Quick Answer: What Is The Full Meaning Of Agora?

What was Agora used for?

Agora, in ancient Greek cities, an open space that served as a meeting ground for various activities of the citizens.

The name, first found in the works of Homer, connotes both the assembly of the people as well as the physical setting..

What is another word for Agora?

What is another word for agora?souqbazaarmarketmartmarketplacefairarcadeplazapiazzaflea market49 more rows

What does Helot mean?

Helot, a state-owned serf of the ancient Spartans. The ethnic origin of helots is uncertain, but they were probably the original inhabitants of Laconia (the area around the Spartan capital) who were reduced to servility after the conquest of their land by the numerically fewer Dorians.

Who taught in the Agora?

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all frequented the Athenian agora, discussed philosophy and instructed pupils there.

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What does Sparta mean?

Sparta, also known as Lacedaemon, was an ancient Greek city-state located primarily in the present-day region of southern Greece called Laconia. … The Helots, whose name means “captives,” were fellow Greeks, originally from Laconia and Messenia, who had been conquered by the Spartans and turned into slaves.

How would you use symposium in a sentence?

symposium in a sentenceThe symposium was held last month at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.Lee cited the symposium as one neutral forum in recent years.Scholars at a leading Mexico City university organized a goatsucker symposium.The topic of this year’s symposium is price stability.More items…

What was sold at the Agora?

Clay vases, figurines, bottles and honey jars were part of everyday life and were sold at ancient marketplaces. Pottery-making was prevalent in ancient Greek society, with artisans often decorating their creations with culturally relevant paintings and designs.

What is the meaning of Agora?

gathering placeThe agora (/ˈæɡərə/; Ancient Greek: ἀγορά agorá) was a central public space in ancient Greek city-states. It is the best representation of city form’s response to accommodate the social and political order of the polis. The literal meaning of the word is “gathering place” or “assembly”.

How do you use Agora in a sentence?

Agora sentence examplesIn the best days of Greece the agora was the place where nearly all public traffic was conducted. … angle of the Hellenic Agora towards the Magnesian gate. … On the landward side of the new isthmus was the Agora, in which remains of a colonnade of the Roman period have been found.More items…

What does the root Agora mean?

Etymology: derived from the Greek agora which means an “assembly” or “market place”; not “open spaces”, as is commonly stated by some writers.

What is the Agora and why was it important?

In the heyday of ancient Athenian culture and power (roughly 500 B.C.E. to the mid-300s B.C.E.), the agora was the center of all aspects public life. It was the center of economic life and served as a bustling marketplace. … But the agora never lost its place as the center of other forms of public life either.

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What does Polis mean?

A polis (plural: poleis) was the typical structure of a community in the ancient Greek world. A polis consisted of an urban centre, often fortified and with a sacred centre built on a natural acropolis or harbour, which controlled a surrounding territory (chora) of land.

How do you use Polis in a sentence?

The polis was the hub of the world, the fulfillment of all desires. And her place in the polis was dependent on the basileus, Michael. If only he were Greek, what a fighter for the polis he would be. She longed to be in the polis again, among civilized people.

What would you hear in an Agora?

The word ‘Agora’ (pronounced ‘ah-go-RAH’) is Greek for ‘open place of assembly’ and, early in the history of Greece, designated the area in the city where free-born citizens could gather to hear civic announcements, muster for military campaigns or discuss politics.

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