railing by installing a tabletop and hanging planter, this modern wood-and-rope version.

28 Iron Railing Insert

One way to amp up your deck railing design is by installing a decorative insert— this pine-inspired option—for a subtle, yet enhanced look.

29 Small-Square Hog Wire

A dark deck contrasts with a creamy white railing and small-square hog wire fence.

30 Built-In Seating with Stone Rail

A custom deck features intuitive built-in seating, framed by white stone planters that serve as a rail.


Add a modern touch and take up little visual real estate with a simple plexiglass rail option, framed by white wood.

32 Glass & Stone

A tropical oasis features a spacious deck with a stone and glass railing, which perfectly complements the Moroccan-inspired decor.

33 Unfinished Wood

Pale, unfinished wood extends from the base of this deck up to the storage-seating and rails, creating a cohesive and natural look.

34 Metallic Screen

A simple, frosted glass deck railing is completely transformed with the addition of this striking partition screen.

35 Decorative Privacy Screen

A deck rail with a striped privacy screen creates a stylish and tucked-away area to hang out.

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34+ Remarkably Original Wooden Planter Renovation That Will Leave You Speechless

Cool And Original Wooden Planter Renovation
View in Gallery Time tested custom rushton planter boxes remodeling

I think you will trust me when I state:

We should understand the important points when choosing original wooden planter renovation.


…We shall explain to you the best design for inspiration and your ideas here.

There is something to be discovered and admired in every one of these images that are original wooden planter renovation you’ll locate in this post.

Make sure to seek out a place that is peaceful and simply take a close look at these. Look in the photos and find exactly what you do not and exactly what you .

The mo Re you observe, the mo-Re you realize, the mo-Re you determine what what truly operates for you.

To begin with:

Here we’ve up-dated this post with the many and latest creative A Few Ideas that were original wooden planter renovation for your own motivation! We have every-thing here! Flick through through all these 35 pictures strategies and get handy today!

Here we Go! Browse our gallery below and remember to Flag and Reveal in the resource site also, so they really get the love!! Enjoy.

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To sum up:

I hope these studying original wooden planter renovation Tips provided you some ideas also. It is been lots of fun letting my imagination travel and visiting these suggestions!