Quick Answer: Should We Buy Yes Bank Shares?

How many shares of Yes Bank can I sell?

100 sharesAll existing shareholders of Yes Bank have been barred from selling more than 25 of their current holding for 3 years, according to the YES Bank Reconstruction Plan approved by Centre on March 13.

Only retail shareholders holding up to 100 shares can sell their entire holding..

Will Yes Bank grow in future?

It already has an enabling resolution to raise Rs 15,000 crore in capital. “Our pitch to investors is a ready bank with all the vectors in place in a market which is likely to only grow. … The bank’s asset quality has deteriorated with gross NPAs increasing to 16.80% in March 2020 from 3.22% a year earlier.

Is yes bank safe now?

Your money with Yes Bank is absolutely safe, Shaktikanta Das tells depositors. Mumbai: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Shaktikanta Das on Monday assured all depositors of Yes Bank Ltd that their money is safe and there is no reason to withdraw cash in panic. … No reason for panic withdrawal or undue worry,” he said.

Will Yes Bank share increase tomorrow?

Tomorrow’s movement Prediction of Yes Bank Limited YESBANK as on 04 Sep 2020 is showing signs of strength….Munafa value: 51 as on 04 Fri Sep 2020.Upside target15.13Upside target14.45Upside target14.27Upside target14.25Downside target14.055 more rows

Who will takeover Yes Bank?

Collectively, LIC and SBI will acquire the 49% stake for Rs 490 crore, according to a report in the Economic Times. The stake acquisition has been approved by the RBI to rescue Yes Bank. The SBI board had late on Thursday also given the (SBI) bank an “in-principle” approval to invest in the capital-starved Yes Bank.

Is FD with Yes Bank Safe?

Account holders should know that deposits with Yes Bank are insured for up to Rs 5 lakh by the DICGC. DICGC insures all deposits such as savings, fixed, current, recurring, etc. … The deposits in the joint account and his individual accounts will be insured separately under the DICGC rules for a maximum of Rs 5 lakh.

Should I buy Yes Bank share?

Analysts say Yes Bank FPO is aptly priced at the price band of Rs 12-13 as the scope of recovery in the bank’s asset quality and earnings in the near term looks difficult because of the Covid outbreak. Investors who intend to hold the shares for over three years should subscribe to the issue.

Will Yes Bank shares recover?

So far in the session underway today, the stock hit a lower circuit of 10% but recovered some of its losses and was trading at ₹11.80 on BSE at 10.05am, down 4.7% from its previous close. … Since then, Yes Bank shares have fallen almost 56%. Investors are also awaiting June quarter earnings due later today.

Can I buy and sell Yes Bank shares?

However, the restriction on share sell will not be applicable on investors holding less than 100 shares of the crisis hit Yes Bank. … So, from Monday, March 16, 2020, whatever new shares are bought, will be available to sell freely. Hence, BTST trades will be allowed for shares bought from March 16, 2020.