Question: What Is An Antonym For Prodigy?

What is the synonym of Prodigy?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for prodigy, like: genius, child genius, wonder, portent, miracle, monster, enormity, spectacle, freak, curiosity and Wunderkind (German)..

What is an antonym for mythical?

Antonyms: real, existent. Synonyms: mythologic, mythological, mythic, fab, fabulous.

What is the opposite of basically?

completely, fully, entirely, absolutely, thoroughly, minimally, wholly, barely, perfectly, scarcely, just, categorically, unqualifiedly, hardly, totally, marginally.

What is a gifted child called?

What is another word for gifted child?whiz kidboffinmaster-handgifted studentwonder childhigh-achieving studentacademicbluestockingscholarsage136 more rows

What is a whiz kid?

noun Informal. a youthful and exceptionally intelligent, successful, or influential person in a given field: the whiz kid of network programming.

What is a synonym for legendary?

SYNONYMS. famous, celebrated, famed, renowned, acclaimed, illustrious, esteemed, honoured, exalted, lauded, lionized, vaunted, venerable, notable, noted, well known, popular, prominent, distinguished, great, eminent, pre-eminent, outstanding, revered, glorious, remembered, immortal, unforgettable. ANTONYMS.

What is the IQ of gifted child?

High IQ in Gifted Children IQ tests can be used to determine giftedness in some children. Depending on which test is used, mildly gifted children score from 115 to 129, moderately gifted from 130 to 144, highly gifted from 145 to 159, exceptionally gifted from 160 to 179, and profoundly gifted — 180.

How do you identify a gifted child?

How to identify a gifted and talented childA strong sense of social justice and the ability to empathise with others.Literacy and/or numeracy ability significantly above same age peers (although the absence of this does not preclude a child from being gifted).An advanced sense of humour.More items…•

Is an IQ of 130 considered gifted?

The scores above 115 are generally considered as “high IQ,” and those above 130 to 132 (depending on the test taken) are usually considered highly gifted and are in the top 2 percent of the population. This level also qualifies you for membership in American Mensa.

What is the opposite of a protege?

A protege is often thought of as being young, or at least younger than the person under whom they are receiving instruction. … A person that studies under, or takes instruction from a person with far greater knowledge &/or experience in a given subject. With this as a definition, the opposite would be ‘Mentor’.

What is a myth simple definition?

a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, especially one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature.

What is the meaning of fabled?

1 : fictitious. 2 : told or celebrated in fables. 3 : renowned, famous the team’s fabled coach.