Quick Answer: What Is The Hardest Professional Exam?

Which is the easiest subject in the world?

Agricultural science.

Often seen as a good prospect for those wishing to do a subject in a single year.

Classical studies.







Which year is toughest in MBBS?

This is how for mastering medicine you must master all pre-clinical subjects making it the most hard of all. And coming to the year of MBBS, from this all the medicine makes the 3rd and the 4th year of MBBS the hardest and gives you the chance to revive all your pre-clinical subjects.

How can I prepare for ielts at home?

How to prepare for your IELTS at homeMake a plan which works for you. Before you even open your IELTS exam book, it’s important that you plan out your study schedule. … Don’t study 24/7. … There is no such thing as ‘too prepared’ … Surround yourself with English. … Practice, Practice, Practice.

Does Canada accept Toefl?

Canada immigration TOEFL. For Canada immigration TOEFL is only accepted for student visa applications. But TOEFL is the most popular English language proficiency test for foreign students admission. … Canadian universities receive more TOEFL scores than all other English-language tests combined.

Which subject is best for future?

The following is a list of the top ten degrees for the future.International Business Degree or Finance Degree.Bioinformatics or Biomedical Engineering.Any Engineering Degree.Environmental Science Degree or Sustainability Degree.Health Information Technology or Health Administration.Computer Science Degree.More items…

Which exam is easy Ielts or Toefl?

She has taken both the IBT and ITP forms of the TOEFL and the IELTS. She says the paper-based, or institutional test, the TOEFL ITP, is easier. The ITP is similar to the multiple-choice tests students usually take. A major difference between the TOEFL IBT and the IELTS is in the Speaking section.

Is CFA or CPA harder?

CFA is regarded as difficult but If you are studying for the CPA while working in public accounting it will feel just as difficult. … CFA is much more difficult. The amount materials required to be studied are far greater than what are required for CPA. The passing rates for level 1, 2 & 3 are 42, 43 and 53 %.

Which is the most toughest subject in the world?

Top 10 Most Difficult Subjects to StudyForeign Language. … Human Anatomy. … Aerospace Engineering. … Neuroscience. … Statistics. … Psychology. … Forensic Science. … Quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics developed to challenge and find solutions to problems unanswered by classical physics.More items…•

Which English proficiency test is the easiest?

IELTSThe short answer to this question is NO. The difficulty of IELTS compared to PTE is the same. Neither test is easier than the other. They are both demanding and require fundamental skill building as well as knowledge of the test format.

Is Series 7 harder than CPA?

CPA is 4 exams, each of which have a pass rate around 50%. … I would say that Series 7 is more challenging than a single section of CPA exam but if you were to take the CPA exam as a whole, it is more difficult because it covers a wider range of topics. Series 7 will also depend on how much your company does for you.

What is the most useless subject?

Most Pointless School Subjects Religious Education. … English Literature. … Dance. … History. I’m extremely good at history, and it is my favorite subject so this will obviously be biased. … Critical Thinking/Social Change. Critical thinking is a skill, not a class. … Latin. Latin… … Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. Music.More items…

What is the best English proficiency test?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is probably the best-known and most commonly used English proficiency test. Along with the IELTS, it is one of the two tests that are usually accepted by American universities.

Which is harder SAT or ielts?

The SAT tests your college readiness by testing your English and math whereas the IELTS tests your proficiency in English.. … IELTs is easier than SAT, but they operate and serve on different platforms with different purposes.

What is the hardest career to study?

The HardestBiology. A biology major can prepare students for careers in the medical and science fields. … Computer Science. While computer science is one of the hardest college majors, graduates often secure lucrative careers. … Civil Engineering. … Mechanical Engineering. … Social Science.

Which science is hardest?

chemistryHowever, the general consensus among students and teachers is that chemistry is the hardest A Level science. In some senses it combines the sheer amount of content in biology with the mathematical skills required for physics, which can often be seem daunting to some students.

Who earns more CFA or CPA?

CPA vs CFA Salary CPAs earn anywhere between $40,000 and $120,000 or more, whereas CFA salaries typically fall between $70,000 and $150,000 or more. Overall, the CPA is the more widely recognized, safer, and more traditional path for those interested in a career in finance or accounting.

Is CFA worth doing?

The Bad: Putting in the Time Wasn’t Worth It “CFA charterholders do not have any edge over others,” said a poster on Quora. Dan, another charterholder on Analyst Forum, said, “No, it’s not worth it. People that have it view it as pretty easy in hindsight, and those that don’t have it don’t care.

Is ielts accepted in USA?

USA says yes to IELTS IELTS is accepted by over 3,400 institutions in the USA, including boarding schools, associate, undergraduate, graduate, professional and law programs. … Search all institutions in the USA that accept IELTS and view their score requirements: Online Search.

What is the most difficult professional qualification?

When it comes to the drawbacks of the career, McGuinness and Fossett are in agreement: actuarial exams are one of the hardest professional qualifications, and it often takes at least five years to complete them. “It is quite challenging,” says McGuiness.

What is the most difficult English test?

4 Hardest English-Language Proficiency Tests in the WorldThe IELTS English Proficiency Test. The IELTS is the most widely recognized English proficiency test in the world. … The TOEFL Exam. … The PTE Academic Test. … UN Language Competitive Examinations.

Which English test is the easiest?

Easiest English Language Test for Australian PRThe Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL)The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)Occupational English Test (OET)The Cambridge English Language Assessment.And the Pearson Test of English (PTE)

What is the best subject in the world?

University Subject Rankings: Top Ten Most Viewed SubjectsBusiness & Management Studies.Medicine. … Economics & Econometrics. … Law. … Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering. … Arts & Humanities. … Architecture. … Accounting & Finance. … More items…•

Which English test should I take?

Which should I take? A general English test such as IELTS or TOEFL is a great option for students looking to study in an English-speaking country or taking a course where English is the dominant language. If you’re a healthcare worker, such as a doctor or a nurse, your best option is OET.