Quick Answer: Can You Live At Two Different Addresses?

Does your mailing address have to be where you live?


A mailing address could be a PO Box or even your work address.

It doesn’t need to be your home address.

No, residence is where you live..

Is an apartment a permanent address?

Obviously, there can be commercial uses of residential property (e.g., leasing, apartments, etc.). Residential address, present address , permanent address are confusion. Own house can be treated as permanent. If rented or having two houses , answer may be different.

No Mailbox It’s standard practice to provide a tenant with a mailbox on a residential property and the US Code Title 18 states that it is a misdemeanor or felony to obstruct or delay the delivery of mail. That being said, not all states or dwellings legally require landlords to provide mailboxes for tenants.

Real Brick, Rock, Stone and Steel Mailboxes are Illegal “What we’re talking about is safety,” he said. “We’re talking about people’s lives. We’re talking about doing the things we can do to make it safer on our roads. Some Municipalities Are Moving To Ban Trendy Brick Mailboxes Because Of Danger To Cars And People.

Is it illegal not to have a permanent address?

Yes, it is legal to not have a permanent in the United States, generally speaking. However, different states, counties, and municipalities will have different codes and rules for their particular area. It is also difficult to really do anything without a permanent address if you plan to live in the United States.

Can I have two mailboxes at my house?

No. One box to an address. Multiple people can use the same box. The only reason for multiple boxes at one address is in the event of an apartment building or several dwellings at the same address.

Can two addresses share a mailbox?

Each address should have their own mailbox, with the names of residents on it where the carrier can see it while filling it. You never know when someone will be delivering there who does not know who you are or that you have two addresses on that one mailbox.

Can I relocate my mailbox?

The Postal Service permits moving a mailbox, but it must be placed in a location that is readily accessible by a mail carrier. For example, roadside mailboxes must in a location where mail carriers can place mail from their delivery vehicles.

Why is my address not recognized by USPS?

If an address contains any incorrect data, it will not match a corresponding address in that database, and is therefore “invalid”. Sometimes, an address will not validate because the address is marked as “vacant” by the USPS.

Is it illegal to fill your mailbox with concrete?

The answer is no. You don’t owe a duty of care to someone to pad your mailbox so it is soft for them when they maliciously try to destroy it.

Can I live at two addresses?

Unlike council tax, you do not have to choose which is your main residence for electoral purposes. The courts have decided that a person can be resident at more than one address. However, a person’s residence must have ‘a considerable degree of permanence’.

Can I have two USPS addresses?

When a mailpiece consists of both a street address and a Post Office™ Box address on two (2) lines, the United States Postal Service® priority will be to attempt delivery to the address immediately above the city, state, and ZIP Code. The ZIP Code on the mailpiece should correspond to this address.

Can I move my mailbox closer to my house?

The Postal Service permits moving a mailbox, but it must be placed in a location that is readily accessible by a mail carrier. For example, roadside mailboxes must in a location where mail carriers can place mail from their delivery vehicles.

How can I verify an address with USPS?

Use www.usps.com to check the ZIP Codes in your list. Process your address list through CASS-certified software. Address List Correction Service. You can submit a printout of your list to the Postal Service and we will mark any changes.

How long can mail sit in mailbox?

10 daysMargaret Putnam with the US Postal Service says that letting the box get too full could cost someone their mail service. When mail is not picked up, it is held at the post office for 10 days. After 10 days, the postal service declares the address M.L.N.A. which means, “Moved, Left No Address.”

How do you handle mail with two houses?

Send a piece of mail to your second home. According to the United States Postal Service publication 508, mail is delivered as addressed, not according to the name on the mail. You can receive mail at any address you wish. The Postal Service is not a clearing house for the legality of receiving mail at an address.

Can I keep my parents address?

It is not illegal to use an address as your mailing address even though you are not living there. However, if you state that you are living there when you are not, either under oath or otherwise, that is a different matter. Lying about where you live can…

What’s a permanent address?

The address where you live is considered your “permanent address”. It is OK if you have a different one every year because your family moves. A “temporary address” would be a summer vacation home or your address at college during the school year.