Quick Answer: What Does Not Really Expected Mean?

What does SFS mean on Snapchat?

Shoutout for ShoutoutSFS on Snapchat means “Shoutout for Shoutout”.

Basically, it means a Snapchat user is looking for a little shoutout on your Snap.

The same acronym is used on Instagram too, and it’s used to promote posts on other pages.


What is it called when you don’t expect something to happen?

counterintuitive – contrary to what intuition or common sense [or expectation] would indicate. … 2: Normally, counterintuitive implies that you actually expect an “opposite” scenario to be true. 3: Something can be unexpected even if you hadn’t previously given any thought to the possibility of it happening.

What Does not expected mean on Snapchat?

If a person on Snapchat sends them the [heart emoji] or whichever emoji was asked for—and they didn’t plan on it, they do the same ritual, but they write ‘Not Expected’ or ‘Didn’t Expect This’. It’s part of the validation ceremonies that take place on Snapchat stories quite often.

What does not unexpected mean?

Adjective. Not unexpected and so not causing surprise. unsurprising. foreseeable. predictable.

What does decline mean?

The verb decline means refuse to accept, but the noun decline means a downward slope (the opposite of an incline), or a decrease in quality. At the gym, the treadmill has an incline button to control how steep your climb is. Sadly, there’s no button for decline, which would be much easier.

What does unexpected news mean?

adj not expected or anticipated “unexpected guests” “unexpected news” Synonyms: unannounced, unheralded, unpredicted. without warning or announcement. out of the blue, unanticipated, unforeseen, unlooked-for.

What does 😏 mean on Snapchat?

It usually means that you’re running in the same friend group. 😏 Smirk: This indicates a one-way relationship, and you’re the taker. This person sends you enough snaps to make you one of their best friends, but you don’t send them many snaps back.

What is another word for not expected?

What is another word for not expected?improbabledoubtfulunlikelydubiousfar-fetchedquestionableuncertainfancifulimplausibleinconceivable11 more rows

What are synonyms for expected?

What is another word for expected?anticipatedawaitedprepared forprojectedrequiredmeantplannedintendedestimatedsupposed26 more rows

What does highly unexpected mean?

adjective. not expected; unforeseen; surprising: an unexpected pleasure; an unexpected development.

What is the meaning of unforeseen?

: not anticipated or expected : not foreseen : unexpected an unforeseen delay unforeseen consequences.

What does 📌 mean on Snapchat?

Pin ConversationsPin Conversations You can pin a conversation to the top of your Chat screen so you never miss a Snap 📌 Pinned conversations stay at the top, even if you get new Chats or Snaps from other friends or Groups 💬 To pin a conversation…