How Strong Do You Need To Be To Join The Army?

Is joining the Army worth it?

But despite what they say, the Army is worth it.

If you have any potential whatsoever the Army will pay you less than you would make in almost any other job.

The people in charge of you will have only a few years more experience than you do, and many of them will be total jerks..

How many pushups does a girl have to do in the army?

17 pushWomen must do 17 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and a two-mile run in less than 19 minutes and 36 seconds.

What is the Army 2 mile run time?

Standards2-MILE RUN FEMALEAGE GROUP17–2132–36MAXIMUM 100%15:3615:54MINIMUM 60%18:5421:42

How long is Army boot camp?

about ten weeksBasic Combat Training comes in three phases and lasts about ten weeks, depending on your military occupational specialty (MOS).

Which army boot camp is hardest?

Fort Benning Georgiabut the question here is is Fort Benning Georgia actually. the most difficult. basic training post that you can go to I’m going to start this video off by saying that there is one part of Fort Benning that is without a doubt one of the most.

What branch sees the most combat?

Infrastructure, Support, and Combat Units By far, the biggest branch of the military is the Army. They’re going to be involved in the majority of land-based operations, so the infantry often sees combat.

Which military branch has the highest IQ?

The Air Force is the “smartest branch.”

Is there a weight requirement for the military?

As you can see below, the standards for height, weight and body fat percentages vary among the services. There is no set military wide standard for height and weight for admitted military members as well as active duty members.

Do you have to go to war if you join the Army?

You have to go to basic training, and you do not necessarily have to go to war. … Everyone in the military has to be ready to go to war if you are called. However even and engineer preforming his duties on a ship doing maintenance is something we need. That would be your job throughout even in a time of war.

What happens if you fail height and weight army?

If you fail the Height Weight standard, bad things can happen to you. You can get discharged from the military, FLAGGED, your bonus can be recouped, and you can even miss out on schools and promotions.

Can you join the army out of shape?

Warning: Many new basic training recruits make the mistake of thinking, “I don’t need to get in shape in advance. … You won’t fail military basic training for being out of shape (the instructors won’t let you), but they’ll keep you in basic training as long as it takes for you to pass the standards.

Can I join the military if I can’t do a pushup?

Short version – if you really want to be in the Army, don’t think you can’t do it because of the physical stuff. You can. You can get in shape if you want to. It’s just a matter of starting slow and working your way up.

How many push ups do I need to join the army?

In order to pass the initial push-up test, men need to be able to do 13 push-ups and women need to be able to do three. Once you complete the initial fitness test you qualify for basic training, which has much more difficult push-up standards to pass.

Are girl push ups effective?

Often referred to as “girl push-ups”, it’s commonly thought performing the exercise on your knees doesn’t really provide much benefit. But new findings suggest they can be just as good as conventional push-ups for building strength – as long as you perform enough to feel exhausted.

Will the army help you lose weight?

The military diet is currently one of the world’s most popular “diets.” It is claimed to help you lose weight quickly, up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in a single week. The military diet is also free. There is no book, expensive food or supplement you need to buy.

Do you need to be smart to join the army?

By “get in” I am assuming you mean “enlisting.” Each service has its own standards, some of which can equate to “smart.” The two obvious standards to indicate “smartness” are minimum education level and minimum ASVAB score. … the Army has the lowest required ASVAB score (31), while navy requires 35.

Can a fat person join the army?

To be eligible to enlist in the Army, you must meet the height and weight requirements for your age. If you are over the prescribed weight for your height, you can still qualify by being below the specified body fat for your age based on standards.

What is the toughest military branch?

Coast Guard The first week or two is often considered to be the most difficult, as recruits engage in intense physical fitness training and an introduction to required knowledge.

Will I die if I join the Navy?

To sum up the answer to your question: You will be much more likely to die in the Navy than you would be doing the same exact job as a civilian. But during peacetime (and even during combat), you are far less likely to die onboard a ship than in other, higher risk, military jobs.

What happens if you fail Army basic training?

During this time, the failed recruit will spend their days performing basic cleaning and maintenance chores. If they refuse, they will be prosecuted. If their mental state poses a risk to themselves or others, they will be hospitalized.

What is the easiest military branch?

the Air ForceBut airmen agree the Air Force probably has the easiest basic training. “I think it’s Marine Corps, Army, Navy and then Air Force,” said Tech. Sgt.