Question: What Does Sharp As A Whip Mean?

What does the expression smart as a whip mean?

Very intelligent or clever, as in Little Brian is smart as a whip; he’s only three and already learning to read.

This simile alludes to the sharp crack of a whip..

What does whip stand for?

minority leader. minority whip. morning business. motion to instruct. motion to proceed to consider.

Why do we say fit as a fiddle?

Of course the ‘fiddle’ here is the colloquial name for violin. ‘Fit’ didn’t originally mean healthy and energetic, in the sense it is often used nowadays to describe the inhabitants of gyms. When this phrase was coined ‘fit’ was used to mean ‘suitable, seemly’, in the way we now might say ‘fit for purpose’.

What does my father is as sharp as a pin mean?

My father is as sharp as a pin. This means that he is intelligent.

What is a tack?

noun (1) Definition of tack (Entry 2 of 4) 1 : a small short sharp-pointed nail usually having a broad flat head. 2a : the direction of a ship with respect to the trim of her sails starboard tack. b : the run of a sailing ship on one tack.

Where does bite the bullet come from?

To “bite the bullet” is to endure a painful or otherwise unpleasant situation that is seen as unavoidable. The phrase was first recorded by Rudyard Kipling in his 1891 novel The Light that Failed.

What does sharp as a tack mean?

Also, sharp as a razor. Mentally acute. For example, She’s very witty—she’s sharp as a tack. These similes are also used literally to mean “having a keen cutting edge” and have largely replaced the earlier sharp as a needle or thorn.

What is the meaning of whip whip?

verb (used with object), whipped or whipt, whip·ping. to strike with quick, repeated strokes of something slender and flexible; lash: He impatiently whipped his leg with his riding crop. to urge or force on with, or as with, a lash, rod, etc. to lash or castigate with words. … to hoist or haul by means of a whip.

What is smart whip used for?

The new and innovative Smart Whip works as an ultra-efficient, effective, and quality ship cream charger; specially designed to hold larger amounts of Nitrous oxide. It ensures a time-saving refill process.

How much do WHIPs cost?

A handmade whip will cost upwards of $300 so what you are getting here is maybe a feel for what a real whip looks handles and feels like with the weight on handle.

Why is it called dead as a doornail?

Dead as a doornail is a phrase which means not alive, unequivocally deceased. The term goes back to the 1300s, the phrase dead as a doornail is found in poems of the time. … It is thought that the phrase dead as a doornail comes from the manner of securing doornails that were hammered into a door by clenching them.

What does quick as a whip mean?

Very intelligent, clever, or quick-thinking. Ted’s as smart as a whip, so he’ll find a solution to this problem. Of course Ellen is our valedictorian—she’s as smart as a whip.

What does smart as a fox mean?

It just means that one is very intelligent, similar to the romanticised personality of a fox- that being, that they are sneaky and cunning, suggesting that they have high intelligence.

What is a whip woman?

Just when you think ‘cougar’ is the go-to term for ladies with a penchant for younger men, along comes another term to wrap your head around. This time it’s WHIPs – “Women who are Hot, Intelligent and in their Prime”, and leading the charge is Bibi Lynch.

What does it mean nothing ventured nothing gained?

nothing ventured, nothing gained. One must take risks to achieve something, as in They quit their jobs, packed up, and moved to Wisconsin, saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Although this adage has appeared in slightly different form since the late 1300s, it was first recorded in this form only in 1624.

What’s the definition of a metaphor?

A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes an object or action in a way that isn’t literally true, but helps explain an idea or make a comparison. … A metaphor states that one thing is another thing. It equates those two things not because they actually are the same, but for the sake of comparison or symbolism.

Why are bikes called WHIPs?

the ghost ride video where the dude’s car gets jacked is better. So, people call their bikes “whips” because it developed from a slang word for ‘steering wheel’ and now means ‘expensive car’? Wow.

Why do we say as sick as a dog?

The origin of the phrase ‘sick as a dog’ can be found in the early 1700’s, when it was common to compare undesirable things to dogs. The explanation for this isn’t that people didn’t like dogs, it is that diseases such as the plague were often spread via animals like rats, birds, and unfortunately, dogs.