Quick Answer: Is Poco F2 Real?

Is Poco x2 5g?

Poco X2 is VoLTE device and comes with Dual 4G Bands.

This means that the device allows the user to enjoy 4G service on both of the Sim Slots.

However, the device cannot or does not support 5G service as no device can practically provide 5G services in India because the technology is still in trial phase..

Is Poco x2 good for PUBG?

This phone relies on MIUI 11 based on Android 10 and it comes with the Poco launcher on top. On a daily basis, the Poco X2 is fast and fluid. … When it comes to games, the phone performs as good as the Snapdragon 730G can. That means PUBG MOBILE is locked to at most High graphics with average frame rates.

Will there be a poco f2?

POCO, now an independent brand in India, has confirmed that there will be no POCO F2. … Firstly, it will not be the POCO F2, which the company confirmed on Twitter.

Is k20 Pro Poco f2?

The K20 Pro may have ended up as the Poco F2 in India but Xiaomi’s business plans led to getting it delayed for our market. Xiaomi wanted to go premium in 2020 and with the Redmi K20 Pro, it wanted to lift the brand’s image from a budget phone maker to one that makes flagship-grade phones.

Should I buy Poco x2 or wait for Poco f2?

If you can wait then I will suggest you to wait for the POCO F2 , because if you see the specs of POCO X2 , it is not successor of Poco F1 , although it is good phone , if you are looking for budget flagship then definitely the upcoming POCO F2 will have better specs than the POCO X2 , if you have budget it will be …

Is Poco f2 dead?

Pocophone isn’t dead; POCO F2 is coming soon: Report. … Expectedly, this had fans waiting for a successor to build upon that legacy and deliver 2019 upgrade with the Poco F2. However, we are well in Q3 and there was still no official word about the Poco F2.

Is Poco discontinued?

Xiaomi India Head of Marketing Anuj Sharma shuts reports about Poco brand discontinue. Poco will not be discontinued and will continue making smartphones.

Does Poco f2 support 5g?

The retail box confirms that the POCO F2 Pro will support 5G. The box follows the same design format as the POCO X2, with the POCO branding on top and the model name at the center. Our source confirms that the warehouses are currently stocking up POCO F2 Pro units and it will soon be made available for sale.

Does Poco x2 have liquid cooling?

Poco X2 features four camera sensors on the back. … For thermal heat management, Poco X2 comes with liquid-cooling feature. The smartphone also packs a 4,500 mAh battery with support for 27W fast-charging (shipped with the box) via USB Type-C. Poco X2 boots on Android 10-based MiUi 11 for Poco out-of-the-box.

Is Poco f1 better than Poco x2?

Unlike the F1, the Poco X2 focuses on design, build quality, cameras and the overall user experience. And, when you consider the starting price of Rs 15,999, the Poco X2 comes across as the best value for money phone you can buy today, even better than the Poco F1.

Is Poco f2 worth buying?

Yes, definitely POCO F2 Pro is worth buying because the phone has everything which you need. … In short, if you want to buy a new phone then I think you should wait for POCO F2 Pro and see the India price and if you don’t like the India price then Realme X50 Pro is also a good phone.

Will Poco f2 have 855?

The Poco F2 may come with pop-up selfie camera on the front. It will be powered by Qualcomm’s flagship processor Snapdragon 855.