Quick Answer: Which Is The Best Phone For Gaming?

How do I choose a phone for gaming?

Tips for choosing a gaming phoneChipset.

First, you should take note of the processor and GPU.


Although you can play games on a phone with 1GB of RAM, you may not enjoy the experience compared to those with a higher RAM.


When playing mobile games, bigger displays offer a more comfortable experience.


Can my phone run PUBG?

For iOS and Android As far as hardware requirements go, your Android device should have at least 2GB of RAM and almost an equal amount of space to run the game properly. If you are an iPhone user, you should at least have the iPhone 5S to play PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is compatible with a number of Apple devices.

What is the fastest gaming phone?

Based on our benchmark testing the OnePlus 7 Pro is the fastest phone you can get right now and it feels like it. The battery boasts a 4,000mAh capacity, which is enough to see you through plenty of gaming.

What is the best gaming phone 2020?

Best Gaming Phones in 2020Best overall: Samsung Galaxy S20.Best value: OnePlus 8.Best touchscreen controls: LG G8X ThinQ.Best advanced features: Nubia RedMagic 5G.Best for stadia: Google Pixel 4 XL.Best for iOS: Apple iPhone 11.Best international: Xiaomi Mi 9T.Best for widescreen gaming: Sony Xperia 1.More items…•

What is the best gaming phone 2019?

Editor’s note: We will be updating this list as more gaming phones hit the market.Asus ROG Phone 2. … OnePlus 8/8 Pro. … Samsung Galaxy S20 series. … LG V60 ThinQ. … Razer Phone 2. … Nubia Red Magic 5G. … Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. … Oppo Find X2 Pro.

Which phones are best for PUBG?

Top 5 Phones to Play PUBG Mobile: Get Chicken Dinner As Smooth As You Can!ASUS ROG Phone 2: Image: Beebom. … iPhone 11 Pro Max: Image Source: AndroidAuthority. … Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Image Source: Phone Arena. … OnePlus 7T Pro: Image: BGR. … Realme X2 Pro: Image: AndroidPit.

Is iPhone 11 best for PUBG?

Apple announced the new series of iPhone 11. iPhone XR was a best phone for pubg mobile because of its long last battery and its A12 Bionic processor. … But the new iPhone 11 has A13 Bionic chip which has 20% better performance than A12 which is used in iPhone XR.

Are iPhones good for gaming?

iOS users swear iPhones offer the best mobile gaming experiences. Android users argue they have access to more games and can add ROM memory at will. … IOS users get Games First Many developers release their games on Apple’s app store weeks or months before availing them on the Google Play Store.

What is important for gaming phone?

For Android, Qualcomm’s Snapdragons and Samsung’s Exynos are considered as the better performance SoCs. While iPhones have their own A series SoCs. As with PC, the most important parts will be CPU, GPU and RAM. … Snapdragon is good in gaming due to the Adreno GPU processor.

Which mobile is best for gaming?

These are the best gaming phonesThe best gaming phone for most people: Razer Phone 2. The best gaming phone gets even better. … The best premium gaming phone: Asus ROG Phone II. … Best budget gaming phone: Xiaomi Black Shark 3. … OnePlus 7 Pro. … Apple iPhone 11. … Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. … Sony Xperia 1. … Huawei P30 Pro.More items…•

Is iPhone best for PUBG?

Android and iOS Both is the Best Platforms to play PUBG. But in Android smartphone must need good processor and 3 GB or above Ram for better performance. And I saw old iPhone 5s is also provides good performance for PUBG without any issues.

Who is better dynamo or mortal?

Well both are really good player in there respective Ways Dynamo is kinda of strategic player but mortal kinda of agressive but he is really good at close range combat no matter what the control of the recoil and what not now coming to dynamo is also good at closer range but kinda of not comparable to mortal.

Are Samsung phones good for gaming?

3. Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Samsung’s 2020 flagships aren’t branded as gaming phones, but they are true powerhouses that offer exactly what most gamers need in a handset. … The Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra are super-premium 5G smartphones from the South Korean company.

Is Poco x2 good for PUBG?

This phone relies on MIUI 11 based on Android 10 and it comes with the Poco launcher on top. On a daily basis, the Poco X2 is fast and fluid. … When it comes to games, the phone performs as good as the Snapdragon 730G can. That means PUBG MOBILE is locked to at most High graphics with average frame rates.

Is Poco f1 good for PUBG?

The Poco F1 has been our favourite choice for gaming, even while ignoring its aggressive pricing. For Rs 19,999, you get a Snapdragon 845-powered smartphone with 6GB RAM, 64GB storage and liquid cooling. … The Poco F1 is easily the cheapest way to play PUBG MOBILE at its best on Android phones.

Who is the gaming phone?

The best mainstream Android gaming phone: OnePlus 8 Pro From the Snapdragon 865 processor to the 6.78-inch, 120Hz refresh rate, AMOLED screen with HDR10+ support, it’s one of the most powerful multimedia smartphones you can buy.

Which phone does mortal use?

What Device Does Soul Mortal Use? Mortal initially started playing on iPad 2017 but then later switched to a mobile device for playing competitive games. Mortal bought ASUS ROG to practice and stream but he owns iPhone XR and OnePlus 7 Pro as well.

What is the cheapest gaming phone?

Realme 6 Pro is one of the most affordable phones offering a display with a high refresh rate in the global market. Its IPS display with a Full HD+ resolution supports a 90 Hz refresh rate allowing for a smoother gaming experience.