Question: Is There A Warranty On SCUF Controllers?

How long does SCUF warranty last?

180 dayAll SCUF controllers come with at 6-month (180 day) warranty from the date your order is delivered to you.

All accessories come with a 30 day warranty from the date you received your accessory..

How long does it take to repair a SCUF controller?

Repair or Replacement – After we receive your Game Controller and your payment, if required, it will take us up to 11-14 business days to repair or replace it.

Are SCUF controllers worth it?

Yes scuf controllers are worth it but if you don’t want to spend a ton of money cinch controllers are just as good just really underated.

Is SCUF better than elite?

The paddles on both of these controllers are what’s going to give you the advantage on the battlefield, and the SCUF controllers offer the better design of the two. Both the SCUF brand and the Elite have exceptional levels of comfort when compared to a stock controller.

Can you return a SCUF?

All SCUF controllers are made to order and as such, we accept returns for defective products only, in original packaging with all seals intact. You have 14 days, from the day of delivery, to return your controller to us.

How much does it cost to repair a SCUF controller?

The very next day I expressed my controller to SCUF Gaming ATTN: Repair Department. I called the support line first to get some idea about what to expect. Repairs run about $25 to $50 US on the average and won’t be performed until they diagnose the problem. You pre-pay for the repair.

Will SCUF fix my controller?

Repairs & Exchanges Due to COVID-19, and in keeping with the request of the local government, we are encouraging as many team members as possible to stay home including repair technicians and customer service agents. At this point in time, we are unable to accept controller repairs or returns for 30 days.

Do SCUF controllers break easily?

No, they are great, once you go Scuf you can never go back! They constantly break over time.

How do I get my SCUF repaired?

– Scuf Gaming Customer Support Center….Please be sure to include your:First and Last Name.Order Number (if available)Seal of Approval number.A detailed explanation of why your controller needs servicing.

How do you fix an unresponsive SCUF paddle?

Step 1: Turn off the PlayStation 4 console. Step 2: Locate the small reset button hole under the last paddle (P4) on your SCUF Impact. Step 3: Use a small, unfolded paper-clip or something similar to push the button (the button is inside the tiny hole). Hold the button down for a 2 – 3 seconds and release.

Can you return a SCUF controller to GameStop?

Can you return or exchange an opened Scuf Vantage controller to GameStop? … Look on the back of your Gamestop receipt. It states in bold : “Opened new accessories can be returned or exchanged within 30 days.”