Will My Sky Q Box Work In Another House?

Do you lose your sky recordings when you move house?

Re: Moving house and keep recordings on my sky Q box Yes.

They’re stored on the box..

How many Sky Go devices can I have with Sky Q?

six devicesYou can add up to six devices and any new device will be automatically added the first time you sign into the Sky Go app with your Sky iD.

Can I connect to my sky Q box remotely?

Sky Q customers can connect their box to the Sky Go app when using a mobile, tablet or laptop device. … Watch Live TV and On Demand shows from your Sky Q box. Watch recordings from your Sky Q box. Download recordings from your Sky Q box.

What happens to my Sky dish when I move house?

Hi @daddycroc If you have booked your home move with SKY, then the engineer will install a dish on the same day as the rest of your equipment is re installed at your new address! You can leave your old dish!

Can I use my old sky box for Freesat?

What equipment do I need? If you’ve previously had Sky TV, you can simply connect your Sky box to the existing cables in your home, your Sky Viewing card automatically became a Freesat card once your monthly Sky TV subscription ended.

Can I connect sky Q to another TV?

Sky Q over HDMI. You can of course distribute your Sky Q to multiple rooms and TV’s over HDMI, this is after all the connection of choice and the way it was intended to be connected. Hence there being only a HDMI video output on the Sky Q boxes. … This can be done with a HDMI amplifier/ splitter or a HDMI matrix switch.

Do you take your satellite dish when you move house?

If your provider is Freesat and your new home already has a satellite dish, all you need to do is take your box and connections and simply reconnect. … If you’re moving to a conservation area or into a listed building, check with the local council ahead of time to make sure it’s alright to install a dish.

Do I own my Sky satellite dish?

The Sky dish is not loaned to you and becomes your property to keep on installation. SSSL owns the viewing card(s) sent to you and if asked, you must return it at the end of the relevant subscription or if a replacement is sent to you.

Will my Sky box work in another house?

Your box/card will work with any working sky satellite feeds – if you were to move house that already had a dish set up you would be able to take your existing box and card attach it to that and you’d be fine.

Can I use another sky box with my card?

Am I able to use my Sky card with another Sky box? Your Sky card is paired with your Sky box so it’s designed to work together. The card cannot be used with another box or a third party equipment.

Can you connect a sky Q box to a laptop?

Re: how do i connect my new sky q mini box to a pc? You don’t. You can, if you wish, connect the Mini box directly to your monitor, typically over HDMI (assuming it’s a separate screen, not an ‘all-in-one’), but you can’t connect a Q box output socket to a computer.

How does a sky Q mini box connect to a TV?

Setting up a Sky Q Mini box for the first timePlug the pink end of the HDMI cable into the pink port of your Sky Q Mini box and the other end into your TV.Plug the power cable into the blue port of your Sky Q Mini box and plug the other end into the mains.More items…

Why can’t I see my recordings on Sky Go?

Re: Sky go app recordings option missing from app If the Recordings isn’t showing at the bottom of the main screen then it is because the app has not connected to your Sky Q box. So try rebooting your Q box and at the same time turn your iPad off and only turn it back on again after your Q box has finished loading up.

Can I move my sky Q mini box to another house?

Yes you can move a mini from room to room. However remember that HDMI leads which connect the mini to the TV are not designed for continual disconnect and connection.

Does Sky Box still work after cancellation?

If you cancel your Sky subscription then you can keep the box as you own a Sky+ box and it will continue to receive the free channels but you will be unable to record them or watch any recordings back you might have made.