Quick Answer: How Do I Make My Mouse Scroll Scroll Smoother?

How do I turn on auto scroll in Chrome?

4] Auto Scroll Chrome extension For example, if you want to scroll up to the page automatically, click CTRL+ left click and slightly move your mouse upwards, the tool will start scrolling up the page.

To stop scrolling just click anywhere on the page and it will stop.

Furthermore, you can adjust the settings..

Why is my mouse scrolling too fast?

In the Mouse & Touchpad Settings, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the link labeled Additional Mouse Options. … Go to the Wheel tab and change the number under Vertical Scrolling. A lower number is slower scrolling while a higher number is faster scrolling.

Why is my mouse so sensitive?

The Pointer Options tab of the Mouse Properties dialog box. … There have been reports that if the speed is set too slow or too fast for your mouse, it can result in some erratic behavior—like that reported by Donna. You may also want to look at the Buttons tab of the Mouse Properties dialog box.

How do I increase mouse speed?

Adjust the speed of the mouse and touchpadOpen the Activities overview and start typing Mouse & Touchpad.Click on Mouse & Touchpad to open the panel.Adjust the Mouse Speed or Touchpad Speed slider until the pointer motion is comfortable for you. Sometimes the most comfortable settings for one type of device are not the best for the other.

How do I make Chrome scroll smoother?

Enable smooth scrolling in Google ChromeFlags. In the address bar copy and paste (or type) chrome://flags/ and hit Enter.Search. Use [Ctrl + F] and type in ‘smooth’ until you find Smooth Scrolling.Enable. Hit the Enable button under ‘Enable the experimental smooth scrolling implementation. … Re-launch.

How do I make my mouse scroll less sensitive?

Tweak your mouse scroll wheelClick on the Start Button and key in regedit and hit Enter.Navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.Scroll to the bottom and edit WheelScrollLines. Set this to a lower value for a more sensitive scroll wheel. larger for less sensitive.Reboot.

Where is Scroll Lock used?

Scroll Lock is a toggling lock key on the keyboard, just like the Caps Lock key. Once pressed, Scroll Lock is enabled. To use the arrow keys to move between cells, you must turn Scroll Lock off.

How do I stop chrome from scrolling automatically?

How to Prevent Scrollbar Jumping in Chrome BrowserLaunch Chrome.Navigate to chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-anchoring in your browser. Alternatively, you can navigate to chrome:\\flags and scroll down until you find the “Scroll Anchoring” section.Set Scroll Anchoring to Enabled.Click the Relaunch Now button or manually restart your browser.

How do I know if my mouse is scrolling?

Click all the buttons on your mouse and check if they light up on the mouse illustration. Point your mouse cursor at the mouse illustration and then spin the scroll wheel on your mouse up and down. Check if the arrows on the illustration also light up.

Why is my mouse not scrolling properly?

In the Mouse Properties window, select the Wheel tab. Then, try adjusting the number of lines to scroll the mouse or try changing the mouse to scroll one page at a time. … If you’re using a mouse not manufactured by Microsoft, you may also want to adjust the mouse settings through the software that came with it.

How do I enable mouse scrolling?

If your pad does not appear to allow scrolling, turn the feature on through your driver settings.Click the Windows “Start” button. … Click the “Device Settings” tab.Click “Settings.”Click “Scrolling” in the sidebar. … Click the check boxes labeled “Enable vertical scrolling” and “Enable horizontal scrolling.”More items…

Why can’t I scroll down in Google Chrome?

Reset Chrome: Go to Settings or just tpe chrome://settings/ in address bar and hit enter. Then, Click on Show advanced settings. Now, Click on Reset Settings. Relaunch chrome browser and see if scrolling problem is resolved or not.