Quick Answer: What Phones Are Free At MetroPCS?

What new phones does MetroPCS have?

New Metro PCS Cell PhonesSamsung Galaxy On5, 8GB, Black (MetroPCS) …

Samsung Mega (MetroPCS) …

LG G4 Leon LTE MS345 SmartPhone (MetroPCS) …

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime (2017) Black Unlocked (MetroPCS) DESBLOQUEADO.

Zte ZMax Z970 Android SmartPhone (MetroPCS) -Black.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900A 32GB Unlocked GSM Octa-Core Cell Phone – White.More items….

Can I trade in my metro phone for a new one?

How to Trade in a Metro PCS Phone. Unlike other wireless carriers, Metro PCS does not have a mobile phone trade-in program. You can still trade in your phone, however, with third-party companies like Flipswap and CellForCash. These companies will pay you for your old mobile device.

How can I get a free metro pcs phone?

Unlimited plans start at $50 for unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data; $60 for the same plan with 10GB of hotspot usage; or $100 for a four-line family unlimited plan. To make the deal even sweeter, MetroPCS is also offering a free phone of your choice when you first sign up.

What deals does MetroPCS have right now?

Best Metro by T-Mobile deals:Get a new iPhone SE for $99.99.Get an iPhone 7 for $29.99 when you switch.Bring a tablet and get unlimited tablet data for $15 a month.Get a free phone when you switch.Pay $25 per line and get four free LG K51s.Save 50% or more on connected devices.

Does MetroPCS offer free upgrades?

Does MetroPCS offer free upgrades? … With a phone purchase from MetroPCS and sign up for an unlimited LTE plan, you qualify automatically for a promotional upgrade every three months or 90 days following the phone activation.

Does MetroPCS have deals for existing customers?

Current MetroPCS customers get sweet savings too! … Any new or existing customer who port-in at least one eligible number can get four lines of unlimited talk, text and LTE data for just $100 – taxes and fees included. Customers need to hurry in, as this is a Limited Time Offer.